Bring Your Credit Card To Coliseum

Concessions at the new Coliseum Tower will be open from 2:30 p.m.-6 p.m. at Saturday’s scrimmage. But . . . here is a key: CREDIT CARDS ONLY.

  • I hear Jack Del Rio‘s son, Luke, is an assistant coach at Santa Margarita High School. That will give Del Rio an excuse to be close to USC and try to find a way into a potential head-coaching search.
  • I finally heard of a 1969 USC player who might go to Saturday’s scrimmage. Defensive back Sandy Durko is expected to attend. However, who will he have to hang out with?

12 thoughts on “Bring Your Credit Card To Coliseum

  1. Another good post from a USC Football social media site where the question was asked about making a prediction for the upcoming season W/L record…

    “12-2, but only if Clay goes & sits in the corner somewhere during games, & takes Clancy with him.”

    The only thing the poster forgot to mention was that Clay and Clancy need to leave their headsets on the sideline.



  2. 5 and 7 and let’s leave the discussion at that. Helton is a clown; Swann is a KLOWN, and who is stupid enough to buy a hotdog with a credit card ?


  3. Memo to: MG

    Is Harrell still with the team? I’ve not heard a peep from the bozo OC, though I can’t say I’ve searched hi and low for Harrell pontificates on SUCCX fall practice!


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    1. Owns —He did ONE interview after the 6th practice. He contradicted Helton on the subject of the qb’s competing through fall (saying it’s time to wrap it up and pick a starter very soon)……

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      1. I have a copy of the schedule, it was handed out before camp started. He’ll be speaking again today according to the previous schedule.


  4. If Del Rio is hired as USC HC and brings along his son Luke, is that analogous to hiring Carroll and him bringing on his son Brennan?




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