USC Afternoon Notes

USC linebacker Solomon Tuliaupupu, who redshirted last year and missed most of spring practice because of a foot injury, was dressed but did not have a helmet and wore an ankle brace for today’s first practice.

  • Five-star tailback Bijan Robinson of Tucson committed to Texas over Ohio State. He visited USC in June.
  • Former USC cornerback Trey Davis is on the roster at Washington State after withdrawing from summer school last month.
  • Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith will start a monthly podcast to “provide fans with updates on student-athlete accomplishments in the classroom and in the community as well as insight into the leadership and professional development.”

Can you imagine Lynn Swann ever doing something like this? First, you would need to pull him off a golf course.

11 thoughts on “USC Afternoon Notes

  1. Lynn Swann obviously has the The blessings of the administration, and influential alumni, because if he didn’t, then he would have been done. He’s still as arrogant as ever, and continues to make major decisions, regardless if anybody likes them or not.


    1. Lynn Swann isn’t going to be there forever. He’s just not qualified to do this job. He was probably told when he came in that if you just become a nice little ‘yes man’ and play the game as we instruct you, you’ll be able to play a lot of golf, make a lot of money and still be as incompetent as Pat Haden and your job will be secure. It’s a nice little country club they have going at SC. That’s why they go 5-7.


    2. I believe you are wrong – the administration’s main concern is righting the boat the ‘USC’ from listing any further due to the unrelenting series of scandals and payouts. Swann is on the list but way way down. They need ‘donations’ and ‘tuition’ paid to meet bills as well as judgements.

      ‘If’ USC football craters that will accelerate change but if it performs ‘average’ (3-4 losses) nothing is going to happen – the buyout of Helton is still too high and with Swann in charge whose to say he won’t go out and get an even worse coach? Swann IS the problem. Nothing will change until he is gone


  2. “Can you imagine Lynn Swann ever doing something like this? First, you would need to pull him off a golf course.”

    Then Swann would need to pull his head out of his ass.

    Good Luck With That Happening


  3. Seriously? That OSU monthly podcast sounds like every jerkoff monthly corporate business meeting I hated attending and now enjoy never having to do again.

    I’m sure it’ll attract a huge audience riveted and enthralled with every bullchit word.

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  4. “Five-star tailback Bijan Robinson of Tucson committed to Texas over Ohio State. He visited USC in June.”

    Robinson has a better chance of playing in the NFL by choosing between playing at Texas or Ohio St.

    Errand Boy’s inability to coach Trojan players up gets worse every year.


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