USC Morning Buzz: How Close Is QB Derby?

You might think the USC quarterback derby is closer than ever after yesterday’s practice, where JT Daniels had an uneven day at best.

But I would just say this: When Jack Sears had a strong performance against Arizona State, several team captains went to Clay Helton and asked for Sears to start the following week against Oregon State.

Helton, according to sources, said his hands were tied. Daniels regained his starting position against Oregon State.

Remember that when trying to figure out who will start.

  • The Action Network, a sports betting and analytics site, has computed how many points the home field is worth to college teams.

USC is right about in the middle at No. 65 with a 2.32 point betting advantage at home.

Arizona State has the second-greatest home-field betting advantage in the country at 3.74 points per game (behind UAB’s 4.23) Washington State is No. 14 at 3.218 while Stanford is 17th at 3.18. Utah is 26th at 2.922 Washington is 31st at 2.816 Cal is no. 45 at 2.658

That means half the Pac 12 is in the top half of the bracket

Arizona is No. 61 at 2.416 Oregon is surprisingly low at No. 77 at 2.18 UCLA is No. 100 at 1.822 Oregon State is at No. 105 at 1.592

22 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: How Close Is QB Derby?

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    : “He put Sears as the third string guy. Seems like Helton never wanted Sears on the field at all to ever prove he is the Trojans best QB and he buried him as the third stringer. The next week, Helton couldn’t wait to get JT back and went 1-3.”

    Petros Papadakis On The Fake USC QB Competition This Summer | AM 570 LA Sports

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      1. gt –I read Scott for several reasons — primarily because I’m kinda in awe of his ability to stimulate controversy. That’s the first lesson in entertainment writing —make sure every page contains conflict. Nobody out there does this better than Wolf. But, in order to do that on a regular basis, Scott has to say stuff he himself doesn’t believe (not 100%, anyway).

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      1. BK,
        Better to remain silent & let people suspect that you’re a jerk than to open your mouth & confirm it.


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    1. Lol. Better add buddhakarma into that Lemon Party. It’s one of Tebow’s many other handles. And he comments on his own posts from his many other handles. A truly twisted individual.

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    1. Definitely an Andyainwinning Creme Puff BB opponent. I’ll wager no one on the Spanish Select Team was taller than 5:10!!


      1. gt —my advice to this year’s bb team: put the NCAA investigation completely out of your mind —let some other innocent group of USC kids, way down the road, deal with the consequences…..

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      1. Probably not, gt —9 wins would probably get us into the Holiday Bowl.

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