USC Picture Of The Day

The marquee on the sign next to the Harbor Freeway finally got changed to “United Airlines Field.”

I’m sure that will eventually be everywhere. At least it’s better than United Airlines Coliseum.

10 thoughts on “USC Picture Of The Day

    1. What a disgrace. I look forward to Pudly’s spin on how the puny amount of sponsorship dollars is going towards landing more 2.5 star recruits.

      p.s. – Hey Pudly, Helton needs you to take his laundry to the cleaners, stat.

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      1. “Puds is busy trolling twitter”

        While wearing a pair of Helton’s underwear on his head…so he can sniff the crotch.


    1. Felony U also found the worst/ lowest rated LA, AM radion station (KABC 790) to showcase the Clown U FB for the next five years.

      Swann strikes out looking!


  1. Hey anyone wonder if they ever going to scrap the ‘tricolor’ ‘moderne’ ‘flame’ sign for the XXIII Olympiad?

    Oh…the new signage has the United Field affixed to that 35 year old ‘White Front’ replica …man who negotiated that deal?

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