USC Morning Buzz: Clay Helton’s Turning Point?

Since Clay Helton claimed the Notre Dame game was an epiphany for him from an offensive standpoint, let me reiterate this point:

JT Daniels passed for 105 yards in the second half after Notre Dame adjusted to an offense it had not seen on film before the game.

And USC failed to score in the second half until the final minute of the game. The photo above shows Daniels enjoying the final TD, which came with 48 seconds left in the game.

So the jury is out on how big a moment that game really was offensively.

44 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Clay Helton’s Turning Point?

  1. J.T. “Porn-stache” Daniels was laughing on the sidelines in the closing seconds of that loss to Notre Dame…I guess he thought it was funny that the Irish shut him down in the second half.

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      1. could you narrow down the idiot part and then the trollboy part for me…I am not familiar enough with him to know some of these points…certainly part of what he said is well known.

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      2. Hey Pudly 76, you’re such a Clay Helton dick sucker, it’s pathetic. JT Daniels porn star, comb over was laughing on the sideline. You are in denial on everything, not just me fucking your wife, and daughter. 😂😂💋💋💋


    1. not sure about the ‘stache’ comment,although it is not especially manly, it does remind me of a few slick con men at used car dealers I wouldn’t buy from…the rest is pretty accurate.

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    2. Scotty, you DO realize that ND shut down the offense in the second half just like all the other teams we played, right? Why? Because incompetent play-callers like Tee & Helton are easy to figure out. Harrell might be different.

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      1. Tim,
        ObummerMcTrollshit has zero knowledge of me. But some people here do. No one has any background on the 4 horse flies of the apocalypse AKA ruin dotards, they’re embarrassed to step out of the shadows.
        I will leave with this, as a CAL75 grad in Chem, I have had an eventful last 44 years. If you want to meet me, come to a gun show. Next one next weekend OC. On my right is a USN NEC 5326, retired. On my left is a USAF command pilot from Wild Weasal VN, retired. I’m the sane one in the center. You want to see what you are up against with my wing men, google & youtube are your friends. I sell ordnance & firearms. My wingmen are who you need to be concerned about.

        The four trolls of the dotard ruins are pissant.
        Cheers, prortal on.

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  2. From Land of Troy admin (Mark Dickens) on FB:

    Hello Trojan fans here are some quick notes from what I’ve gathered through 4 practices.

    Starting with QBs. JT is head and shoulders above the rest of the field with anticipation and accuracy. This system is Taylor made for him. Kedon Slovis has earned to named QB2. Will that happen? Who knows. But I will say Bryce Young will have a battle on his hands if he comes to SC. Slovis has an NFL arm right now.

    Running backs- Carr is back! Expect him to be featured. VaVae is consistent and will provide solid reps. The younger backs will be fighting for small amounts a carries this is not a 3 or 4-back system.

    Receivers — Just call them AO. Someone is Always Open. Impossible to guard everyone

    Defensive Line– prepare to lose Tufele to the draft he is dominant. Overall great group.

    Backers – solid. The questions are Solo and Iosefa being injured. Is Houston physical enough for the Mike?

    DBs– This room seems to have heard the talk about them being inexperienced and less talented. They have competed fiercely. Still a lot of work to do. Interested in who will start at Corners. The lineup has been Johnson, ITS, Chase, Tufanga, and Pola Mao.

    The offense has gotten all the media attention and it seems the defense has taken that as a slight. They have come out with a fire and thirst for physical competition. I enjoy what I’ve been seeing to this point.

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    1. Yep, Pudly —These seem to be the majority views. We’ll learn a lot more today, of course, but as of now —(1) we have two very solid quarterbacks (and neither one of them is named Jack), (2) we are loaded at receiver (the real key to any Air Raid offense), (3) our d-line is so strong that it’ll make up for some of the problems at linebacker and inexperience at corner. [And if I were Mark I wouldn’t mention the o-line either —Dan Weber keeps hinting that they’re not playing with the same enthusiasm as the rest of the team]…..

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      1. There are more reports to this effect than the one’s scottie and petros are publishing. Get out of the house and let the sun shine in…


    2. Subjective bozo, wishing and hoping, fake Fat Cat PR!!

      JT is a 10 QB 7 on 7. Eleven on Eleven JT is a 4 QB.

      The bozo 2019 defense is essentially the same “D” that yielded 289 rushing yd to UCLA and instrumental to the subpar bozo 2018, 5 – 7 season. The O-Line was worse because it was subpar to MD’s O-Line.

      Why is a bozo QB with an NFL ready arm holding the clipboard for the Alligator?

      Don’t forget Rah-Rah’s the opposition DB’s and Safeties are also AO!

      When the Alligator is on his horse, he tends to jersey colorblindness.

      Face it, folks, the Harrell offense is particular to Tixas FB where kids run it from Pee Wee FB through HS. So when a Tixas QB reaches Div . 1 FB team running a Harrell offense, there’s no steep learning curve. Quick QB reads and quicker execution is the name of the game.

