USC Rumor Of The Day

If you listened to this morning’s podcast, I talked about how I heard Mater Dei QB Bryce Young could be close to decommiting from USC and going to Alabama.

From what I hear, this is not news to any insiders at Mater Dei and it is unrelated to JT Daniels‘ knee injury.

The fact Young might decommit would be devastating simply because he has consistently remained strong in his commitment to USC.

But who would blame Young at this point given the disorganization under Clay Helton?

Since it is recruiting, things can change at any time. But I know at Mater Dei, there is a lot of talk about Young switching his commitment.

21 thoughts on “USC Rumor Of The Day

    1. According to sources, only reason Bryce Young is another bag of money promised by Clay Helton. He also doesn’t want to give up on southern Cal issued blonde girlfriend whom he like to sodomize…

      #takethemoneyandrun #they haveblondesinalabamatoo


    2. Just winbaby! Shut your piehole! We are so fortunate (that means lucky) that the great Scott Wolf hasn’t decommited from covering USC!

      Bow down before the great Wolfman!


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  1. SCooter,

    An to think before I even read this blog, you were going to mention that Helton was being hard pressed to improve or get fired. I could only hope and wish.


  2. No one that has any talent is going to go to either LA school. If SC canned Gomer and named Meyer to replace him, even Del Rio or Kris Richard, SC would get kids that have committed elsewhere. As long as Gomer is there, and it looks like he’s there for the long haul if you believe what Swann told the NYT, USC football is DEAD.

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    1. Just Rent,

      Once again I will explain it to you because your Thug U aka ruinville education is useless, Clown U is, U Clown Lose Again. That will be on your final.

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    1. What a great comment. It perfectly sums up our current situation: nothing that happens is a surprise. Helton says our qb doesn’t KNOW HOW to get under center. Swann says that our top 5 recruiting classes leave us at a disadvantage. Our President says that Helton is right man for the job cuz he’s not a bigamist or drug addict. Week in and week out crazy talk. We’re all numb to it now. And nothing surprises. If USC announced Helton was taking a month off during the season to undergo a sex change operation no one would blink.

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      1. You’re right. Today, nobody would blink. Welcome to LaLa land….AKA, the funny farm where the politicians should be given a lovely government paid for apartment with rubber walls, floor and ceiling and pretty white straightjacket pajama’s and where life is beautiful all the time.


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