Camp Helton Paranoia

I learned long ago if Clay Helton‘s lips are moving, he probably isn’t telling the truth. But he is reaching new lows in training camp.

The official daily practice schedule for the media said, “August 9, No practice, no interviews.”

But look what Clancy Pendergast posted on twitter: A picture of practice at the Coliseum last night.

Another sham. Just like the QB derby.

30 thoughts on “Camp Helton Paranoia

    1. You’re right, those snowflakes were too hurt to practice.

      Those pussies aren’t USC Trojans…real Trojan football players don’t trip over themselves, hurt their foot and claim the injury still isn’t healed after a year.

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      1. Has Bru “pussykins” McCoy reported how strenuous (life-threatening!) bozo FB practices are to Mater, Pater, and their personal Attorney?



  1. U – University
    S – SnowFlake
    C – Central

    Never seen so many delicate injury prone youths.

    That Polynesian pipeline that leads to USC, I believe they’re just attending USC for the free healthcare.

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  2. Half of those Trojan snowflakes had to be wheeled out to the field in wheelchairs.

    Bunch of pansy ass hypochondrics. Get a Gawd Damn hangnail and those pussies are out two weeks.


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      1. 2018 Excrement of a record…

        Clay Helton & J.T. “My Daddy Held Me Back In 8th Grade And Still Throws Me Pizza Party’s” Daniels

        5 – 7 (4 – 5 PAC12 Conf.)


      2. You look as stupid as you sound??
        poor trollboy, what’s it like growing up as owns dumbass ignorant brother.

        You’re still a dolt.


  3. Flow! It was a damn walk-through just like in-season practices. But you wouldn’t know either way because you’re not allowed at anything USC anymore. Just like a pedophile near elementary schools.

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    1. I’m conflicted, Alv —- I want Helton to move on but I don’t want our guys to lose. [Helton’s saying that players came to USC to take advantage of his staff’s coaching skills was the last straw for me —- the only good people he has are the ones he got last year to replace the ones he begrudgingly fired for incompetence]……

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      1. The ass kicking that those Helton loving snowflake pansy fake Trojans have coming to them next year vs Alabama…they deserve for the simple fact that they have continued to back a second rate coach, all because he goes easy on them, instills zero discipline and lets them do as they please.


      2. Wrong, tebow. Next year Helton will prove all of Saban’s victories at LSU and Alabama were flukes….

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      3. P. S.
        Let’s see if tebow is lame enough to respond.
        [In police radio parlance, “Calling all morons! Proceed south at once to Inside USC!”]…..

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      4. Well Mike I[d say most feel as you do. If during the season it ‘leaks’ that Harrell is directing the offense it matters not what the record is….it will confirm Helton isn’t coaching anything except being a ‘nice guy’. If Helton refuses to switch QB when the opponent and score demand it that will also be a problem for him.

        Just get him gone anyway it takes.


  4. This morning I posted a comment a few stories back about how the scrimmage should be run by the coordinators and let them substitute when needed except the offense that starts scores or goes out on downs and another offense is brought in. This way they earn their reps. And Helton can watch the tape. Let the coordinators do their jobs. Anyway I know I spent time and effort but it disappeared.
    There were no curse words or even so much as s swipe at the troll who outnumber the fans on this site. Hopefully they passed the idea on.

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      1. Here is some more news, 67 —it was the same old USC at scrimmage today —10 penalties (6 of which were false starts).

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