USC No. 24 In Both Polls

USC has cracked the Associated Press and coaches’ top 25 polls. The Trojans are No. 24 in both.

Below are the full results of the AP Poll.

1Clemson (2-0)1ACC1,544
2Alabama (1-0)2SEC1,489
3Georgia (2-0)3SEC1,385
4LSU (2-0)6SEC1,336
5Oklahoma (2-0)4Big 121,315
6Ohio State (2-0)5Big Ten1,291
7Notre Dame (1-0)8IA Independents1,072
8Auburn (2-0)10SEC1,056
9Florida (2-0)11SEC997
10Michigan (2-0)7Big Ten936
11Utah (2-0)13Pac-12905
12Texas (1-1)9Big 12877
13Penn State (2-0)15Big Ten781
14Wisconsin (2-0)17Big Ten714
15Oregon (1-1)16Pac-12677
16Texas A&M (1-1)12SEC643
17UCF (2-0)18American Athletic544
18Michigan State (2-0)19Big Ten495
19Iowa (2-0)20Big Ten473
20Washington State (2-0)22Pac-12343
21Maryland (2-0)Big Ten207
22Boise State (2-0)24Mountain West164
23Washington (1-1)14Pac-12161
24USC (2-0)Pac-12137
25Virginia (2-0)ACC122

Others receiving votes: Iowa State 96, California 95, Mississippi State 73, TCU 66, North Carolina 48, Army 42, Colorado 21, Oklahoma State 20, Memphis 12, Arizona State 4, Boston College 2, Kentucky 2, Appalachian State 2, Syracuse 2, Minnesota 1

38 thoughts on “USC No. 24 In Both Polls

    1. Exactly. Putting aside biases, look at the Trojan performance for the last 2.5 quarters or so, where they outscore the Farm 42-3.

      Realistically, how many teams could have beaten the new Trojan team? Michigan is number 10 and they don’t look close to beaten the new Trojans.

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      1. Bama, Clemson, LSU, are just a few teams I think could give SC a hard time. Not because of talent but because of the incomptency of Helton.


    2. Sorry everyone.
      But I’m just giving my honest opinions.
      Slovis had a night to remember. Congrats to him✌

      But that wasn’t a good Stanford football team.

      They throw to the TE alot, but for the USC Coaches to not be able to realize where he will throw the ball is terrible. We couldn’t start to notice until mid 3rd quarter that Davis Mills stares down his pass catching TE.
      Parkinson blew off the line fooling our Safety into thiking it was a run play meanwhile Parkinson’s left 4 Trojan defenders behind him only Mills missed.

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      1. Your thoughts and observations are always valid, Sam. Do you think the Cardinal will win 8, 9 games? They had some missing pieces and wouldn’t be surprised if Shaw rights the ship.

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  1. Some of us (including me in spades) may be too tough on the Pac-12 as a weak conference.

    Note that 5 Pac-12 teams are ranked, and another 3 received votes.

    Caveats due here, since it is just week 2, but still interesting.

    On the other hand,…


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    1. 67 — It pains me to say this —but the bruins are an embarrassment to college football and a detriment to world health and well being….

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      1. Maybe we could get UCSD to switch out the ruins. A LaJolla weekender would be a hell of a lot more fun than driving to Pasadena every other November. I think they play flag in the dorms, couldn’t be worse than what chip has.

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      2. Pudly —USC is a 3 point favorite over BYU. Let’s see if we can beat the spread ….

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      3. 67 —I was being totally sincere. There’s something about the way they play that is contributing to extreme weather in the Atlantic…..

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      1. gt —Chipster is working very hard to make your dream come true….

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      2. Pudly — I guess it never occurred to you that kids might see that UCLA football video….

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  2. Seems about right. This is good. Just slowly keep creeping up. Better than always being ranked way too high in the pre-season. But why, oh why, is Washington ALWAYS ranked so high?! Everyone needs to get off the Petersen train. Is he THAT elite? Never really pans out that way.

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  3. There is no reason that conference column needs to be there. It’s a stroke job to pump up the ego of the rest of the SEC teams that don’t win.



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  4. Biggest difference btwn Daniels and Slovis is the number of receivers USC used – 5 Ra St. Brown, Pittman, London, McClain, Williams and Vaughns ‘plus’ Carr and Malepai. That for me is the biggest change – Daniels, like Barkley, had his ‘favorites’ – Slovis throws it to whoever is open and deep. or close and ready.

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      1. Now across town what we got there?

        Read that long article about that mega-donor Hughes in today’s LA Times. Papadakis said last Thursday the article was fair and he was right, it is. Remarkable man save his insisting Nikias hire Swann (which is denied) Nikias is on the record bluntly stating he did not confer with anyone on making his selection of Swann.

        Man Stanford made a lot of penalties last night – a lot!

        Decent games next week AL @ So. Car, Stanford @ UCF, AZ St. @ MI St., WA St. @ Hou, IA @ IA St., OH St. @ IN and the impending massacre in the Arroyo Seco OK @ bel-air tech.

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  5. I watched the highlights of the BYU -Tennessee game and BYU has massive O linemen who just pushed one of their backs 5 yards into the end zone. They also have speed at skill positions, a good QB and kicker. If I were SC I would be looking at who is going to referee this game. BYU is obviously looking at this as a trap game.


  6. We’re 24th in the polls and according to the studies that they do each year, we’re the 4th most talented team in the country. Whoopie! But I guess saturday night was a good step in the right direction.


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