Why Honest QB Competition Matters

This is one reason why not having an honest quarterback competition matters.

Here is Graham Harrell on freshman QB Kedon Slovis.

“Kedon is a special talent,” Harrell said. “When that ball comes out of his hand, it looks different.”

Who really cares if JT Daniels is the guaranteed starter? Why put any stock into what is said about Jack Sears or Slovis if they do not get a chance to win the job?

Harrell could say Slovis is the next Tom Brady and it won’t matter if Clay Helton has made a deal to start Daniels under any circumstances.

29 thoughts on “Why Honest QB Competition Matters

  1. Daniels is not D1 starting talent. Helton isn’t a D1 coach. At this point, I’d love to see Sears or Slodis get a shot in a game. It won’t happen unless Daniels gets hurt.

    Season is over before it starts. What a downer.


    1. Then if so, HELTON-IS-FIRED, because by then I will have “NO” faith left in Clay and neither anyone else besides his Wife & Kids !!!

      Screw up one more time and then it’s time to empty the Coliseum, maybe 10,000 idiots show up to a game with 1000 left to attend the finish of the game while “CRICKETS” do the post game interviews…

      This is “not” Rocket Science, it is not a good thing to be paid to be “stupid” ?

      Think and Adjust, let reality lead the way and stuff assine and pipedreams where the Sun-don’t-Shine !!!

      Again, this is really not that difficult ???



  2. ScootiePie, you funny! You’ve been bitching about a 3 star heavy recruiting class for weeks, “Trojan’s need more 5 stars…can recruit anymore.” Yet, you seem to love Slovis, a lowly 3 star with offers from other schools such as Hawaii, Northern Arizona, UC Davis, UNLV, etc. JT was a 5 star with offers from Bama, Michigan and Furd. So how’s that working out?

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    1. I see that Lindy’s Sports has Sears down as USC’s starting quarterback —-and they are usually pretty careful about who they project as starters.
      Also –thought you’d be interested, Pudly —– Lindy’s has USC’s Defensive Line in the Top 10.

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      1. “I see that Lindy’s Sports has Sears down as USC’s starting quarterback” ?

        Now that is a refreshing point of news, because last year’s starter doesn’t have it AND flushing down 2 years in a row is a really, really, STUPID thing to do ????????

        Intelligence Matters…



  3. This blog is way past tired. Even the trolling is now just boring. Scott has no other cards to play, nobody at the school will give him the time of day. So let’s stick with stupid narratives and beat them to death. I’ll check back in once the season starts to see if there is any new material.

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      1. Chaz, like Tim Robbins in Robert Altman’s The Player, knows we “have no 3rd act” and is waiting for the right moment “to come into the game and save the day.”

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    1. Then there’s this…

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      1. Here pussy, pussy, pussy, pussy; Bru McCoy, a Felony U FB kinda guy.

        #butcoachit’sto”strenous”; mater&pater&theirpersonalattorneywill hear about this! If I don’t get my way I’ll xfer!

        #sweating = pussy McCoy bodily harm


    2. to the CONTRARY, Brumly! the wolfman is laying it DOWN to the SOUNDS!!!!

      to translate that in to Dummy parlance, the wolfman is kicking A$$ this season, sticking it to the MAN!!! his subversive and explosive journalistic style is reminiscent of Hunter S. Thompson or Bob Woodward!!!


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  4. It kills the Sunshine Pumpers that they can’t control the narrative here in Wolf’s blog.

    What really gets them going ballistic is that they can’t get people banned here like they do on other USC social media sites.


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  5. We’ll see how good he is in the future. It will be a nice battle between him and Bryce Young. The fact that he has done so well so far only tells me that Harrell really has simplified that offense. Usually true freshmen don’t learn the offense that quickly. But he does have a really good arm.

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