USC Has First Full Pads Practice

USC had its first workout in full pads today.

Freshman wide receiver Munir McClain had a 70-yard TD off a screen play. Jack Sears threw a deep TD pass to Tyler Vaughns. Sears also threw a 20-yard TD pass to Devon Williams.

Olaijah Griffin had an interception off a JT Daniels pass. Issac Taylor-Stuart intercepted a pass by Kedon Slovis.

It’s OK to say you think Daniels should start but he hasn’t been the “noticeably improved” quarterback in training camp some predicted after a full season under his belt. You can make a case for Sears, whose biggest fault is he doesn’t have some secret deal with Helton to start.

Jack Del Rio was at practice again. I think it’s fair to say he is making sure he is in a conversation if an opening arises.

18 thoughts on “USC Has First Full Pads Practice

  1. “Olaijah Griffin had an interception off a JT Daniels pass”

    Damn, what does that make for J.T. Daniels now, about 6 or 7 INT’s in less than a weeks worth of practice?

    Clay Helton may have to suit up the Trojan Song Girls and put them out there on defense for J.T. Daniels during the scrimmage if he hopes to make J.T. Daniels look like he won the starting QB job.


  2. There are better people out there than Jack Del Rio. One thing that we don’t need is a guy who has spent all of his career in the pros and then comes in and puts in a program that is too complicated for college kids and they end up thinking rather than reacting and not playing fast. Get a great college coach. He has no college experience and his record as a pro head coach is just 93-94,

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  3. “Secret deal with Helton.” That’s some juicy scoopin’, Flow! Do tell of the actual deal! I’d love to know. Such a putz. Maybe Del Rio wants to spend his time off hanging around his alma mater? Just MAYBE, right, Flow?

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  4. PetrosAndMoneyShow Retweeted




    : “He put Sears as the third string guy. Seems like Helton never wanted Sears on the field at all to ever prove he is the Trojans best QB and he buried him as the third stringer. The next week, Helton couldn’t wait to get JT back and went 1-3.”

    Petros Papadakis On The Fake USC QB Competition This Summer | AM 570 LA Sports

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  5. The Alligator will start.

    It’s a quid pro quo deal agreed too in 2017 at a local Chuckie E Cheese’s to make sure JT signed with Felony U.


  6. On or around August 20, 2019 is when Clay Helton will name J T. Daniels the Trojans starting QB according to Petros Papadakis.


    1. Of course he will name a starting QB on or around the 20th. Their first game is the following week on the 31st of August. 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️


  7. From what I am reading second hand, none of the QB’s are sticking out in the group.
    If that is right, who should start? And whoever starts should be replaced if they falter until a gamer QB can be found that the team will rally around. Practices are not very indicative of who can play best in games. Hey, in that case I would just pick the best running QB, as that what has proven to win games.

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  8. J.T. Daniels still can’t win the starting QB job outright and he has a year under his belt and the others don’t.

    J.T.’s daddy owns Clay Helton, has him in his back pocket…that’s the only thing keeping J.T. Daniels from being demoted to 3rd or 4th string where he belongs.


  9. jt is the presumed starter and has to be unseated…that is always the mind set.
    A smart coach ,knowing the ‘O’ line has been questionable the last 3 yrs ,would automatically go to a true running q/b, that can pass on the move with a mix of long, short to mid range passes, plus passes to backs and tight ends. The q/b that can deliver in scrimmages vs 1st team defense, should start…period
    If by a quirk of fate this ‘O’ line grows up and actually blocks consistently an eval incl who hits the long ones consistently can be considered ,this would help the running backs.
    This is what a smart coach knows.
    I think Jack Del Rio would make a fine coach incl head coach.

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  10. The USC Trojan Athletic Dept. trolls are losing their minds after Petros Papadakis exposed Clay Helton of running a sham Trojan football program.

    Petros calling Clay Helton a liar and a fraud.

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  11. Clay Helton didn’t have the intelligence to start Sam Darnold over Max Browne , so what makes you thinks his, Stupid Ass is any smarter today, then he was back then ? If anything, he’s proved to be even dumber , because he’s since run the USC program into the ground

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