If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

Thursday’s practice was a good illustration of JT Daniels‘ inconsistent nature.

He went 6 for 6 during a 7-on-7 period but 0 for 3 in an 11-vs.-11 drill.

What was the difference? How about a live pass rush during 11-on-11. How he handles pressure will be the key this season because he didn’t like it last season.

But he has always been a 7-on-7 All-American.

  • USC coach Clay Helton sent out a group text message to former players asking them to attend the Aug. 17 scrimmage at the Coliseum. This is clearly a response to the boycott by the 1969 team.

Now that it has become a public issue, USC wants to try and get as many players from any class to show up and avoid any embarrassing scenes.

  • I hear USC athletic director Lynn Swann was sucking up to donors at the Coliseum recently. What a change in attitude. Swann needs happy donors with a new president and decreased ticket sales.
  • Former USC basketball star Harold Miner‘s daughter, Kami, is a top volleyball player at Redondo High School.
  • If you think USC’s gotten control of its rampant mismanagement, it recently emerged the owner of a historic landmark home (Arroyo del Rey) in Pasadena amended her will to no longer leave the house to the university.

Even worse, the renowned Gamble House in Pasadena is expected to sever ties with USC, which has operated the home since 1967.

Here is a picture of the Gamble House.

Maybe this is all because the USC-owned Freeman House in Hollywood, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, has long been in need of critical repairs. And earlier this year, the Los Angeles Times reported four objects from the house were stolen from a USC storage facility and not reported to the LAPD for 10 years. The police learned of the thefts from an anonymous tip.

It never ends.

63 thoughts on “If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

    1. ObummerMcTrollshit has punched in for his shift.

      How long before the other three horse flies wake up & respond to their own Fucla garbage?


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    2. who gives two shits about Petros? He is a clown, much like Wolf. Use better sources to support your views, which of course are way off the wall. Nobody on this board likes Helton, Swann, and the current state of affairs but your incessant diatribe on the subject makes you look like the clown you must be. Get some work will ya?

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      1. He was rated the top receiver and MVP at the Nike Opening last year…why mess with what works??

        BTW, is there another blog or site that has JT behind or even with Sears? Everyone I’ve read says that Sears is losing to Slovis at this point for the backup spot. Of course those people were actually at practices watching, not sitting in their mother’s basements with their eyes wide shut trying to visualize things the way they want them…

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      2. Pudly –I’ve been reading the same stuff —Reign of Troy and Dan Weber sure as hell don’t think Sears has a chance of starting. It’s not that he’s not a great athlete —it’s more a case of him systematically not seeing the percentage play. We have the potential to win EVERY game if we eliminate blown red zone opportunities and dumb mistakes. Everybody on staff knows that —-and so it’s unlikely that USC is gonna take a chance on Sears —talented as he is.

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  1. This is for cal hippie, he can’t seem to get enough of the truth…enjoy!

    He (Clay Helton) put Sears as the third string guy. Seems like Helton never wanted Sears on the field at all to ever prove he is the Trojans best QB and he buried him as the third stringer. The next week, Helton couldn’t wait to get JT back and went 1-3.”

    Petros Papadakis On The Fake USC QB Competition This Summer | AM 570 LA Sports



      1. Source confirms Clay Helton asked Justin Wilcox who was supposed to cover McCaffrey on 67-yard pass and Wilcox said, “I don’t know.” #USC

        Helton & Wilcox = Dumb & Dumber

        Both of those idiots are cal hippies heroes.



      2. According to Steele, Cal’s linebacking and defensive back units are WAY up there….

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  2. As the CoCaptain of the 1969 which is formally boycotting the August 17th Scrimmage event, I find it amusing that AD Swann and Helton are now trying to get any ex player to show up to this embarrassing
    The Current Athletic Department has disrespected and ignored our 1969 Team
    By breaking a 70 year year tradition of
    Honoring the 25 and 50 year teams formally.
    Now they’ve added the 10 year team, hoping that any player will show up to their 5 minute
    Swann and Helton should be fired, and
    Competent people hired! Athletic Department Scandals and a poor
    Football product have resulted in
    Cancellations by long time Season ticket patrons and lagging ticket sales..
    Only when USC gets is house in order,
    Fires these twits, and cleans house,
    will better recruits commit to the USC
    Football Program!
    USC is nowhere in the top 30 in preSeason
    Polls and ranked 57th Nationally in Recruiting
    How embarrassing and totally unacceptable!
    The 1969 team is hoping President Folt steps
    Up and suggests to the Athletic Department to honor our team at a REAL football home Game this season!!
    We are waiting to hear back from her!
    Our 1969 team has the 5th highest winning percentage (.955) in the 131 year history of USC Football…. Our Seniors never lost a game in the Coliseum in 4 years!
    Our record was 32-2-2!
    4 Straight Rose Bowls!
    1 National Championship
    The “Cardiac Kids”
    And the legendary “Wild Bunch “
    We helped build USC’s Elite Football Status.
    Now it’s a second tiered program with
    Zero leadership!!
    Maybe after this year’s losing season or even mid season, USC will get better Leaders and Coaches to get back to the Elite Level where it should be!
    Fight On!
    Bob Jensen #51 LB
    1969 Team CoCaptain

