Morning Buzz: USC Does Have A Recruiting Game Plan

Maybe the oddest comment from Clay Helton in the past five days was that he wants to be “super selective” with the Class of 2020 recruiting class.

When did Helton decide this?

USC’s recruiting class is a collection of mostly three stars and ranked in the 50’s nationally. Does that sound “super selective”?

When Helton tries to turn a negative into a positive it rarely comes off as genuine, despite his homespun nature.

Was part of the “super selective” strategy to not make the top 4 list of Upland linebacker Justin Flowe?

  • USC will not practice in full pads until Wednesday. That is when real quarterback evaluation can take place. Although even then, the quarterback cannot be hit so it’s not completely like a live game.
  • Former USC wide receiver/cornerback Keyshawn Young has transferred to Marshall.
  • Former USC cornerback Ajene Harris signed with a free-agent contract with the Philadelphia Eagles today. He was not drafted last spring.
  • When USC announced successful men’s tennis coach Peter Smith resigned on July 19, I wrote several sources told me he was actually forced out.

Someone who knows Smith told me Monday he has been the only coach for his two sons, who will compete together at USC for the first time next season. Does that sound like a time for someone like Smith to “resign”?

46 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: USC Does Have A Recruiting Game Plan

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      You are owns dumbass younger brother, even he knows the difference.

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      1. Yes, the distinction between the words “than” and “then” is one that is not altogether clear in Fan’s mind…

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      2. instead of criticizing by name calling ,rather than using constructive means and insulting ucla language indirectly ,you should then proceed to pass GO and do not then collect $200.

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      3. Pudly —Just cuz Tim is civilized and points to the high road doesn’t mean we have to take it…..

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      4. I’m sorry Pudly 76, did I offend your Bitch, Clay Helton? How come you don’t come to the defense of your wife and daughter, whenever I inform you that I fucked them both in the ass ? Helton’s Man pussy must be better, huh?
        You stupid ass wannabe, USC insider 😂


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  1. What else is Gomer going to say about the current recruiting mess other than they are ” being selective “.
    That kids know he’s an asshat who won’t develop them ?
    That kids know he’s a clueless boob when it comes to game management ?
    That kids know he’s got a coaching staff of losers ?
    That kids know he has no offensive philosophy ?
    That kids know that he plays favorites ?
    That kids know he’s a losing season from being canned and the incompetent AD might replace him with something worse ?

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    1. And despite all you know…these kids keep coming! Hahahahaha

      Let’s ask Bru and Chris how he compares..or maybe Kyle. Your dog just don’t hunt. And everyone knows that rankings on August 6 are set in stone.

      Please owns, tell your dumbass brothers to STFU, they’re making you look even more foolish than you are.

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      1. P76,
        Owns the mule is still asleep from the all nighter at the donut shop & when he shows up it’ll be the complete compliment of the four goofballs from ruins.
        Nothing quite like the four ruin trolls on one thread. Come on mule, wake up.
        Wolffy must be proud of his INSIDE SC blog drawing those four flies.
        BTW, CAL in full unis & hitting. Open practices because they realize it’s stupid to close a practice because of drones.


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      2. BTW P76,

        Did you see the NATIONAL COACHES POLL?

        Mario Cristobal/Oregon voted-THE DIRTIEST COACH IN AMERICA


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      3. Cal75 — I hear our defensive backs are hitting receivers early and out of bounds —-we’re apparently getting ready to play Oregon on their own terms. [Out of respect, we’ll beat Cal playing like gentlemen].

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      4. MG,
        I saw that STOOOPID move by the DB when he pushed Pittman beyond the end line as Pittman had possession & was falling backwards.
        I.N. P.R.A.C.T.I.C.E. ??? Geebus.
        Who’s in charge of the DB’s?


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      5. MG,
        Last time I was in Lahaina, I was sleeping & eating at the Pioneer Inn -fresh/soph summer 1972. $8 a night & cook your own steak by the ounce. Extended my two week vaca to 2 months by working at Whalers Village as a bartenders asst AKA dishwasher. Te’modypupa
        Beyond fabulous ‘here kitty kitty’

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      6. No one in charge of the DB’s? No, that was last year…..

