K.J. Costello Out For USC Game

Stanford quarterback K.J. Costello will not play against USC, according to Cardinal coach David Shaw.

This means USC QB Kedon Slovis will face Stanford QB Davis Mills. Both are making their first college starts.

50 thoughts on “K.J. Costello Out For USC Game

  1. This is good news obviously. I hope Costello’s back for Washington and Oregon —but I’m glad OUR corners don’t have to face him. To all the haters: USC will win this game.

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    1. The Cardinal might be the team that I dislike most in the Pac-12. Then again, if either of my two sons gets admitted, I will ….. still dislike them……maybe.


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      1. Art,

        The school I hate the most is the one that brought you Angela Davis, the stopping of traffic on the 405, Johnny Cheetin Wooden, the tax leech, the cheetin’ ways, and that would be Thug U aka kettleball u aka ruinville aka bel air jc, ugly.

        Stanford is very beautiful but they can be arrogant pri$ks.

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  2. Flow, why didn’t you kick Costello while he’s down like you do to most of these kids? This was your opportunity. Surely you can find something negative enough about him to make yet again another snarky comment. Maybe that he’s a huge pussy and “can’t take a hit?” Stay consistent, Flow.

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    1. 04 – didn’t you know? Scott doesn’t read the comments. What bullshit! I had a comment removed a couple of days ago that was critical of Wolf and his lack of reporting acumen and it was removed in 5 minutes. There appears to be no monitor on this site now so it had to e Wolf. What a putz.

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      1. Oh I know. And I know that you know that I know. Same happened to me a month or so ago. It was a couple comments in one day. Can always dish it, but can’t take it. Huge putz!

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      2. I don’t read the comments… I just delete all of them that are written by @sswipes like you. I don’t have to read it, I know it’s trash.


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    2. Oh, he’s being consistent. Costello would have to play for USC for you to get what you’re asking for. Seriously, has Wolf had one positive post about a season opening win for USC? Has there even been one positive sentence within a post? I don’t read them all, but I’ve read enough of them to be willing to bet that the answer is “hell no.” Isn’t that just a little bit strange?

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  3. …also, besides an injury never being good for anyone on any team (even though I loathe these geeks), this is good news for USC. This will even the playing field.

    Chaz! Come back!

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      1. When hoping the opposing QB doesn’t play is welcomed, it shows you how far USC football has fallen, in the pre Gomer days. we didn’t care if the other teams starter played

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      1. MG
        You’ve said it yourself before…actually, autopilot is very different. I’d take my chances on the plane landing itself rather than with Helton’s hands on the stick.
        BTW-I saw in the Bleacher Report feed a blurb from someone with a quote from Clay that is classic Helton, along the lines of something I mentioned to you earlier in the week. He says USC just needs to do what they did against Fresno State, only better. It’s a matter of executing better. Execution.
        Translated: It’s not me and my demonstrated criminal incompetence, it’s the players’ fault.
        Such a gutless buffoon.
        Hope the players rally.
        But as below to Owns – Tree 20 5th Century Western Empire 6

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      2. James — I don’t know how far back you go with Helton ( judging, however, from your astute remarks on games from a lot of years back, I’m guessing you go back to the beginning with this guy) —- but, in case you don’t know, he started out at USC as a well liked quarterback coach. He’s not the same guy today. He got a taste of power —-saw how the game is played at USC (i.e., you don’t have to please everybody, you just have to please the people who matter) and has built quite a little empire for himself. Now, it’s not about football —it’s about protecting his turf. Watch how he handles questions in post game or practice interviews —all smiles until there is the slightest hint of criticism inherent in a question — then he gets all feline. I have so much more respect for, say, USC’s press guy than I do for somebody like Helton. That grey haired press liaison is tough as nails and doesn’t pretend to be anything else. Helton is what we used to call in the 60’s a “flower nazi’ —all giggles until you cross him. Now here’s why I’m saying all this— you totally nailed it in your post. Helton will never accept responsibility for the program’s failures. That’s why he hasn’t grown as a coach. He will never be first magnitude because he’s gotten so used to smoothing his mistakes over with the insiders —who buy his crap. But all that aside, I think this weird mix of Helton’s turf-orama games, Harrell’s tenuous control of the offensive playcalling, a young, green quarterback with high potential and a surprisingly good O-line —- is going to do okay this season.

