USC Wide Receivers Dominate Practice

USC actually practiced in full pads today like normal teams do.

And generally speaking, it was a good day for the QBs.

Freshman Kedon Slovis, who has been inconsistent recently, had a deep TD pass to Amon-Ra St. Brown and a sideline bomb to Velus Jones.

Cornerback Isaac Taylor-Stuart intercepted a JT Daniels pass that was tipped by tight end Erik Krommenhoek.

The catch of the day was by freshman Drake London, who caught a twisting one-handed TD off a Jack Sears pass.

Former USC wide receiver and radio broadcaster John Jackson, who suffered a stroke late last year, attended his first practice.
Because USC practiced in full pads, cornerback Dominic Davis, defensive end Hunter Echols, linebacker Juliano Falaniko and wide receiver Devon Williams suffered apparent minor injuries. Echols left practice with a foot/ankle problem.

18 thoughts on “USC Wide Receivers Dominate Practice

  1. SW, you never played football so you know what it feels like for another, rather large human being, crash into you at 20 to 30 combined mph. These guys are tougher than 10 of you put together could ever dream of being.

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    1. According to sources, OJ Simpson is furious that the Salute to Troy has been canceled. He is extremely angry that southern cal won’t celebrate the 25th anniversary of his slow speed Bronco chase!! He was heard muttering to himself “how many more heads do I have to cut off to get some respect?”

      OJ was at the Planet Hollywood Hotel Mall buying some leather gloves and Bruno Magli shoes. Helton and Swann better get their head on a swivel or risk getting his dome cut off!



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  2. I.N.T. Daniels

    If he only threw one today that would make 8 INT’s in 4 days of practice.

    Looks as though J.T. Daniels hit his ceiling last year vs Oregon St. and it’s been an uphill losing battle for him since then.


    1. Okay, tebow —ya want something to really worry about? Your one (very) valid complaint has been that Callaway’s mid 2018 interview proved he was in the advanced stages of burn out and should never have been entrusted with the o-line. Well, go watch Dan Weber’s “Instant Analysis” of today’s practice. He as much as says that today Drevno gave the exact same type of pissed off, evasive interview as Callaway gave last year. Keely Eure agrees with Dan. There’s trouble brewing (again).
      And —while you’re at it —listen carefully to Harrell’s interview today. He basically says he’s not overly impressed with ANY of the quarterbacks —but, luckily, none of them have to be great because our receivers are such superstars.

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      1. MG, the problem is no matter how many outstanding receivers SUCCX has on the field at any one time, there’s just 1 ball, and it’s in the hands of the Alligator.

        A bozo receiver has a better chance of picking the right card in 3 card Monty game, than the Alligator finding the correct receiver.


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      2. My dear Owns —If J. T. plays in this Saturday’s scrimmage the way he played in yesterday’s practice, we won’t be talking about J. T. anymore…..


  3. Surprised Flow didn’t rip into Daniels tonight. Sounds like it was his worst practice yet from the media that were actually allowed to attend. What a wasted opportunity to burn a 20 year old kid…

    And then there’s the “Because USC practiced in full pads” line. Classic Flow. I guess that was the make-up for not ripping Daniels. At least he’s consistent…

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  4. What is Scott’s worst nightmare? J. T. is named starter and leads USC to perfect Pac 12 regular season record……

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  5. helltongue is still in charge, nothing these asst coaches can do…you can’t coach them up to play real football …IN SHORTS…


    1. Fresno State’s loss is our gain —but they still have their top guy: Ronnie Rivers…..


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