Sunday Night With Clay Helton

Clay Helton was typical Clay Helton tonight.

“As much success as Kedon (Slovis) had, a lot of it came from JT (Daniels). I give him as much credit as Kedon”

Helton said USC was not worried when it trailed Stanford in the first half.

“A whole team pulling for each other and pushing each other. Even when things weren’t going exactly right. I must have heard a dozen times, `so what, now what?’ ”

Helton also praised the lines.

“I thought it was our big men who led the way. I was extremely proud of our offensive and defensive line.”

35 thoughts on “Sunday Night With Clay Helton

    1. Every time I think that we’ve reached the bottom of Helton’s insincerity, he more or less immediately proves it was a false bottom. To utter the words that “J. T. deserves AS MUCH credit as Kedon for our success” is my new favorite low in Heltonian dishonesty and insincerity. Luckily for him, not one member of the local press will ask him what the fuck he’s talking about. Wayne nailed this —USC did not have this kind of energy (or anything close to it) under J. T. So what exactly did J. T. pass on to Kedon? What is it about Helton that makes him say empty shit like “I’m in love with my center!’ or “Callaway is doing everything we asked of him” or “J. T. deserves credit for a game he didn’t play in”? If he wants to say J. T. is handling his troubles like a man, fine. But don’t insult us by saying credit for the victory should be divided equally between the quarterback who played the damn game and the guy on the sidelines.

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      1. Yup. Helton is the ultimate “feel good” coach. How can he develop men, or football players, or children into adults, that way? What is the message he is sending? “We can win big (finally), but let’s not hurt my pet player JTD’s feelings”. Just as Helton started Loabenhahn at center last year no matter if he was so bad he was losing games for the team, Helton now suggests that he is holding the QB job for JTD because he doesn’t want to hurt his feelings. Behavior has a message. The players rallied around Slovis but were demoralized last year under JTD. It’s kind of like that surreal after game press conference last year when Helton praised Jake Olson for like 15 minutes while Ronald Jones and Aca’Cedric Ware were sitting there with muddied uniforms and bruised bodies after the game listening to Helton praise Olson and confused looks on their faces. Like, we just got beat up during the game and you praise a player who you negotiated with the opposing team to not touch when he snapped the ball?

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  1. Translation: I don’t want JT to leave ( for whatever reason) so I will shower him with compliments and hope he doesn’t enter the portal.

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    1. Yes, Arturo –it wasn’t to hard to decode Helton’s statement. It never is. He says the opposite of what he’s thinking. Right now, he’s thinking everybody sees that Slovis can lead the team better than J. T —and I don’t want to lose J. T. —-so, instead of complimenting him for the brave way he’s handling his injury, I’ll say that he’s deserving of HALF of the credit for a game he didn’t play in. I’ve said it before, if an NFL coach talked the kinda crazy, manipulative talk Helton talks every week, he’d be crucified by the press.

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    2. With all the hired coaches, life coaches and gurus hired by JTD, not one of them has suggested that JTD is not well suited for football at college/pro level? JTD has a wicked knuckle ball he can throw with a football. He should be playing baseball because he just might have a better career and make a lot of money being a professional baseball pitcher.

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  2. The worst part about playing football is not being able to play and that’s what JT is going through right now. To turn around and pitch in to do what he can with truly earnest zeal is the hallmark of a rare human being. I’m totally sold on JT.

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    1. Granted, Clay. J. T. is a fine human being. He’ll probably go to Heaven. But —let’s face it —he’s not deserving of “AS MUCH credit as Kedon for USC’s success against Stanford.” That kind of shrewdly sloppy talk (designed to keep J. T. from considering his options elsewhere —-as opposed to being true) is what turns everyone off about Helton. When he talks to the press after practice or games— I swear—it seems like he lives to denigrate the truth.

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      1. I hear what you’re saying, but what I said had nothing to do with Helton. You know what Helton sounds like to me? An old ball coach. I just hear “coach speak” from Helton and I’m familiar with it. He’s flowery with it and embellishes, but I don’t think he’s a guy who is trying to straight up use players or is fundamentally dishonest. Mostly, I think he just isn’t a very sophisticated speaker, he’s trying to express an emotion/thought and he doesn’t speak precisely.

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      2. Also, which one of his players WOULDN’T coach slobber all over? He does it all the time with everyone. I think that people have been so negative on Helton for so long, everything he does seems wrong or evil. A lot of people who have this pent up rage for him may very well be grabbing at straws that aren’t there soon. They’re already reaching now.


      3. Clay —I know I don’t have to tell you how much I respect you (i. e., enormously) —but I think you’re letting Helton off the hook too easily. I’m supernaturally indifferent to hucksterism —-but I think Helton caught lightning in a bottle with Slovis and I don’t want him to clumsily extinguish the magic with his usual bullshit. He should have proven to himself by now that he doesn’t pump the players up —he sucks the life outta them with his crazy babble.

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      4. Michael, there was no “reply” option on your most recent post so I’m answering it here.

