USC’s First Scrimmage Is Revealing

USC’s first scrimmage at Howard Jones Field went around 100 plays although not all of it was full tackling.

The scrimmage seemed designed to focus on down-the-field passing or else the secondary just needs to improve. This scrimmage did little to alleviate concerns over the secondary . . . or offensive line.

Jack Sears and Matt Fink threw long TD passes to Velus Jones. JT Daniels threw a TD pass to Amon-Ra St. Brown.

The secondary needs work with around six TD passes allowed. Cornerback Adonis Otey gave up 2 long TD passes to Jones but intercepted a Kedon Slovis pass.

Tailback Markese Stepp had a TD run.

Remember when Clay Helton bragged in the spring about the lack of penalties? USC had at least 10 and half of those were false starts. Drevno!

Helton said Daniels and Sears looked good in the two-minute drill.

“I thought they both played very maturely,” Helton said.

Max Williams, Solomon Tuliaupupu, Brandon Pili, Kyle Ford, John Jackson, and Jake Lichtenstein were out.

  • Meanwhile, USC has hired Texas Tech men’s tennis coach Bret Masi to replace Peter Smith. Masi was 75-44 during his first four seasons at Texas Tech. He was assistant at USC from 2005-09. So the national search to replace Smith ran through Lubbock, Texas.

58 thoughts on “USC’s First Scrimmage Is Revealing

  1. Oh no, Not another rude C- to D, bozo FB scammage.

    Yo, the bozos have to hope Fresno State doesn’t watch the film of the 1st fall, Felony U FB scammage. What a FB bust!!!


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    1. Owns —Sounds like it was mainly Drevno’s 0-line that didn’t know which way was up. Hope Helton understands what another screwed up o-Line will mean …..

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    2. owns, do you realize that ucla is an underdog to Cincinnati? Despite the fact that Chocolate Chip earns about 3 times as much as the Cincy coach…




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      1. Yes ’67, I am aware Cincinnati is favored – Soooo what?

        As I recall ’67, last year Felony U was a prohibitive fav to pound UCLA FB at the RB.

        Don’t be a pussy ’67, man up loudly and remind everyone just how badly the 2018 bozo’s hammered the 2 – 8 UCLA FB team?

        One last thing ’67, UCLA will beat Oklahoma: 24 – 17.

        Count on it.


      2. owns: “One last thing ’67, UCLA will beat Oklahoma: 24 – 17. Count on it.”

        Sure they will, owns. Time to take off the tin foil hat, amigo.

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      3. 67 –The best thing I can say about Owns is that he’ll have the guts to show up here September 14th and take the heat when UCLA loses by 2 touchdowns…..

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      4. The dotard ruin express in full force on an SC blog. My, How entertaining. Mules last words….


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      1. Pudly’s alias on Wolf’s previous blog was, wait for it…”Gabby”

        The idiot outted himself by replying to himself, but he forgot to change screen names.


        He disappeared from Wolf’s blog for 2 weeks hoping people would forget.


    3. “USC’s First Scammage Is Revealing”

      Owns got it right referring to Errand Boys practice as “scammage”…not scrimmage.

      FIFY Mr. Wolf


  2. 10 penalties — [SIX of which were false starts—according to Keely Eure].
    I SO much hope that talk of renewed focus and discipline is not so much bulls**t. The scrimmage follows a slew of videos with the players strutting around the field taking tough to the cameras (“bring it on”, “can’t wait for the 31st, ya hear?!”). That is JUST the kind of talk we heard from Helton’s players before the Alabama game —where they came outta the tunnel filled with attitude….

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      1. MG, Carr had such a great frosh year, hope he can put it together again. The backfield is stacked. One thing about the air raid is that there tends to be a lot of offensive plays, so hopefully plenty of touches for all the RBs.

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      2. Agreed, 67. (But) I think Stepp’s a more mature person than Carr even though he’s younger. He runs with more attitude & seems harder to bring down.