      The Alligator will struggle with that concept. A spike in Int TO’s and bozo losses will ensue.

      #nothing wrong with objective observations


      1. Rather obvious he had nothing good to say about an offensive line that needs to prove itself with pads on…imho.


  3. J.T. Daniels is so good that he set the Trojan QB record for most INT’s in one week of practice with 7.

    And J.T. Daniels was going against a depleted Trojan secondary, only 2 projected starting defensive backs and they picked Daniels 7 times…2 for pick 6’s.

    How embarrassing!


      1. Speaking of new lows, Jeffrey Epstein’s suspicious death proves one point: not the best thing to have the goods on the Clintons.

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      2. Hahahahaha!
        Was thinking along the same lines myself….how does a guy on suicide watch hang himself. Not nice to fool with Mother Nature or the clinton’s.

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      3. Remember Ron Brown —Clinton’s Secretary of Commerce? As soon as he became the target of embezzlement allegations, his plane crashed and the wreckage site got closed to investigators for 24 hours. Oh, yeah and the pilot who was supposed to be flying but called in sick that day committed suicide because he felt “responsible.”

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      4. I think I actually read that on different sites,regardless the one that moves the team to the opponents goal line running and passing at some point will win the job…that ‘O’ line will mostly succeed with a rolling out run/quick pass q/b…they are still no where near the SC line of old.

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    1. If we can increase that number by, say, 5 —we’ll have a 9 win season.
      [And if Cal can increase their number of big plays on offense by a mere 20 they, too, can have a 9 win season]…

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  5. I do agree with the murderous quips involving assholes elected by assholes…but the topic is on another asshole bilking millions for personal profit and still carrying out ruinous loser candy ass practices in shorts every chance he gets…IF SC keeps it up gonna’ be 0-6 …watch it happen; those other teams are NOT ’cause they have REAL football coaches

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    1. We share the same fear, Tim. I already mentioned a past USA Olympic fencing team announcing that they were gonna take the Gold from the Russians, Italians and French cuz “losing wasn’t an option.” I remember thinking, “they don’t seem to realize that the Russians, Italians and French feel the same way —and they have better coaches.” Coach Tedford and Coach Shaw will have their teams ready for war —not finesse football. I hope we’re ready for war too —not in what we say before the game but how we’re ready to play DURING the game.

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  6. If a football team can be compared to a symphony orchestra, then picking a QB on how he practices may have problems. In an orchestra the Conductor calls the plays, the First Violin is the QB who all the other musicians set their tempo to. So if you have a First Violin who practices good, but during actual concerts the drummers and horn section are off key, off tempo then the First Violin doesn’t look so good. Now imagine a competing orchestra out in the audience trying to make you sound bad. That is football.

    Said differently, you can’t judge a QB in isolation or in hands off practice only. You have to judge the QB and OL as a unit. What a running QB does is energize the blockers. This how Sam Darnold transformed the OL. They didn’t have to hold their blocks longer. The opposing DL couldn’t anticipate that the QB was going to stay in a predictable pocket. The OL could roll out with the running QB when needed and do a screen block on the opposing DL to give the QB enough time to find a receiver or to take off and get some running yardage. So really, I don’t care much if any one of the QB’s looks good in practice throwing supposedly uninterceptable balls outside the hatchmarks, all I care about is which QB is in concert with the OL to win games.

    All the chatter about testing QB’s during a scrimmage perhaps is misplaced. Isn’t it how the QB/OL as a unit perform that should be evaluated? That is what a “leader” is: someone who can energize the team.

    During WWII the US Army engaged a sociologist to study who were the real leaders of a fighting unit (this was called sociometry). Was it the 1st sergeant, the lieutenant or someone else? It often was some unheralded tough guy who may have hated being in the Army who everyone knew they could count on in a fire fight. Remember USC QB Mike Rae? He wasn’t the best QB ever but he was a leader and a winner. That is who SC should be looking for – someone the team rallies behind even when they make mistakes. Sticking with the same losing formula as they did last year is not the way to go. That is what they did with Max Brown and look how that turned out (and Brown is a great guy).

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      1. Matt Fink…
        I watched Rae play at Lakewood and SC .
        He led the team ,kept the ball whatever.
        Nelson and Beatherd the same, Willie Wood the same,Jimmy Jones , the same…I could go on…they did it with their legs/arms, etc…

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      2. Matt Fink IS a leader and an athlete. I’d say Matt Fink too except for the fact he can’t throw long —and everybody knows it. I guess we could just stick with 10 and 15 yard tosses —but it seems a shame to waste our receivers that way (not to mention waste the field that way)…..


      3. the ‘O’ line is not gonna’ keep the defense out…q/b to throw long must roll out/be on the move…receivers must get open,which SC has not done lately…no way SC survives with drop back only q/b…plus 1/2 the time it is going to be 1st and 15 or 1st and 20…I wish I was wrong…I am not

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      4. I know you’re not wrong, Tim.


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