USC Scrimmage Question

When USC holds its first scrimmage, a big question will be how the first-team reps will be distributed?

For example, will JT Daniels get the lion’s share of the first-team reps? It matters because you have a better chance of performing well with the No. 1 offensive line if you are a QB.

And Clay Helton wants Daniels to have a good scrimmage.

22 thoughts on “USC Scrimmage Question

  1. GH will be making that call.

    But go ahead and write a lazy dim witted half assed Captain Obvious attempt at creating controversy.

    MG keeps telling me you’re a brilliantly nuanced pot stirrer Scotty Potty. But I look at this latest offering as more representative of your puff-n-stuff Schlick.

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      1. Petros and Scotty occupy the same real estate at the bottom of my spittoon. I look down there, take aim at the two drowning spitbugs and keep wondering how they haven’t drowned.?

        So I spit, spit and spit.

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  2. The NCAA recommends THREE non- contact or minimal contact practices per week. Too difficult to look up this fact eh, SW? Let Saban lets his players beat each other to a pulp, then complain about being worn out after getting crushed by Clemson in the National Championship game.


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    1. Hey Arturo, what country are you from these days? Try saying that
      shit to the Alabama football players faces. Scoreboard Art, 52 – 6!
      Stick to bull fighting down in Tijuana.


      1. Really?

        And getting back to football, you will either see ‘Bama converge to the NCAA guidelines or lose out on 5 stars who want to have a life after football.

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      2. Esteban, I can see that you are a person who enjoys showing his true racists colors. !Que Dios te Bendiga!


    1. “Oh no…”?

      Are you fucking surprised? Eventually one of these sex crime scandals is going to lead directly to Max Nikias.

      That pencil neck nerd turtle looking clown has the look of a pervert.


  3. JT Daniels = gordo bollo de masa

    Chipster gonna drag his dick across the coliseum turf the weekend before thanksgiving. Hopefully it won’t be to humiliating, would hate to see clay go.

    I just hope clay does enough to keep his job in all the other games. ¡Viva clay!


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