USC’s Mega-Donor In Spotlight

Did you see the L.A. Times story on USC mega-donor Wayne Hughes, who the paper reports has donated around $400 million to the university.

Many believe Hughes is responsible for Lynn Swann becoming USC athletic director. Some speculate he may even pay some or all of Swann’s salary.

Former USC players remember Hughes, Swann, O.J. Simpson and Sam Cunningham being partners in a health club in Pasadena during the 1970’s.

“Lynn was always jealous of O.J.’s relationship with Wayne,” said a former USC player who did not wish to be identified. “He had to take a backseat with Wayne and he didn’t like it.”

Cowlings became close to Hughes through Simpson and lives at his residence in Malibu.

Cowlings name is on a dorm because of Hughes’ $15 million donation. Few know that Hughes also endowed the head track job at USC because he does not want credit for anything.

And the $5-10 million to for Jim Sterkel Court at the Galen Center.

The end of the day question is whether Hughes can save Swann’s job if USC wants to fire him. Hughes is not a heavy-handed guy so it is debateable if he wants to exert that power.

15 thoughts on “USC’s Mega-Donor In Spotlight

      1. Barmy Don loudly announced today he is the only person on earth who can locate Queeg’s missing strawberries.

        The incredible, breaking story on Fox F**K News NOW!

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    1. Wayne Hughes, Steve Balmer, Rick Crusoe, Marc R. Benioff etc… are all “nickel and dimers” compared to me! USC will always stand as the beacon to the chinese foreign students and poor son of a bitches that pay chump change to get their kids into USC. I will pay off anyone and everyone! But you have to ask me nicely! I’m a fair guy, but this f***ing heat is making me absolutely crazy.


  1. If I were Hughes and was responsible for the appointment of Lynn Swann, arguably the worst AD in college athletics, I’d get the hell out of Dodge. Now that he’s been outed, he may soon have a contract put out on his life.


    1. I guess old Scott was expecting a slew of: outrage, high dungeon, angst, shame …. whatever re. this guy. I don’t know many anywhere that have ever ponied up a cool $400 million to any school…certainly not any ‘bel-air tech’ alums.

      As to naming that dorm after Al Cowlings…so what?

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      1. Rusoviet,

        I remember reading that the Mad Greek went to work on an ugly alumni and after a year of recruiting him, the alumni made up for his past sins and gave USC a $600 million check. Thug U aka runivlle aka bel air jc cried foul.

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    2. 😴😴😴😴😴😴😴….. Pudly 76, you dumb, jealous bastard. I actually think you’d love to be in Scott Wolf’s shoes 😂😂


      1. Say what?!?!!?

        Wait an f’ing minute, didn’t I say “don’t bother me until the ruins make themselves relevant in football again”? You idiot, the fact no one entered the portal today doesn’t make them relevant. Did you ruins finish tryouts for quarterback yet??



  2. I absolutely love it when the Los Angeles Times exposes the bull shit at USC . And I hope they continue to peel the covers off of Max Nikias


  3. ‘bel-air tech’ where the goal is to crack> 35 K per home game…..what a joke. A morbidly obese head coach….a qb that ‘allegedly’ played last year but you’d never know it watching that game a week ago last night…..what if ya’ lose to ‘dago state’ now what?


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