Let’s Ditch A New Tradition

Graham Harrell needs to ditch this embarrassing stunt of having the USC starting quarterback show up at the Coliseum in a wrestling belt.

It might work at Texas Tech. Or North Texas. But this is USC. Even though Harrell is a huge wrestling fan, USC has won national championships and Heisman Trophies. It has tradition.

It doesn’t need this odd display.

26 thoughts on “Let’s Ditch A New Tradition

      1. A simple question (The only type 67 can handle.) for 67, the only Wolf blog with a Ph.D. in very low IQ.

        What private, expensive, though academically mediocre Southern Ca. university enrolls and educates the most Mainland Chinese students (think bright red Commies) in the entire USA University system for filthy lucre?

        1) bozo u

        2) Clown U

        3) SUCCX

        4) Cash&Carry U

        5) All of the above.

        Now 67, how many FUCK’g US secrets do you think those USC Commie grads are hauling home to Mainland China. Your STINKING alma mater is training 75% of Mainland China’ future Intelligence Officers and Computer experts, that will ultimately wage war against the US.



    1. A lot more than show up for bel-air tech vs dago’ state…say 40k in Pasadena? Sweet thing is the brainiacs at bel-air tech have that deal with the Rose Bowl through 2044……funniest item is that naming ‘The Terry Donahue Press Box’…what exactly did Donahue win at bel-air tech…Bob Toledo did more in 1998 than Donahue did from 1976-1996

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  1. Spot on take. Totally embarrassing and, frankly, even worse than the “Visor” shirts the bookstore sold when Kiffin was coach.

    Stanford 17 USC 9 tomorrow. Hoping I’m wrong. Slovis seems like good kid but Stanford is going to smother him.

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  2. Graham Harrell is nothing but a backwards ass, country Hick. He doesn’t know anything about tradition, because any school he was previously involved with has none. I’m gonna be very patient moving forward, because anybody with a brain knows what the inevitable is for this coaching staff 😂😂

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  3. Every coach brings something to the program. This belt is nothing more than tapping the slogan above the door. The guy who arrives with belt usually leaves the arena with the belt. It’s a psychological ploy that is not unlike Reggie Bush walking into the stadium with earphones cranked up. He was supposed to be concentrating on the game and nothing else, but no one knows for sure.
    Scott needs to coach somewhere so he can spout his philosophy as proof of his correctness. And I think he’s more qualified than Clancy.

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