Money Talks At USC (Of Course)

The Wall Street Journal has a story on how blunt USC officials were discussing potential donations from the families of applicants.

It’s a stark reminder that money is all that matters at USC.

The story is behind a paywall but here’s a few of the emails that were discovered.

  • “given 2 million already,”
  • “1 mil pledge,”
  • “Previously donated $25k to Heritage Hall”
  • “father is surgeon.”

12 thoughts on “Money Talks At USC (Of Course)

      1. It doesn’t matter if it is s private or state school. You don’t get endowments in the hundreds of millions or billions by not asking for money.

        But because it is Scott and it us USC, it is terrible.

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    1. Just Rent,

      I know you have never attended a class at Thug U aka ruinville or ugly. Unfortuntaly for me I have taken two classes from there. I took Asset Management and Property Management there. Put it this way, all you had to do was breathe and you pass the class. It is not hard. My high school was tougher acedemically than ugly.


  1. If USC was smart, they would have added some words right after the numbers to cover their behinds. Such as:

    – for new library to be built.
    – for new lounge for professors to use.
    – for new computers/microscopes/telescopes
    – for new dorm with up to date amenities

    Doesn’t matter if the money never gets used for that stuff. USC has to make it look like legitimate donations to help make the school better. Instead of an outright bribe to get ditzy daughter or lazy son accepted.



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