USC Notes: How Many Recruits Will Stick?

I really wonder if USC hires a real coach, which is far from guaranteed with Lynn Swann in charge, how many of these committed recruits would be allowed to sign with the Trojans?

I could totally see someone like Urban Meyer coming in and telling some of these recruits to find another school.

  • This is band director Art Bartner‘s 50th and final season at USC. And that means Saturday could be the final performance of the dreaded “Countermarch” which is a parody of the Stanford band.

I’ve written many times how tiring the Countermarch is because it dates back to at least 1981 but probably started in the 1970’s. And it gets performed every USC-Stanford game at the Coliseum. Will USC’s next band director be forced to do it in 2021? Hopefully not.

Below is the countermarch for the uniniated.

27 thoughts on “USC Notes: How Many Recruits Will Stick?

      1. Thanks for posting – 5 of the Pac-8 are represented here. I wonder how the rankings would change over the last 20 years?

        I think that what leads to so much frustration here is that back in the day, this conference was as good or better than any other. This is what we remember, and we all want to find a way to reverse more recent trends.

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  1. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Stanford’s band is atrocious and an absolute joke compared to all other university bands. Don’t let those nerds on the field.

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  2. I sat a right behind Art Bartner’s band at the scrimmage…taking video like a child lol…thank you so much, Art! Wow! Impeccable!


    1. My freshman year, 82-83, I used to hear this loud voice while at practice…we had a lot of jovial guys, but this voice was megaphone loud! It was Art Bartner conducting band practice a few unseen, but heard, fields away….lol…Art attack!


  3. Hey Scottie, ever heard of something called “tradition” — something our school seems to not care about much any more and wtih Art retiring, it may end most traditions all together.

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  4. I’ve seen and performed the countermarch routine and know it is fun on many levels. But let’s face it if the crowd isn’t peeing or buying nachos, they’re on their phone to someone who’s watching the game. The band has played in almost every venue you can imagine. They are truly Hollywood’s marching band and Disneyland cannot exist without band members. So maybe Art’s ways aren’t so bad after all who else can say they had the same job 50 years successfully? Art has met more “A” list songsters in his time than most people can say they have seen in concert. I’ll enjoy one last countermarch.

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  5. Speaking of Dr. Bartner, who would you like to see replace him? Would you want Tony Fox or the guy from Notre Dame who played in the USC band,


    1. Tony Fox retired in 2016 I think. I only hope they don’t hire someone who isn’t down with the traditions of the band. (Or go back to the funky 70s uniform)


  6. So the countermarch has some history. It comes from a band rebellion in the early 1970s. The Stanford mascot was adopted in 1930. And from that year until 1972 the band and mascot were the Indians. In 1972 Native Americans objected to the use of the term Indians so the school mascot became the cardinal (the color not the bird) . Up until that time the band was pretty much an elite style marching band. They had just ordered new uniforms. At around the same time the band director was replaced which caused the band students to go on strike. When the dust settled the students were running the show. They went from disciplined to scatter formation in a matter of weeks.
    So the show Dr. Bartner put together pokes fun at the way things transpired and because the Stanford band has been banned in a number of places, a number of times, USC brings back this show.


  7. Jim is correct, Meyer will never coach at USC !!!

    Meyer, like Carroll or Saban would demand COMPLETE CONTROL of his program, our BOT will never relinquish that level of control again, they witnessed Carroll’s influence, it either intimidated them or pissed them off. It will never happen again….Only Yes Men need apply !
    Max planted the seed, Caruso carry’s on the Baton.


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