USC Adds Yet Another 3-Star Linemen

USC received a commitment from Caadyn Stephen, a 6-foot-6, 280-pound offensive tackle from Camas, Wash.

Should it be a red flag that he lives 30 minutes from Portland and Oregon did not offer him? Or 3 hours from Seattle and Washington did not offer him?

It actually appears Stephen was a zero-star per 247Sports before he committed (below). He is now three stars.

15 thoughts on “USC Adds Yet Another 3-Star Linemen

    1. Here is the sad truth… KJ Costello is going to play for Stanford. The Cardinal will win the war in the trenches and Costello will carve up the SC secondary just enough to win by two scores. Gomer will most likely handcuff Slovis until they get behind and then he’ll throw a couple of bad picks. The following week the Trojans will walk into a hornets nest and get blown out by BYU. Next, Utah punishes SC at home. Moving on, Washington has a big party on SC’s dime and finally Notre Dame fires the head shot. Hopefully, that half a sissy, Lynn Swann, will act accordingly at that time.

      p.s. – Be prepared for an onslaught Pudly postings regarding 2.5 star linemen signings throughout that timeline.


      1. PJM –Costello’s starting for Stanford? Really? What do you know that Las Vegas doesn’t know? Has Costello been throwing at practice?


      2. Very believable scenario that first part of your post (up to the Slovis picks). From there it really snowballs and is more doomsday than anything else. My best scenario is for USC to run the table in truly heart-wrenching fashion, and then for Swann to sack Helton and for Folt to can Swann.


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  1. This might be a trend. They are trying to prove it’s not about stars, it’s about production. Some kids kick ass in their league and get 5 stars, but they are really just big fish in a little pond. We need kids who grow to the pond they’re in.
    BTW the current line on Helton is; Gone in 6 with a 2-4 record.

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  2. When it comes to the team’s performance, what is the difference between and 2016 and now?

    Sam Darnold certainly had a huge effect, but I don’t think the 2016 performance was 100% Sam.

    One reason not totally Sam is that much of what we are seeing now, we saw during Sam’s second year.

    Another reason not totally Sam is that the ’16 defense and special teamswere so much better than today.

    At the end of the ’16 season, I recall Todd Blackledge saying that the best bowl game that year would be “SC versus anybody else”, and Herbstreit saying that SC was playing as well as anyone. I remember two Vegas bookies on Mason and Ireland saying at the end of the regular season that on a neutral field, only ‘Bama would be favored over SC, and by 3 at the most.

    So what happened? Probably not talent, average recruiting rank of the last 4 classes is 5th. Has Helton just regressed enormously as an HC? I don’t believe that Helton was ever the right choice, but it is night and day difference between the ’16 season performance after Utah, and now.

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    1. If I remember correctly, there was a players only meeting, after game three or maybe four, where they decided they were going to play together. They also refused to quit after Penn State went on that scoring run.

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      1. Yep! You’re right, USCDude. The players saw what was happening against Penn State and the players themselves took responsibility on the fly. Check the video of the Rose Bowl: It’s JuJu on the sidelines emotionally telling everybody not to quit!

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      1. 67 –I don’t know…. and that’s what scares me. Every player I’ve heard interviewed is smart and savvy —but I can’t pick out one player who seems like he is ready, willing and able to do what JuJu did on the sidelines at the Rose Bowl.

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      2. 67 — Ha! The Bluto speech! [I think the players have heard that one many times at halftime from Helton]….
        [I’d kinda like somebody to give the Errol Flynn call to arms from “Charge of the Light Brigade”]……

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  3. Hey, Scott…’re a 10….but, I’ll give you five ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️……✌️……’re doing good just being here….I came back because I saw some despair, so I wanted to reassure you, you’re in the Lord’s army….perfect? No…we’re all a mixed bag…..but, you provide a space for all kinds, at all hours….that’s what I call fighting on…..


  4. While Washington, Oregon, and Stanford are emphasizing huge lineman in recruiting like 6ft 6 or taller and 300 to 330 lbs. we are doing this.


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