USC Thursday Practice Report

USC will scrimmage Saturday for the first time in training camp. All four quarterbacks will get even reps, according to Clay Helton.

Helton said he would he would through at least Aug. 17 before eliminating quarterbacks from the alleged race.

Helton spoke glowingly about the offensive line and secondary, two perceived areas of weakness.

After its first day in full pads Wednesday, USC returned to shorts on Thursday.

The injury list included tight end Kyle Ford, wide receiver John Jackson, tight end Ethan Rae, defensive tackle Brandon Pili, cornerback Max Williams, defensive tackle Jacob Lichtenstein, tailback Vavae Malepeai, cornerback Isaac Taylor-Stuart, linebacker Jordan Iosefa and linebacker Solomon Tuliaupupu.

13 thoughts on “USC Thursday Practice Report

  1. Clay Helton running a Fake QB Competition and already knowing he’s going to name J.T. Daniels as the starting QB…labels the entire USC Football Program Fraudulent.

    And those Trojan snowflakes not wanting to speak up about the fraud taking place are a joke.

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  2. USC money issues?

    But they have money for shit like this…

    USC Set For Foreign Trip To Spain & France – USC Athletics

    3 days ago · The USC men’s basketball team has finished its 10 allowed practices and is prepared to embark on a foreign summer tour to Spain and France which begins on Aug. 6 and runs through Aug. 16. … The team will spend three nights in each destination and play one game in each city.


      1. Maybe that’s the key to understanding the 2019 version of USC, gt —-“underachievement will be rewarded.”


  3. i heard the USC athletic administration told Clay Helton to never remove his Hat during games, because opposing coaches would realize that he really is dumb as he looks


  4. they should practice in full pads every practice ,not only for protection, but as anyone who has played tackle football knows, it also feels different in adjusting to making movements…they can still run the candyass practice in full pads…

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