Clay Helton’s Pride Puts USC At Risk

It would be a great story tomorrow if Kedon Slovis leads USC to victory over Stanford.

But why did Clay Helton put USC in this position?

He had a QB who started a game last season (Jack Sears) and made it clear he wanted no part of him by naming Sears the No. 4 quarterback.

“There is no way Sears was No. 4,” an NFL scout who attends USC practices told me Thursday. “I’m not at all saying he should start but he was a lot closer to No. 1 than No. 4.”

This is where the few Helton fanatics left do not get it. Helton is playing politics and would rather go down with a true freshman if he has to than face the fact someone else might flourish.

If Sears actually had a good game against Stanford, a lot of people like me would say, “why haven’t you started him before?”

Helton doesn’t want to hear this. So he buried Sears.

66 thoughts on “Clay Helton’s Pride Puts USC At Risk

    1. I wish this was true, but I don’t expect Swan to get fired and if Swan is in charge, another year of bad coaching, poor recruiting, and disappointing outcomes will be on the horizon….really, if SC can’t fire the coach for a 5-7 season, then if he gets the magic 6-6…the PowersThatBe will be ecstatic. Of course when crowds get to the magic 35,000 at the Coliseum, maybe something will happen…

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      1. They will just give more free tickets away at Vons and Ralphs to make the stadium look filled…. just like the ruins do with their free 3rd World section in the end zones.

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    1. I believe he ran for 1,400 yards, or so, taking his and Sam’s school to a hard earned California State title…Helton tossed him aside like he’s nothing…

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    2. In the scrimmage, Jack Sears was the only quarterback to lead the Trojans to a touchdown in what was basically the 2 minute drill… was a beautiful toss right over the middle, just over the safeties outstretched arms, dropping nicely into St. Brown’s hands….touchdown! Looked something like the one Sam tossed to Deontay……JT DANIELS only made it to the 40 yard line before heaving a prayer with :06 seconds left……each qb was given 1:30 and one timeout….Jack prevailed…the only qb to do it that day….

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    3. The fact is, JT DANIELS was already beginning to fade against Fresno State…he did the same at the scrimmage….anyone who says otherwise, well, never believe anything they ever tell you again….

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    4. I gotta say, the first thing that came to my mind was: Lynn Swann needs to step in at this time, tell Helton what to do…if he balks, fire him for insubordination, call Jack, and offer him the starts…that was the beginning of the week…morning after the game…4th string is a complete and blatant lie….

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  1. JT is better, which he is. Slovis has much more potential, which he does. They have a 5 star QB coming in, which they do. They have another QB that is an upper class an that is just like Sears, which they do.

    Finally, did you ever think that Sears told the staff he starts or transfers? Clay put him #4 so that he can make the road for Sears to transfer easier for all.

    But thinking isn’t Scott’s strong suit.

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    1. Daniels is the coaches pet, which is true
      Sears is better than Slovis, which is true
      The 5 star QB is wavering, which is true
      Fink is upper class and awful, which is true
      Gomer buried Sears, which is true
      Or is a brain dead Gomer ball sack hanger, which is true

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    2. Thinking clearly is not yours. This is 2019 who cares what happens next year right now. Wolfman is right. Even if Sears told him that, you do what’s best for the team. Not yourself because of your love of favorite players. Helton pride is ruining the team and has no one at QB to bail him out like Darnold. Theres alot of fans out there thinking the same thing.

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      1. Helton has never been able to admit he made a bad decision. I keep trying to remember when he made a good one. At least we got out of the gumbo, and now have an offense that has a philosophy. Where it goes nobody knows for sure. Swann needs to go before Helton, no doubt.

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    1. I didn’t delete this stupid post… don’t say I’ve never done anything for you! If you don’t like it, don’t let the door hit you on the ass on the way out!

      “I’m a patient guy but this fucking heat is making me crazy”


  2. Flow…”Helton fanatics?” Really?! You’ve got to be fucking kidding! Listen, I want nothing more than for this TEAM to succeed. It makes my weekends much more pleasant. But “fanatics?” I think I speak for the majority of us still on here, here, on your shitty blog, that none of us are “Helton fanatics.” Good guy? Sure. Did he clean up a couple messes from the last 2 morons who were head coaches? Yes. Is he THE guy? No. Stop reaching. Beat the Trees.

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  3. Guys, I think we’re getting too hung up on the QB thing. Honestly, I wasn’t familiar with this offense until I saw it last weekend. However, in its essence, do you know what this offense asks the QB to do? Give the ball to someone else as soon as possible. That’s it. USC has too many real playmakers for me to base my offense on getting a QB who runs a 4.7 or something out on the edge against a LB or DB. You really think there’s a future in that? I mean, I know we all have our own opinions, but come on. I need an arm in the pocket because I have much better legs everywhere else and I need someone to get the ball to them. Stop under and overthinking it. If I’m a playmaker on offense, I need 3 things: the rock, someone to get it to me and space. This offense gives me all of that. If you’re my QB, just get me the rock in good order, relax and accept the undue acclaim you’ll get from my hard work.

    …and maybe buy me a Porsche with some of that top pick signing bonus.

