USC Picture Of The Day

Here’s a photo from inside the new suites at the Coliseum.

22 thoughts on “USC Picture Of The Day

  1. That California Earthquake! as SI characterized it…

    That’ll make you misty – great picture…(just need the gatefold of the SI issue with the crying Irish cheerleaders)…

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    1. There are many moments worth savoring — Ara screaming at his assistants on the sideline, the crowd roaring “We are SC!” at the end of the game —but the standout is Ara trying to be cool as he shakes McKay’s hand but tripping as he tries to trot off….

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      1. My co-favorite (from the television broadcast, as referenced in the SI edition) is Woody Hayes’ meltdown (he was a guest in the broadcast booth) as he realized that he would be facing a USC team in the Rose Bowl that still had national championship aspirations…

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      2. I like Woody better than Ara cuz his players said they could call him at 2 in the morning and get support if they were going through a rough patch. Ara was a very solid coach but his players didn’t love him the way Woody’s did …

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      3. My favorite was being in the rooting section and between the 3rd and 4th quarter the chant of “We want Woody” began. I had been going to USC football games since 1957 and I had never heard the Coliseum that loud.

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      4. ’70s
        Yeah, that is consistent with the SI article and the whole vibe of USC-OSU in that era – awesome stuff!
        How much do you think Ara’s “sainthood” at the Dome was due to his success (and he did have a lot), and how much due to how much they disliked Devine afterwards (with Ara on his ABC perch next to Keith Jackson)?

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      5. James —
        It seems to me that Ara had a lock on Notre Dame fans from the time he led them to within 30 minutes of the National Championship in his FIRST season (he even wrote “30 more minutes” on the blackboard at halftime)…..

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      6. Another great moment…sometimes forget about that (I’m sure Ara never did and it had something to do with those passes you refer to when up 51-0)…

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      7. James —It had EVERYTHING to do with the long passes in the 4th quarter…
        [I ran into Craig Fertig on the Wednesday after we avenged that loss, 24-7 at South Bend, and he said with an unrestrained smile, “Mike, we beat the hell outta ’em”]..

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      8. MG
        Awesome story about Craig Fertig (he really comes across as likable in the USC football history documentary I’ve watched – believe he’s the one who tells the anecdote about McKay and Bear meeting at the airport)…
        I remember learning about that 24-7 game while reading old back issues of SI – it was when the writers were just catching on to the ’67 team, and the mini-feature was entitled “Orange Juice Wins A Poll Bowl”…wasn’t that like just the second time and first time in 30+ years USC had won at ND?


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  3. Putting my negatory Scott Wolf hat on here. My Dad owned a lighting company so I’ve been attuned to both good and bad lighting over the years. I can’t help myself, it’s genetic.

    The lighting on that AD wall mural sux.. Could they not install properly positioned spotlights instead of the dreaded $7.99 cans from Home Depot?

    Good gawd.

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      1. P. S.
        I’d be even happier if Hetzler didn’t have Utah where they are —- we need to protect J.T. better this time if he’s gonna be ready for the trip to Washington…

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      1. But here’s the GOOD part, gt —Utah’s O-Line isn’t in the top 60 in the country (ours is in top 25)…..

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  5. Whatever it takes to see both Swann and Helton gone is all that matters and better Swann be tossed first – whatever it takes.

    BTW how come bel-air tech never ever has any ‘game’ in the past 50 years that anyone gives a rip about? Come to think of it nearly the same for ‘wooden’s con’

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  6. 70’s…you sat through the ’57 season too? you were maybe 5 ? I was 14.
    that was almost child abuse,the yr the PCC penalties really sockd it to ’em…
    the year they tried the gold helmets with cardinal stripe, the yr of 1-9…
    I went to first one in ’51…’52 was a great team,and the ’53 RoseBowl my first.
    You must have some good memories and experiences…I do.

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