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      3. MG

        Yes like you I’ve followed the course of his involvement at USC from the beginning…

        Agree with a lot of what you say…but I add to that as others have that there is a fair degree of incompetence born of not being especially bright, not having good character, not having the right background therefore not the right attitude, and…I think at some level in his medulla (not his cerebrum), he knows it, and lives fearfully, moment-to-moment…

        As to this season – this game is a massive pivot point – you and I have been talking about it for several months now…the ship meanders on, or goes under the waves this week…

        And as we’ve discussed, it’s not just about Helton…a lot, a lot, a lot…of it is about Clancy (which is also on Helton)…

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      4. James — You’ve done it again. I hadn’t quite grasped what this weekend is really all about until you put it so starkly: it’s nothing less than do or die week for the Helton regime.


      5. MG
        I just saw King Wolf just put up his Friday Notes and suggested the same (as much as people hate the snarkiness and negativity, he’s so much more on this than the other sites)…

        It should be (whether it will be…I just ate my a la Hobbit second breakfast) one of those NASA Apollo mission control stay/no stay decision moments…

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      6. Yeah —for all the crap some people write about Wolf, when he’s being serious he sees things very clearly. Because he’s posting way more than anybody else, some of his stuff can be pretty light on particulars —but, when it comes to the big stuff, he’s amazingly astute. [The thing I get the biggest kick out of is when his critics (i. e., defenders of Helton) actually say “Oh, you were even critical when we had a GOOD coach!” …..

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      7. MG
        You’ve just won post of the day…maybe only I see it, but what you just wrote…that’s an exacting, logical legal mind at work…exactly right – once the equation is reduced, what is left to be extrapolated is just that…
        And I agree 100% – Wolf gets this, and he knows how to mix in those different pitches to keep click traffic at sufficient levels…

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      8. James — I’d really like to see somebody do this blog thing as well as Scott for as long as Scott….

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  4. Do Stanford says their quarterback is out for the game. Why do we believe this? The only way I’d believe this is if Costello stays home the day of the game.
    There is no reason to expect Stanford to be truthful. They are in it to win it.

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  5. From what i understand, if you’re 8′ tall, Slovis will get you the ball.

    Stanford always plays smarter then Clown U because their team is full of 4.0 students; no Bell Curve necessary.

    I bet Shaw is more comfortable with his rookie QB than Harrell is with Slovis.

    Stanford pukes Clown U by at least 10pts.


    1. Your qb sucks as bad as your little blurbs…did you watch the whole game?? The fact you come here to comment on our qb proves what a knucklehead you really are.

      Ruin wannabe.

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      1. Yeah, DTR went 8 – 26; nothing gets by Dear Pisley.

        Except that DTR didn’t need to be carried off the field.

        The O/U number of days Dear Pisley disappears from the blog sulking after the bozos lose to Stanford: 5.5 days


      2. We’ll see young putz, we shall see. But one thing for sure, you seem to forget all those promises you made about chocolate chip showing the pac12 “what for” as soon as chippie got “his guys”….you remember saying that??


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      3. owns, re: your O/U, wager, this will probably be about as accurate as your prediction that ucla beats OK, 24-17.

        If OK plays against ucla like they did last week, they will score 17 in the first quarter.



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    2. My guess is that your first sentence has at least something to do with the arc of his ball. Obviously, I don’t appreciate the tone of the comment, but he does put a lot of air under the ball.


  6. This game makes me nervous, which is the way I like it. Never have liked wipeouts; football is best when there is drama, a close game, and every play counts.

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