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    1. God Bless you, Bob Jensen.

      I hope you know alot of Trojans got your back as well as your teammates, too. You guys deserve better treatment than what you got from the current administration.

      Fight On!, Bob.

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    2. How would USC be able to afford trips like this if they had to spend money honoring past Trojan football teams…

      USC Set For Foreign Trip To Spain & France

      – USC Athletics

      3 days ago · The USC men’s basketball team has finished its 10 allowed practices and is prepared to embark on a foreign summer tour to Spain and France which begins on Aug. 6 and runs through Aug. 16.

      … The team will spend three nights in each destination and play one game in each city.

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    3. We’re all on your side – don’t let them pull the pressure/loyalty tactic – stay strong and keep the heat on this sorry excuse for leadership…we fans (particularly the older ones) well remember how you were among the greatest of the builders of what USC football meant up until 10 years ago…

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    4. I’m surprised that Helton is texting former players to attend the scrimmage. If they don’t show up, that speaks volumes about how they view Helton.

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      1. And even if some do show, I don’t think it necessarily proves that any of them are supportive of this regime…will just demonstrate natural human nature…I hope they don’t because that sends the strongest signal (it is after all another form of voting essentially, and nothing frightens authority types than people not voting – see e.g. Warsaw Bloc during the Cold War)…

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      2. James — Ha! I have been waiting for someone to mention the Warsaw Bloc in a cable news conversation. I haven’t heard it mentioned in years—by anybody, in any context. Wonder how many people today ever heard of it…..

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  3. The whole damned thing is incredibly embarrassing. From the totally botched re-configuring of Salute to Troy to the super-needy petulant players whining about non-royal treatment.

    Just pathetic all the way around.

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  4. Tebow_Obama is the power bottom Wolfie always hoped for. When’s the wedding boys? Two trolls finally united in holy matrimony….


  5. JT will be the quarterback and thrive. Defense knows a pass is coming when there is no running plays in helmet and shorts. Enough already announce he is the starter and let him work on essential timing in this style of offense

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    1. Even if the competition is for real, it needs to wrap up next week. Whichever 11 are gonna start against Fresno State and Stanford need to start practicing as a team as soon as possible. Helton’s decision NOT to do that last season led to a shaky start against UNLV (and a fricking disaster against Stanford a week later).

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      1. Remember how that also doomed the Kessler/Wittek duo…
        As to the point made…defenses know a pass is coming (for all intents and purposes) in 11-11 full pads when the offense is running an “Air Raid” offense…the question is whether the defense has coverage personnel who can press cover/close seams enough to cause the QB to have to both read/adjust, and pause/hold for a count, and then further has rush personnel who can make that pause count…in other words, the teams that matter (Notre Dame, Washington, Stanford…in past Alabama, Texas, Ohio State)…which is why the best Air Raid QBs are generally mobile…
        We’ll see (said this blind man)…

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      2. James —Thanks to you (and a couple of other buddies on this site), I’m keeping a very open mind about quarterback. [I actually think that Harrell would sorta like to play Slovis if he could get away with it. Watch Graham light up every time he discusses how smart and athletic Kedon is —he’s definitely impressed with him. Problem is USC can’t afford another Frosh quarterback —it always leads to leadership issues with the veteran players].

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  6. MG
    You’ve yet again hit a key point…I think you’re dead on right…Harrell as you’ve pointed out played the position at a high level under a master of this offense…and not so disconnected from Mahomes…think it’s becoming increasingly clear that the offense works best when the QB is mobile – obviously a tradeoff/substitute is QB IQ (plus receiver options making that a relevant factor to begin with) – ie Brady, Manning, Rivers, Rothlesberger…but the ideal, and all the more so going forward, is Mahomes (and before him Russell Wilson, Drew Brees…)…

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    1. Maybe you and Harrell are on the same page, James —- that would account for the very subdued interviews J. T. has given so far this fall. He seems less confident —but I could just be reading too much into the fact he’s —for some reason —almost whispering when he’s asked about how he feels the competition is going.
      On a MUCH more important front I have to admit that I’m bitterly disappointed that more people haven’t expressed their sorrow over the stolen Freeman House items. I just can’t get the image of that empty shelf in the USC storage facility out of my head!

