Stanford Goes Passive

Was Stanford a far too accomodating opponent for USC last night?

“Stanford didn’t shift or run anyone in motion or misdirecton plays,” a Pac-12 defensive coach told me. “They ran one reverse early in game and it worked but then they didn’t do anything else. They were extremely passive.

“They didn’t do anything to keep USC’s defense off balance.”


38 thoughts on “Stanford Goes Passive

  1. Your point being what? That’s the reason for the ‘easy’ victory? Stanford was ‘passive’?
    Their backup qb was exposed – no skill set after that last drive that got them points in the 2nd qtr. – summary – game over.

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      1. That Mr. Stool makes it altogether more humiliating for Clown U.

        UCLA 34 – Clown U 27

        DING goes the Vic Bell

        BTW, the Piglet continues to uphold the ex-bozo loser QB tradition.

        The Piglet takes a 16 – 3 lead vs the Bills into the 4th Qtr. But he SUCCS so bad that the Bills win 17 – 16.


      2. Hey Owns how did Nosen do? Didn’t win the starting job in Florida and threw interception in 52 point loss. If I had his nose full of nickels we could buy out Chips contract. Imagine you coming over and talking shit after your wanna be school crapping the bed.

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      3. owns, your “34-27 ding goes the vic bell” meme is now at the point where it reminds me of an old actress who sits home watching her old movies condemned to living in the past, with no future.

        ucla is an embarrassment to college football. Mora’s teams weren’t nearly this bad, nor were Neuheisel’s or Dorrell’s. Chip Kelly totally pulled the wool over Guerrero’s eyes.

        I never visit the ucla websites – what are they saying about the chipper? And about Guerrero?


  2. There was no adjustment Stanford could make as USC has too many horses and is just too much. There literally was nothing they could do outside of dressing out some 49ers and sneaking them onto the field.

    Everyone wants to praise the O-line and I’m not going to take anything away from them, but they don’t get full credit for the clean pocket last night. Kedon had so much time and space because Stanford had to drop back in coverage to try to contain an offense that they couldn’t handle. If they would’ve sent people then they would’ve been in one on one coverage with USC’s receivers and there’s no future in that. They were simply trying to contain what they could not stop and that won’t be unique to them.

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  3. Hello that’s how Stanford plays … and Shaw really goes Shaw with 2nd team qb
    The settling for FGs were strange especially up 14-3
    Granted you never expect a Gomer team actually play well

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    1. But we are expecting a Graham Harrell team too though and with cause….what a contrast btwn last year and this one and imagine if Daniels were still the starter – at best a nail biter just as so many were last year.

      Get rid of Helton

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      1. My hope is that Harrell allows Helton to go out a winner…..but that Helton does go out…….
        …Harrell then brings in red hots for Special Teams and Defensive Coordinators….

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      2. gt —I guess if Notre Dame lets their guy stay on cuz he’s smart enough to let his coordinators do all the work, USC could too. But it seems the biggest reason for keeping Helton is the BUY OUT…..

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    1. Haven’t you heard? The Sportswriters Association of America issued a blackout on UCLA football coverage….

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      1. That is good – a ‘mercy rule’ especially designed for ‘bel-air tech’.

        Also good per ‘we’re stuck with this clown another year’ – correct – they buy out. BTW Hughes ain’t gonna’ pony up inasmuch as he was the one who pushed to get Swann installed as AD.

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    2. Hello that’s how Stanford plays … and Shaw really goes Shaw with 2nd team qb
      The settling for FGs were strange especially up 14-3
      Granted you never expect a Gomer team actually play well
      Gomer has a long way to go vs this schedule
      This team could lose 5 straight just like that
      It’s early no road games played vs 2 bad qbs

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  4. I’m happy about the win, but I expected it and I should’ve got this game last week. I’m also happy about Kedon’s play, but I expected that too. Look, I’ve been talking about this offense and what a joy it must be to play in it for a skill position player. People are going on and on about who the QB should be and the fact is that my grandmother could run this offense. I’m not saying she’d win a Heisman or anything, but she would get a few votes. It’s a turnkey system and like I’ve been saying, you don’t need Tom Brady to run it. JT would’ve lit it up last night too and this is more about the offense itself than Kedon. I’ve been on record saying Kedon can play and that he should be getting early reps. It didn’t happen like I would’ve liked, but the coaches got the QB depth chart right when they set it. If JT was out only a week and Slovis had the same game he just had, JT would still start against BYU.

    So as usual I’m on some different stuff and I’m going to talk about the freshman QB. Clearly Slovis is a gamer and clearly we’re lucky to have him with us. When everyone was crying about Sears as if he was the kind of runner Mike Vick is, Slovis showed you last night the kind of running the QB needs to do in this offense. Did you see how he would just steal 3,4,5 yards when there wasn’t an available route? That’s the kind of running you need from your QB in this offense. He wasn’t trying to create offense, he was getting what he could and then getting down and it was a beautiful thing. For all the numbers and what not other people will get excited about, this kid’s head is what has me excited. First time out with that kind of poise? Damn…

    There are 2 things I’m concerned about with Slovis. The first thing is that he has a windup in his motion. I know Warner saw it and I know our coaches do too. Was Warner working on it? Have our coaches talked to Warner about it? Are we interested in bringing people in, polishing them up and getting them ready for the next level or are we willing to let things go and just try to win with it? If I was a reporter, I would absolutely put that question to the staff, but I guess I’ll just have to wait and see. The other issue is the amount of air under his deep balls. St Brown had to wait for his TD pass to get to him and it almost didn’t. I see that ball up in the air like a free safety would and if I pick it up anything close to early, I’m really confident I can get to it. Also, it’s not going to play on the next level and the kid has next level talent. I would also to tell Slovis to keep selling that play-action after the hand off. It’s an easy thing to get lazy with, but one of these games it’s going to cause enough hesitation in the secondary to get the step your RB needs to get 7. Good game, freshman. Get back to work.

