Discuss The USC-Fresno State Game

I cannot believe Clay Helton. Does he want to lose games on purpose?

The over-the-hill pundits who proclaimed all offseason the offense was bulletproof, defense better and strength-and-conditioning dramatically better should be ashamed. But they are too thick to realize it.

Below is the signature play of the game.


38 thoughts on “Discuss The USC-Fresno State Game

    1. 67 —For my part, I will never read another word Dan Weber writes —all that crap about ‘the best defense in years’ — he needs to get his eyes off Keely and start watching practice. This defense totally sucks —they’re slow to react, unable to tackle and way out of position on the long ball (which is gonna kill us against better teams)….

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      1. James — I’m not bullsh*ting when I say you’d be a HUGE step up …


      2. MG
        Swann would be shown the exit with Clay and Clancy at the same time I signed (simultaneous with a messenger being dispatched to Urban with a blank check for him and and a book for him to make out to whomever he wanted to bring on with him)…
        Anyone defending this regime now is a tool…
        But not a Tool…
        “I know the pieces fit…”
        Speaking of which, interesting that they entitled a song on their decade-overdue new release with the name “Chocolate Chip” in it…but not one for “Hell-town the Hell-clown”…

        BTW-after last night, will Cal-Davis now be removed from future schedules?

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    1. Hey Brian,

      Clown Helton probably practiced KO returns with those two kids during the entire camp and didn’t realize they wore the same number. That penalty was priceless.


  1. First — Tip of the hat to James for coming so close to calling the final score!
    Second —Tip of the hat to Scott for not falling for Helton’s “I’m so mad —I can’t wait to play rough, tough football —opening game can’t get here fast enough!” routine….
    Third —If they’re not gonna fire him, somebody has to tell our fricking idiot of a coach to close his fricking mouth on the sidelines. Who would want to play for a guy that is standing on the sidelines with his mouth hanging open for 60 minutes?

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      1. No ‘maybe’s’ about it, gt —the guy couldn’t be more “special needs”…..


  2. Helton is an idiot but USC will get Urban Meyer and UCLA will still have Chip. Cheer up, you could be a UCLA fan like me and be stuck in a never ending death spiral

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    1. Cary —I wish you were right. But what makes you think our dolt of a president will push Swann into action? Any chief executive with half a brain would have refused Helton’s invitation to do a photo op with him last week. How on earth could she let herself get roped into yucking it up for the cameras with that idiot? A “Doctor Death” president would have declined and said “you’ve got lots to prove before I’m seen anywhere near you —and if you don’t prove yourself, we’ll never meet.”

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      1. Unless President Folt, being a good little SJW, wants to de-emphasize sexist patriarchal football and replace it with more womyns sports- think how many teams she could field with those 85 scholies!

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  3. It makes no difference who plays quarterback for USC, that’s a sandlot football offense. The only reason why they put those points on the board is, because it was Fresno State

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    1. You were watching the game ….and you can only find bad words for the OFFENSE? We sucked on both sides of the ball. As a matter of fact, the offense might have sucked a little less than the defense.

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      1. Anyone watching practice that couldn’t figure out we had serious problems on defense should not be writing about college football. Period.


    2. C’mon lets be realistic! Irregardless if its a sandlot offense as you call it, it most definitely matters who you have as quarterback. The blame is all over the field. If you noticed, it seemed that Daniels has so many people in his head with all of his consultants that he doesn’t know which way to turn when things get tough. He completely lost his poise after throwing that interception in the redzone, and began to eyeball Tyler Vaughns on almost every play taking all the other receivers out of the game. If anyone thinks that Fresno State has the DB talent to limit USC’s receiver talent in that fashion their insane.

      The interception wasn’t necessarily all Daniels fault as Harrell gets to the goal line by power runs, and decides to throw the ball when you have a 230lb monster running back in Stepp sitting on the bench (who by the way didn’t touch the ball). smh

      Lastly, I haven’t heard many people talk about the ridiculous statement by Harrell saying that Slovis is the “Best I’ve ever seen.” But when you lose your starting quarterback due to foolish play calling (Helen Keller could have seen that Fresno was bringing the house) you put the proclaimed quarterback savant in the game and after he throws a pick you shut him down for the rest of the game!?

      Whats worse is that Helton is actually putting his job into the hands of this freshman who has proven to be inept in both offseason scrimmages and now a real game instead of putting your quarterback that has experience and speed in the game as the logical replacement.

      One thing that we all seem to agree on is that this entire coaching staff needs to be fired. This game should have been an easy 50pt blowout even with the “Sandlot offense” and “Sucky” defense as someone mentioned.

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  4. As usual, penalties killed most of the good plays. I just can’t do this anymore. I saw Swann tonight walking around in the suites. Wanted to yell at him. Our program is in total disarray.

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  5. i have no faith this defense will stop a potent offense. and, i hope i’m wrong when i say this, but, i don’t see this glorified seven-on-seven offense scoring four or more touchdowns against a formidable opponent. you know, a team that would be playing for a championship? and if this team can’t compete outside the pathetic 12 for championships, then what’s the point? why did people waste the entire offseason trying to sell me on this?!?!?!

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      1. Owns
        The one thing you and I have been consistently in accord about for many months (I’ve been saying 5-7 you 4-8)…they’re lucky they got one in the “W” column last night…

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  6. So glad I didn’t renew my tickets, I’ve had enough of all the🤡 hired since @PeteCarroll left. @pac12 football start times also suck. No one wants to go anymore.

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    1. Why? Don’t you want to drive in 2 hour traffic and try to find a parking spot? We bought a 72 inch tv years ago. For the past 2 years we get to see Clado’s frozen gasp face up close.

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  7. They said 57 thousand……judging from my seat……45 thousand and a good 10 of those were bulldogs. This after the free tickets given away and the sale prices. Down goes the titanic.

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    1. Because undoubtedly it was “execution” (and to use John McKay’s famous take on that expression, unfortunately not his – Helton’s – yet)…

      Those of us who remember…this is the worst of Tollner, Smith, and Hackett…but worse…

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  8. When is SCs first game? Have they picked a starting QB yet? Probably the same what’s-his-face from last year. I hear the defense front seven is the best in the West… with Kingsbury at the controls of the offense, Bax and Clance cooking up some devilish new schemes on D and ST, coach Helton will just stand there and smile…big big year for the Trojanz … I predict SC beats the tar out of Tedford’s team…. SC 62-FSU 0….

    Can’t wait for the first game….


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