USC Picture Of The Day

Sports Illustrated is running its 150 best college football pictures and around 15 of them are from USC.

Above is a picture from the USC-Cal game in 1976 that features Ricky Bell (42) and Anthony Munoz (77). Bernard Tarver is No. 31 and Chris Foote is No. 62.

9 thoughts on “USC Picture Of The Day

  1. Brad Budde in jersey 74?

    Would have been even better if they had managed to include Van Horne in the photo. I believe he was the tallest of all the OLs that year.

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    1. Just a passing aside, the 76 game at CAL was billed as 2 Heisman candidates on ABC Game of the Week. On youtube if you got an hour & 1/2 to watch the way things were.

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    1. Not only the best OL in college football…best RBs, best coaching, best DBs, etc. Look how the full the Coliseum is! I doubt we’ll see that this season. I won’t see it.

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  2. Cmon Scottie,
    Read tweets and post your tweet recap. By all accounts, JT had his worst day of practice today. Where is your list?


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