Is Stephen Carr Out Of Doghouse?

Is tailback Stephen Carr finally out of the doghouse?

“I really see a healthy Stephen Carr for the first time in a while,” Clay Helton said Monday after a nice run. “To see that burst back and that lack of hesitation, with a litlte more confidence, that was great to see.”

Carr has entertained thoughts of transferring in the past and is trying to find a role in a crowded backfield. Even when he was healthy last year, Helton tended to keep him on the sideline.

But the other backs want bigger roles too: Vavae Malepeai wants more carries after playing behind Aca’Cedric Ware last season; Markese Stepp showed enough at the end of the season to expect a real role and freshman Kenan Christon is the fastest back on the roster.

In the past, Helton’s done a poor job rotating and keeping the backs happy. He now has Mike Jinks as the running backs job, which is a better fit than Tim Drevno, who is an offensive line coach.

The wild-card is Carr. He is the best all-around back and might show it like he did in 2017. Unless Helton decides to mess things up.

24 thoughts on “Is Stephen Carr Out Of Doghouse?

  1. Plenty of touches to go around. Who can stay healthy and productive? GH has an exciting tool box to work with at all skill positions.

    Worrying about USC RB’s is a special kinda football lunacy.

    Try the O-line if you’re looking for sumpin that’ll cause worry lines, hair loss and ulcers.

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  2. Amazing how scottie is now an expert in back and foot injuries…only scottie has mentioned Carr’s healthy back as fully recovered last season.

    scottie the one shining truth.

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  3. A couple of years ago when Michael Pittman was in Helton’s doghouse and wasn’t seeing any playing time, Helton had stated that Pittman was recovering from an injury.

    Someone had asked Michael Pittman’s father how Michael was coming along with the injury and the father said, “What injury?”

    “The injury that coach Helton said was the reason Michael wasn’t playing” the person said.

    Pittman’s father responded…”That’s news to me”.

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    1. You lie much like the dog you are. You should probably check Michael Sr’s twitter acct, that’s where it played out, and that was after week 5,

      trollboy can’t even lie well anymore…. hahahahaha


      1. From Chris Trevino 24/7….
        “Pittman’s sophomore season was hampered early after he suffered a bad ankle sprain in fall training camp, forced to miss most of the first half of the schedule. Pittman was expected to compete for a starting spot in the lineup. ”

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  4. Hey Flow. Maybe, just MAYBE, Carr is now finally 100% healthy. But only maybe. Maybe, and only maybe, Carr tried to push it back a little too quickly last season. Maybe. Kinda like Gustin a multiple times in his career?

    “Doghouse?” That’s the place Chaz Bucket let’s you sleep in during your “sleepovers.” Stop making shit up.

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  5. Let competition decide.





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    1. Marvelous:

      Excellent point…

      One add-on that’s maybe a little interesting…one thing Pete struggled with, near the end of his reign (after having pretty masterfully mixed McCullough and Fargas, then Dennis with Bush and White, finally just the latter two)…was exactly the same sort of embarrassment of riches (and one supposes after having made many deals with the something to get them all here at once!) and how to keep them all happy and playing…

      Remember how puzzling the backfield was in 2006 (with Moody eventually transferring to Florida as an outgrowth), and then in 2007-09 it was trying to find enough ways to not stall the offense (because of worrying about distributing touches instead of just going where the play needed to go)…McKnight, Gable, Johnson, Havili, Washington, Bradford…

      Talent is not in short supply…unfortunately, the current crop is under this coaching staff…and isn’t running behind Sam Baker, Chilo Rachal, Tyron Smith, Charles Brown, Ryan Kalil, Jeff Byers…etc, etc…

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      1. James,

        I don’t think Pete had a problem with keeping everyone happy. That was not his goal. It was simply putting every position up for grabs every week and just letting them fight it out. You could start one week but if another guy has a better practice than you the next week, then that guy started. You “competed” every week just to keep your spot. If guys left or transferred out than that didn’t matter to Pete. That just emphasized that Pete’s program meant coming in week in and week out and fighting for your spot.

        And if you look back, there were guys who never started but still wanted to stick around and contribute because of the competitive atmosphere that Pete fostered. Everyone remembers Reggie and Lendale but there was Desmond Reed and Chauncey Washington in the background. Jarrett and Smith and then Chris McFoy, Fred Davis and Grieg Carlson. For all of the stars at USC, there were also guys who stuck it out without needing to be handheld by Pete and staff.




      2. Marvienna:

        Oh I agree with you totally about that – the fundamental issue with Clay isn’t Xs and Os, but the philosophy/approach…USC used to mean physical, aggressive football, born of challenging, physical, competitive practice habits…no jub safe…all jobs earned (that three-headed monster of Dennis, White, and Bush was in that order as I recall…Reggie was almost a third down scat back, who had to earn more playing time…and he did)…

        Was just pointing out that things seemed to change at the end of Pete’s term, and that as he amassed all of that talent, seemed like (and maybe just the attrition on the coaching staff) the atmosphere/competition approach got compromised a bit at times and that those 2006-10 teams had a glut of running backs where the number of plays wasn’t always as well managed as could have been…


  6. Weclome to Wolfie’s fantasy “insider” blog. Where the bullshit that pops into his retarded bald head somehow qualifies as news. On that note: I bet Wolf desperately wishes for the day that arm hair can be transplanted onto his head, lord knows he has plenty of that. But I digress…


  7. Well what I’ve heard is they are looking at hybrid type running backs. The Who catches the ball best in practice will be the hot back. I think Carr can catch. If he’s healthy we might have another thunder and lightning. But again Helton has to see it too.

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