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      1. MG-That is an astute and perhaps relevant (time will tell that tale) observation…I’m not a JT fan, but recognize that it’s not as if he wasn’t a talented high school player, with the potential, if properly coached/supported/surrounded by talent, to be successful at USC…but that sense you have – reeks ominously of that “who moved my cheese” phenomena (as in “hey, I owned this game…what happened?” sudden paradigm shifts that shift what traits are selected for)…

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      2. James —If only Ellis had taught J. T. a teeny bit about footwork last season the QB conversation would be over and done already. The coaching he got last year is coming back to haunt him…..

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      3. MG, remember when Kiffy Goat stole the air out of the bozo FB, then denied he did and blamed it on a ball boy.

        Some things never change in bozo land!

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      4. Owns –I think that one was more on the qb (Matt Barkley) —but I was actually okay with that. Didn’t you ever let a little air out of those old Wilson footballs (and maybe slather them in a little spit too) before you threw ’em? It sure helps ya get a grip —and in that Oregon game where the refs called back two USC td’s it served as a little bit of equalizer.

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    2. Nov 16th can’t get here fast enough.

      I may even show up for the game if my old house charges less than $100 to park.

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      1. I’ve said it before —if we try to Air Raid Cal, we’ll be shut down. The way to beat Cal is physicality. That means very large dosages of Stepp up the middle.

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      2. Referring to my comment of a couple of days ago about how each of our recurring opponents possesses a somewhat unique nature (and how that impacts the way you hope to defeat them)…pre-Harbaugh felt the same way about Stanford, but now solely with Cal – prefer to beat them with physicality (thinking of Chauncey Washington grinding out a close one in bad weather – 2006? 2007?)…

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      3. From Erik McKinney @ we are SC .com yesterday….

        Special Special Teams

        The highlight of the day came early in practice, when the Trojans got into special teams work with punter Ben Griffiths working on pinning opponents deep and gunners working on downing punts inside the 20-yard line. Griffiths managed to do plenty better than the 20-yard line though.

        On 12 punts, Griffiths had just one touchback — a punt that landed on the goal line — and gunners downed eight punts inside the 10-yard line. The other three were fair caught by returner Tyler Vaughns inside the 20. Griffiths hasn’t done anything in a game yet, but he is going to be a major asset on special teams this year.

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      4. MG
        I saw an interview with M. Stepp & his mom. Very impressed. None of the Jack Jones stuff in his demeanor. Just quiet confidence. He’s going to be a nightmare.


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    3. One thing to think about with all this Air Raid discussion is how the HC/OC can adjust to situations as they come up. It’s not all “bombs away” just because it is an Air Raid offense.

      Look at the USC – WSU game from 2017. The winning points there came on a perfectly executed hybrid – draw play with the RB when USC was thinking pass all the way. It was a good call by Mike Leach at the end of the game and to sniff out USC’s tendencies as the game went on.

      If Harrell is all about drawing routes and pass plays and can’t adjust enough based on what he is seeing throughout the game, then USC is in for alot more trouble than people realize.




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      1. Absolutely right
        And for QBs, that means making reads at the line – even if simplistic choice between a handful of plays…but they have to be able to see when either the play called isn’t going to work based on the defense presented, or when the defense presented is presenting an opportunity to audible into a better play.

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  7. I’m hoping the Buffoon Idiot know as Clay Helton, decides to go with TJ Daniels as his starting quarterback. Because I want him to prove to whatever fans he has left, that he’s still the same Stupid Ass, who started Max Browne over Sam Darnold . 😂😂. There’s never a learning moment for Clueless Clay, he truly is as dumb as he looks without his hat on .


  8. Check out J.T. “Daddy Paid For Pizza Party” Daniels unable to hit the side of a barn vs Stanford.

    Helton & Daniels put up 3 measely pts.

    UC Davis put up 3 times as many points vs Stanford as Helton & Daniels…How Gawd Damn Embarrassing!

    That has to be the worst performance by a USC QB in the history of it’s football program.

    Can you think of a performance worse than that of J.T. Daniels vs Stanford…I guarantee that you can’t.


    1. As stupid as some of your posts are…this one is great! You picked a game where he hurts his hand on the F I R S T possession and leaves the game for treatment then returns. You sir are a dolt.