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    1. You got it , Clay. The quarterback position in an Air Raid offense doesn’t go to the guy who takes off the soonest. It goes to the guy who can consistently get the ball to one of our clever receivers before getting hit. Whether or not Slovis is that guy remains to be seen —but, for the moment, I’ll trust Harrell to know who he needs to make this offense work. Beyond that, it’s instructive to remember that in the spring “game” before J. T. arrived, Sears and Fink looked so bad that even Don Weber said “the job looks like it’s gonna go to J. T. —he has to be better than what we saw today.”

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      1. Thanks, Michael. In addition to the receivers, Stephen Carr is a serious duel threat in this offense. I like Josh Falo’s athleticism out of the TE position, but he needs to work on the other stuff. If we can get him going on the other stuff and add his athleticism to the offense, this thing could be really hard to stop.

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      2. I watched game film of Slovis at Desert Mountain. He moves well and is accurate with his passes. Air Raid will set him up for a game manager at a minumum

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    2. I wanna see what happens between our true freshman DE Jackson vs their reserve left tackle…and do we blitz to put pressure on their reserve qb. We blitzed very little vs fresno and still got three sacks. Their qb was the #1 ranked qb three years ago out of Georgia

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      1. Although I’ve made some references with him in mind, I didn’t want to talk about the freshman directly. You’re forcing my hand a little bit because you threw a good post at me and I have to catch it. I still don’t want to say too much, but I’m going to anyway. He’s the most exciting D line prospect I’ve seen at USC since Leonard Williams. Damn you, Pudly!

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      2. He’s an exciting kid to watch…but the happiest person on the planet is his daddy. Loving the fact his son‘s a Trojan.
        Just wish the other side was as shored up when they run options at him.

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  4. “There is no way Sears was No. 4,” an NFL scout who attends USC practices told me Thursday. “I’m not at all saying he should start but he was a lot closer to No. 1 than No. 4.”

    Based on this quote, the scout seems likely to be saying one of the following:

    Daniels, Sears, Slovis, Fink (“Sears is closer to starting than No. 4”)

    Daniels, Sears, Fink, Slovis

    Slovis, Sears, Daniels, Fink

    Slovis, Sears, Fink Daniels

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    1. Why couldn’t Fink be king of the river? And why put Slovis over Fink if Slovis was really the worst. It would be the same burying Jack if Fink was #2 and Slovis #3.

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      1. Fink could be the King of the river, as the alleged scout didn’t distinguish between Slovis and Fink. I went with Slovis over Fink since Harrell is gushing over Slovis, and since Slovis is getting press. Fink seems to be the forgotten man.


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    1. Pudly –
      It’s a disgrace that you and you’re minions label anyone whom dare criticize Helton et al., trolls or Bruins. If you must know, I have two degrees from SC, fuck-face. Now shut your mouth.
      I refuse to be a rah rah shill for the corrupt administration. And if you had any balls, neither would you.

      As you were, c$nt.

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      1. Two degrees and you can’t come up with anything more clever than elementary school insults or homophobic nonsense. You should go back to school, maybe take a creative writing class or two.

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  5. The following is an excerpt from a conversation between Pudly and his proctologist…

    Proctologist: “Did you see the SC Game against Fresno State?”

    Pudly: “Yes, didn’t the air raid look great?”

    Proctologist: “Not really.”

    Pudly: “Coach Helton says that the team is really competing hard and he’s looking at a lot of film?”

    Proctologist: “What the f#%k are you talking about?”

    Pudly: “Could you do that thing with the jelly and your finger, again?”

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  6. Oops Scott, you sly devil you. I see what you did there. You opened USC up for NCAA investigations. “A pro scout who attended practice.” I am reasonably sure that’s an NCAA violation.
    Maybe the NCAA can find out what Daniels’ dad has on Clay! And while they’re at it they can answer the question on everyone’s mind; “Why is Bru McCoy still sick and why is Baxter still employed. ( even though he pointed out correctly that the team is allowed 11 defenders on a PAT not required to have them.)
    You go super scooper.

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  7. I hate Helton, but could Sears being named #4 be that Helton knew that Sears would transfer if he wasn’t named the starter? Why put him at #2 only to lose your backup, when losing the #4 QB doesn’t look so bad. And if he really wanted Slovis at #2 and Sears wasn’t going to transfer, then he could have had the #3 spot be “Fink or Sears”.

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  8. Wolf brought up the quarterback controversy again, so the horse is not quite dead. Helton and even Harrell’s jobs are on the line, so I believe the two chose Slovis because he had the most promise, long-term. They probably reasoned that Daniels would hold the helm for the next 2-years while Slovis got in some experience. Sears was not a long-term solution, although Sears probably would have given SC a better chance of beating Stanford tonight. But the Trojans will play the cards they were dealt.


  9. Scott shut the f up you write the same story over and over . We all fell in love with Sears last year against ASU . Helton made his bed so let it go . Let’s see what happens
    Fight on


  10. I’ve always believed that a man has the right to choose the rope with which he will be hung. If this is how Helton wanted to play out the QB situation, then fine. He will have to live (or die) with it.

    Just like Sark and Kiffin were hung by their poor choices, so too Helton.


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