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      7. Cal75 —Whalers Village is not the same place we visited when we came to Maui to surf in the 70’s —no local color at all anymore….


      8. MG,
        Nikko Reggio, a 4* soph out of the Mater Dei factory will be 1st or 2nd team WR PAC12 this year. Unbelievable transformation since his frosh year.
        CAL might be v. Good this year. No way 5/7. Entire D(-2) back & was the best D in the PAC. Better this year. Offense is now 3* instead of half walkons.


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      9. Cal75 —I honestly believe that USC is not gonna try to Air Raid Cal’s defense. It would be a mistake to think Carr would get anywhere against your linebackers or that our receivers would be able to trick your corners. I think it’s gonna be the one game all season where we just run straight at a team the whole game….and see what happens.

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      10. Hey Pudly 76, now that you deflected the issue by focusing on my grammar, is Clay Helton’s Man-Vagina good to you ? Btw, how’s Mrs. Pudly 76, did you taste me when kissed her today, because I did bust in her mouth, and she liked it 😃😃💋💋💋💋💋😂😂


  2. “Is USC Cutting Radio Coverage”

    For some reason I couldn’t reply to this blog above, so I’ll try here.

    “It sounds like there will be a two-hour pre-game and two-hour post-game show on 790-AM, which is actually less than 710-AM did the past few years. KSPN did a 4-hour pre-game show.”

    Ever since Helton has been head coach callers to the post game show have blasted him for being clueless and incompetent.

    It got so bad for Helton last year that they had to cut down on the amount of callers to the show and the amount of time given for callers to speak about, I mean…blast Helton’s second rate coaching.

    If Helton loses to Fresno St. they’ll probably have to cancel the show.


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  3. WOW…I love all the SCOPHANTS media darlings praising SC actually did a football practice in shoulder pads…of course they cruised around in shorts and no real contact/tackling…makes one so proud of the heritage continuing to be …never mind, just wait ’til Nov as the great leader said last year.

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    1. Well, those snowflakes masquerading as USC Trojan football players don’t seem to mind practicing like little girls, otherwise they would speak up and tell that clown Helton that the team wants to Man-Up…but they don’t.

      And those snowflakes wonder why they can’t get separation from opposing DB’s and why both sides of the Trojan lines wear down, get pushed around and knocked off the ball by teams with inferior talent.

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      1. “Will the great leader make it to November ?”

        LMFAO!!! That clown Helton may not make it to September, let alone November.

        If Bozo loses August 31, 2019 to Fresno St. like I’m confident he will…he’s finished.

        USC will hire Urban Meyer and give him the option of retaining Harrell for the season.

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    2. Tim, in this case the ncaa is clear. You MUST have 2 practices in helmets and 2 more in shells PRIOR to initial full pad practice. Trojans have said that they will use ALL 25 practices and all available full contact.
      We will see if they truly do.

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      1. Makes no difference how many times they practice, you Helton’s cock sucker, USC will be 1-5 half way into the season. So take BoZo Helton’s Dick outta ya mouth, Pudly 76, and face reality 😂😂💋💋💋💋💋


      2. I know , but I am really commenting about media writers making hyper comments about SC practicing in shoulder pads,leaving out the shorts,no real contact/tackling, etc…
        just seems pathetic to me…get hyper when it is real football practice, and they win the first 6

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      3. Agreed…at least if they’d have beaten fsu and stanfurd, but it’s hard to crow before we’ve played a single contest.


  4. MG,
    Bring it. We have 20 LB’s on the roster. 3 outstanding ones. First team PAC & All-American & two others just as good & 7 who can step in.
    Wilcox-4yrs Ore DB. Sirmon-10yr pro LB. Dyruter(sp)-HC Fresno. Gerald Alexander. DB coach.
    And smart, disciplined guys eager to play.
    Yes sir.



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