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      1. I’m not saying it can’t work, I’m asking if we are going to make the commitment to refining him. If you’re saying that we don’t need to work with Slovis and help form him, then you’re saying he’s ready for the NFL now and he’s not. WE can win with what he does now, but can HE ultimately win with it. I’m just going to sit back and find out who we are as a program.

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  5. There has clearly been a change in the way the DBs are being coached. I’ve been going on for years about people not looking for the ball and all of a sudden I see it happening all over the field. Great job, Coach Burns. I know you’re mouth was watering when you saw the group you were getting and you look like you know what to do with them.

    Congrats to Greg Johnson for getting his first pick and I already know you won’t have to wait that long for the next one.

    Mr Griffin, I see you wanted Adoree’s number and I see you representing it. GJ got his first pick, but I guess you didn’t want yours. I’m talking about the one in the end zone that just got over your head. I was watching you and you saw the ball the whole way, but you didn’t have your footwork together. That ball was yours. They were trying to pick on you with tall receivers and you played a great game. You were beat on one play and lucky the ball was overthrown as you were chasing. There was a lot of space between you and the receiver and you got lucky on that play. It’s the 2nd week in a row I see you flashing and you’re showing me some lockdown corner characteristics. By all means, keep it coming. BTW, I know who pops is and there’s no way your initials are a coincidence, you’re just lucky your name isn’t Oscar. Good work.

    So since the entire group now seems to be looking for the ball, the next step is to go get it. When you get it, don’t be satisfied, return that bitch. Running against offensive lineman is the easiest thing to do and you should be looking to get the opportunity to do that.

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  6. Flow, you don’t have to have a “random coach” tell you anything or even put quotes as if someone else is telling you. Just stop. We all know it’s you. Can’t just let USC enjoy a victory, huh?

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  7. I thought the defense in general did a great job weathering the storm and showing resolve. The corn-feds started rolling a little bit in the 1st half and you guys just kept playing and kept coming. I saw a lot of heart out there on defense and you guys did yourselves proud hanging in there in that first half. There was will and a character on display that I did not see at any point last year and I know that kind of goes back to this new offense we’re running. The team is never out of a game with this offense and you guys just need to keep getting the ball and giving it to them. Coach Pendergast called a good game and you guys executed it. looks good.

    Freshman DE, I thought you would get his first career sack but Pudly made me jinx you. I know you saw that when you were gassed in the 3rd qtr and went out, #90 came in and got one from your spot. You don’t want to let that kind of thing keep happening. You’ll get another good shot at the first one next week.

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  8. I had some criticisms for T Vaughns and M Pittman last week and none this week. I expect to see you guys out front leading and part of that is by your performance. You two should be at the top of the stat sheet every week and I don’t care who is first, but it should be one of you. I say this knowing St Brown is going to turn up in the sauce too, but you guys are doing your job interviews. I saw you guys running hard after the catch, I appreciate it and I know others do too. Great job.

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  9. Called it last night. Scott needed something to explain why USC won. Stanford was no good and won’t win again this year. Soon we will be reading that Slovis was better than Daniels, but Helton wanted to protect his pick. Also look for “The refs missed a call” and “at #24 USC is still ranked too high” later this week. I didn’t notice if there has been any mention of the halftime show being led by a girl of the female persuasion.

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  10. everyone knows ‘shaw is gonna shaw,’ as stanford fans like to say. tree ain’t the biggest, most talented or creative team in the land, but it’s good to know sc can withstand that ‘pac 12 physical’ style of play, turn the tables and take ’em to the woodshed. it’s a friggin’ start, alright, wolf?!?!?!

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  11. A good solid win. Slovis looked as good as they said he was. IMO Stanford lost because Costello did not play. Davis missed on several passes and killed drives that Costello would have nailed.
    Next up……the BYU killers of TN.

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      1. Pudly –Our offense, under a freshman QB, scored 3 points last year —this year, 45 points. What are your thoughts on that?

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    1. Costello would’ve gotten nailed at some point too. He would’ve helped them, but he wouldn’t have been enough last night. USC is just a better team whichever of the 4 quarterbacks played.

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  12. SC was able to start a q/b that is a dual threat, the defense has to account for that ability,which helps the running attack,and play action passing…they also could have last week or last yr, but hellton said ‘no,my way or no way.’
    hellton lost that when his immovable q/b got sacked like a statue …and a well coached high school q/b got his chance,with an improving defense and vastly improved ‘O’ line…the vastly is compared to last yr ,coached by a close friend, hellton choice ,now gone. Stanford 2nd string q/b not ready and that limited their offense…he missed opportunities a real 1st string q/b would not,plus he was not as mobile as Costello


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