        I know I have your regard and I appreciate it. I also appreciate your passion for USC football. That passion can color our vision sometimes and that may be what’s happening here. These players DO have people who want to lie to them and influence them to their own benefit, but I don’t see Helton as one of those people. You know that I would’ve spoken up about him by now if I saw anything close to what you’re implying. The worst things I’ve said about Helton is that he’s not a superstar, he’s a plodder and he’s a total square. Any issue I’ve had with him (there really haven’t been a lot) can be ascribed to those things and those are tiny things. I see him as an earnest plodder, not an evil genius. Everyone here probably loves Pete Carroll, but he was closer to the guy you guys are describing than Helton is. Pete won, you guys love him and you give him a pass. Helton’s losing last year makes everything he says and does suspect to some people. I was telling anyone who would listen that USC had specific issues that were keeping them from winning and it wasn’t the broad issue of who the coach was. I’ve seen him addressing specific problems that I have identified and that’s why I’ve left him alone. If you’re not seeing or understanding those specific issues and the effect they have on the team’s performance, you’re just going to blame the coach.

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      5. Clay — Sometimes —as an experiment —I try to picture Pete instead of Clay when Clay is speaking. I try to hear Pete’s voice instead of Clay’s.
        It’s kind of a Zen experiment to test that I’m not holding Clay’s demeanor against him, but rather hearing Clay’s words come out of the mouth of a more respected figure. But —I swear —if Pete said he “was in love” with a center who could not snap the ball or that the quarterback who didn’t play deserved half the praise going to the quarterback who did play, I wouldn’t respect Pete much either. But that’s not the important part. Here’s what concerns me ….a lot. Clay wanted (and apparently still wants) J. T. Harrell wants Kedon over J. T.—-and said as much in his post game comments. I REALLY don’t want Clay Helton to muck up what Harrell is doing for this team. As for Clay Helton, in the words of Don McCleen, “he’s done some bad, he’s done some good, he did a lot better than we thought he would” —-but if he keeps playing turf-orama with Harrell on the quarterback situation, he will have done something unforgivable.


      6. So if he would’ve said JT deserves “A lot” of credit instead of “As much” credit, he’d be okay with you this morning? No, he wouldn’t be, it would just be something else. Don’t waste your time getting upset about this kind of thing, it’s just the way he talks and it’s not evil or malicious.


      7. MG, don’t close your eyes and imagine anything, keep them open and see that Pete is Pete and Helton is Helton. At some point USC fans have to let go of Pete Carroll and Sam Darnold and stop trying to recreate them. There’s more than one way to win. Carroll didn’t do it the way McKay did it and Darnold didn’t do it the way Lienart did it. There’s more than one way to skin a Bruin.


  3. I hit Velus Jones in a post earlier, I regret the tone of it and you shouldn’t post hungover. I can’t change my bottom line conclusion because it is what it is, but I’ve never been more open to being proved wrong. I’m sorry I wrote all that.


      1. Lying about what?? Saying that JT deserves as much credit isn’t a lie. The reason I can accept him saying that is because JT could’ve easily went south on his backup and caused disruption to the team. Helton could be referring to the fact that the way JT has dealt with this tough situation has helped maintain the team’s cohesiveness . Why do you think he’s so evil?


  4. Supposedly JT wrote a detailed check list and gave in game pep talks to Slovis. The TV people were telling anyone who would listen that JT was helping behind the scenes.
    So Helton is just riding the public horse.
    If JT makes it back, Slovis has a great backup otherwise JT should look into coaching because his train has derailed and been replaced.

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      1. I wouldn’t bury JT too soon either because Bozo Helton is capable of having an “open QB competition” next fall despite Slovis saving Gomer’s ass with a damn good season and the outcome of the “open QB competition” is Chuck and Duck being named the starter again.

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      2. So you’ve already seen the year Slovis will have in your crystal ball. Looking all the way out to fall of next year is a waste of time because there are too many variables, but I get the spirit of what you’re saying. We can use a hypothetical to capture the spirit of the issue by asking, “What if JT was out for just a week?” You and I would disagree about who should start and my guess is that Coach Helton would see it like I do. They got the QB depth chart right when they put it out there.


      3. YOUR comment just proved my point…hellton did not just start lying NOW ; the sports blogs have been calling him on his promises of change since the beginning…you can’t remember any of that? You are not an SC fan , you want the last few years of turmoil and lies to continue to erode this once fine powerhouse program…you and clay share the same first name and lack of discernment …jt would not have had the same game as this mobile q/b had, or like Sears or Matt…he had an ok 1st half vs Fresno St…a decent team ,not a game vs Stanford like Saturday night.
        In spring ball and fall camp he was not any better than the other 3…he was just another hellton special loved one.


      4. Tim, I’m not taking any offense to any of this, but I would ask you to be specific with your charges. From what I understand from your post, you’re saying that he promised change in the program and that he was lying when he said that. Is that the charge? If so, that’s not a lie. The “sports blogs” don’t mean a damn thing to me because they are run by people who don’t have the knowledge and insight that I do. I don’t get what I say from a blog and I’m not in here guessing about things. Thinking that I, he or anyone else besides UCLA wants to see turmoil at USC and see the program erode is some kind of wild paranoia.

        KS’s mobility is barely worth mentioning. He doesn’t run that well and actually looked slow-fo

        Your post to me wasn’t really worthy of a response and I’m sure you can do better.


      1. CAL75,

        Congrats on you win. I watched the winning field goal from one yard out. Too bad the rb did not score on the previous play. He was robbed. LOLOL

        Good luck my friend.


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