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      3. MG, Stepp is a freight train at 6′, 235, and he has run the 40 in 4.5. Plus he has a great work ethic. His dad was buddies with Deland McCullough, which is how he came to SC after spurning the domers. Could be one of the big surprises for 2019.

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      4. Didn’t know about the Deland McCullough connection 67. Deland’s magic rubbed off on everybody he came into contact with —a special kind of coach.

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      5. Owns —According to those that watched, the only outstanding block all day came from a running back (Stepp). [When asked about the 0-line by Keely Eure, Dan Weber deferred by saying he had to “resort to coach-speak and say ‘time to review the tape'”]…..

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      1. TMW769 —-Stepp can really help this team (especially at the goal line) …….If (1) he can stay healthy and (2) if Helton gives him more than 1 touch a game……

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  3. If Markese Stepp is serious about playing in the NFL he should transfer to Washington or Stanford.

    A RB with Stepp’s amount of talent would be so much better off playing for a real head coach. A real head coach that knows the importance of developing a quality offensive line.

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  4. Just because USC changed offensive line coaches doesn’t mean they changed talent. Bozo Helton has ignored the big boys upfront since the day he became the head coach. So if that stupid ass thinks all it takes is a wave of a wand to be dominant in the trenches, then he really is as Dumb as he looks without his hat on 😂😂😂 And please believe me, that’s DUMB 😂

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  5. Helton knows what he has at OL. Drevno knows what he has also. Fans think it is a new year and the crap play from last year is gone. Look at all the mistakes in the 1st scrimmage. Now tell me discipline has changed. Helton is still loving on his boys instead of correcting them and leading them. Drevno only has a couple of weeks to figure it out, and I doubt he will be able to do it and be totally exposed and another OL failure. If the OL is half as bad as last season we are in trouble, and that makes Daniels a bad choice for QB with his feet of stone.

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    1. Well stated, steveg. The things that scare me most at this point are (1) after all the crap that’s been written about the O-line, a good position coach (which Drevno is no longer) would have challenged his guys to, at least, not jump the snap, (2) a good head coach (like Saban, not Helton) would have challenged the O-line in his post practice comments to start carrying it’s weight (instead of reverting to his old slap happy self) —-and (3) I’m afraid that Harrell is going to lose enthusiasm as he begins to realize that Helton won’t stay the hell out of “coaching” the team and that he’s (Helton) in the wrong profession but doesn’t have the brains to know it.

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    1. If you mean by that that we’re gonna lose 100 yards of offense each game as a result of false starts and that the O-line is so bad we ONCE AGAIN have NO running game, I agree with you. Amazing how this can be true year after year—and Helton smiles impotently.

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  6. The USC offensive line has been an afterthought since 2010.

    Neither Kiffin, Sarkisian and Helton know enough about football to realize that the success of any offense starts with the offensive line.

    Those three aforementioned morons adhere to the idiotic philosophy that if you get the ball out fast enough with quick passes you don’t need pass protection.

    Those three geniuses don’t get that when you neglect to recruit quality offensive linemen you are abandoning all hope of establishing a running game as well.

    And for Clay Helton to have hired that fucking clueless dumb ass idiot Neil Callaway and to stick with him for as many years as he did before being forced to fire him…is more than reason enough to fire Clay Helton for being so damn stupid!

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  7. If not for Ronald Jones being able to break tackles and make something out of nothing, who knows where USC would have finished in the standings a few years ago.

    Ronald Jones was equally as important to the Trojans success the year they went to and won the Rose Bowl as Sam Darnold was.

    A case could be made for Adoree Jackson too.

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      1. You’re still lying and can’t back it up….what’s a matter trollboy?? Can’t find the stats you quote? Hahahahaha, dumbass trollboy only spews lies.


      2. Helton said that if J.T. can cut down on throwing interceptions he’ll throw him a pizza party.


        7 J.T. Daniels interceptions in 3 days of practice…2 went for pick 6’s.

        Damn…that’s bad!


      1. Cal75 hippie enjoys Pudly reach around crotch rubs and he loves giving them in return…the two vacation together in San Francisco, not surprising.




      2. All the ruin horse flies have punched in today.




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