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      1. Pudly —I find that the difference between smart people and dumb people is that dumb people don’t understand something called “context.” Maybe J.T. is not the smart pick for Harrell’s offense (we’ll know more after Saturday —a lot of pressure’s on J. T. to do well if he plans on starting) but picking out his performance against Stanford—where there were SO many other variables at play— as evidence of why he isn’t “worthy” is really soft headed.
        J. T.’s high water mark was the Washington State game. He showed us what he could do in that game [and, if he has it in him to reach that level consistently, USC could win 9 or 10 games]. It’s up to Harrell to figure out in the NEXT WEEK if what he sees in practice suggests that Washington State was a fluke or not.

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      2. Actually if you look to the game vs the domers, you’ll see he put up the most yards against them last season, including their playoff loss.

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      3. Good point, Pudly —-[The reason I think his finest moment came in the Washington State game is he brought us back to WIN in the 4th quarter —for ONE game he reminded me of Sam]…..

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  9. Wait what…there’s video evidence of alcohol consumption by Trojan football players who aren’t of legal drinking age at Mr. Daniels pizza party?

    I wonder what NCAA officials and law enforcement would think about contributing to the delinquency of minors?

    You Helton Humpers want to keep going, that video just might end up on TMZ.

    Just what USC needs…another scandal.


      1. MG please explain the context of the following:

        Andyain’twinning employs the Ta-Ta of two coveted BB recruits who commit to the bozo u BB program.

        Now here’s the context part – bozo u pays Ta – Ta an unknown salary (private Univ.’s don’t have to publish employee remuneration). So every time his sons need cash they just hit the auld Ta – Ta ATM that’s supplied and replenished by bozo u. WTF!

        #I’m sure Andyain’twinning doesn’t know squat!!

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      2. Mule-Asked and answered (so to speak) – see e.g. Ed and Danny Manning under (UCLA coaching alum and career coaching cruminal – like that? no conviction, but everyone knows is guilty) Larry Brown…or more recently at Missouri Michael Porter Jr. & Sr. under Cuonzo Martin….

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  10. Yo Yimmy, what has your ‘evasive answer’ to my bozo BB context question have to do with Felony U?

    Am I to assume you believe that another Univ.’s unethical activity is a license for the bozo BB program to do the same in pursuit of the bozo Holy Grail: an end of the Rainbow berth in an NCAA BB Final Four.

    As far I as I know Yimmy, Sam Gilbert wasn’t ever employed by the UCLA BB program as an Asst. BB Coach or in any other capacity.


    1. Mule:
      After a momentary lapse of unreason, you revert to your typical illogical idiot Pez dispenser norm – and why so sensitive about Sam Gilbert eh? All those Peckerwood jibes finally penetrate deep enough to find the mark? – I didn’t mention Gilbert…merely pointed out that the question you were posing to MG, as if USC employing a top recruit’s father as an assistant was somehow new or unique, was answered long ago, to include by one of the scumbags UCLA once employed (who cheated his way to an NCAA final, then flew the coup within 12 months when the heat started getting turned up), when he later coached at Kansas and employed Danny Manning’s truck driver father as an assistant…and that it had been repeated as recently as the past two years with Cuonzo Martin and Missouri employing Michael Porter Sr. to get Michael Porter Jr. … stay with us here Mule ole boy…the Rose Bowl will soon be open to UCLA football…for a limited run through say Christmas…


      1. Now Yimmy, I never mentioned Larry Brown.

        Whenever it’s mentioned Coach Wooden won 10 BB NC’s and bozo u is still OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOforever, bozo BB cretins start the Sam Gilbert chant that he was the reason for the 10 NC’s run.

        In fact, if Commie Lush has had his fortified Nightrain eyeopener, he will sally forth with his 15,000th effete rendition of his “Ode to Peckerwood” schtick.

        Yimmy, I’m going to give credit for a half oz brain. You and I both know Coach Wooden teams won their NC’s on the BB court, not by finishing second in the Pac 8 or 10 like the bozos usually did. You win some and lose more certainly applies to Felony U.

        But Yimmy, on the plus side, the bozo Avis BB team always had a cheap seat in front of the TV to watch the Bruin win another NC.

        Dinga goes the Vic Bell!

        # “Someday, over the Rainbow…”


      2. Mule-You’re making progress…you got a long way to go…but that was far better than witnessed heretofore…not enough to get you a ticket to UCLA playing in the Rose Bowl in January…but when it comes to basketball…yeah, as much as most of us here are just Glory Dazing it over what once was, a fan of Bruin basketball is just as entitled…Larry Brown…now, that’s a whole ‘nother kettle of fish…but why quibble…


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