USC Notes: Jack Del Rio Supports Clay Helton/Wants His Job

Former USC linebacker Jack Del Rio went on the Will Cain Show today and had this to say about his interest in being the Trojans’ coach.

“I love USC. I think it’s one of the top tier programs in the country. I’m fully supportive of Coach Helton. I’m supporing him. I’m not undermining him. 
“If and when there was ever was anything, yeah I would be interested. I’m not looking to supplant anybody.”

With support like this, Helton better look over his shoulder.

  • Former USC defensive end Oluwole Betiku, who transferred to Illinois, leads the nation in sacks with 2.5 per game.

Wide receiver Josh Imatorbhebhe, who also transferred to Illinois, caught two touchdown passes last weekend for the Illini.

  • Former USC tailback Al Carmichael, a member of the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame who scored the first touchdown in American Football League history, died Saturday. He was 90.

Carmichael was the seventh pick in the first round of the NFL draft. He and quarterback Rudy Bukich connected for the only touchdown of the game as USC defeated Wisconsin, 7-0, in the 1953 Rose Bowl.

His nickname was Al “Hoagy” Carmichael.

Here is Al Carmichael running in USC’s spring game in 1961, which pitted USC players against a USC alumni team.

34 thoughts on “USC Notes: Jack Del Rio Supports Clay Helton/Wants His Job

  1. Thanks, but no thank you, Jack Del Rio . No more inexperienced, experiments for the USC football program, because that ship has sailed. Time to conduct a regular coaching, and hire the best man available. And if that means offering the position to a current coach, then so be it .

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    1. Del Rio coached two different franchises to 12 win seasons…that is a rather short list of success…and as above stated the parallels to Pete are striking…

      Even though many think I am crazy for holding this opinion I also would give strong consideration to Todd Haley.

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    2. Del Rio does have a little experience, like coaching the Raiders and the Jaguars. Have him hire a very good o coordinator and he can run defense or hire a good d coordinator. He would run a discipline team.

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  2. USC should stage a wrestling match between Del Rio and Helton. Give it to whoever wants it more, winner gets the job.



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  3. I think Del Rio could be a good coach if he got great coordinators because I don’t see him messing with them too much. A good disciplinarian and defensive mind set.

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  4. Hey lighten up on Coach Helton. He’s a good guy even though he is a mouth breather. In fact I’m thinking about starting a fan club. I’ll name it, LoveOfMyLife.Com


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    1. Big Bear
      Enough of this fifth column talk! One might think you are a communist collaborator…you already have the Berkeley bonafides! What was the Henne Youngman gag? “Take my Helton…I TAKE HIM EVERYWHERE BUT HE KEEPS FINDING HIS WAY BACK…”


  5. Good for Del Rio for being himself and saying what he wants. Is he the best coach for SC? Unlikely. But as one other poster said, I bet he would let his coordinators do their thing while he puts down the hammer and toughens up the team.

    Helton will blow up over the next 4 games and a new coach will be in place before signing day. If it’s Del Rio, so be it.

    All of this sucks to say as I’d like to see Slovis and the team to have a good year. But we all know Helton isn’t the right guy.

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    1. We don’t KNOW that this is gonna be a bad year. On the contrary, it could be a good to very good year. Let’s wait and see what happens against Utah…..

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  6. but….but….but…..I just won a game…….and we looked good…….and all the boys love me…….and the ice cream is creamy……..we’re going to the NC………….darn it…… do you call timeout?………don’t we get 4 per game?……..Linemen…….we don’t need no stinking linemen.

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  7. thumbs up for Jack…
    glad those new Illini finally get a decent head coach and no more no pads and shorts
    I am one sad SC football lover…my all time favorite SC football player has died…from my favorite SC team the 1952 team and ’53 Rose Bowl Champs…Al Carmichael.
    I was 9 when I saw him catch that touchdown pass from Rudy Bukich ,my first of many Rose Bowls, they beat Wisconsin 7-0 and their all American fullback,future allpro with Baltimore… Allan ‘the horse’ Ameche.
    His head coach was Jess Hill,also long time AD at SC and fine football/track athlete himself…that team led the nation in defence gave up about 50 points total that yr.
    I always thought about him during anything football that ’52 team lost 1 game…ND.Went to all the home games that yr incl upset of ucla 14-12. Red sanders had some really good teams in the 50’s and ucla was always a top 10.

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  8. To all the Del Rio sycophants, try this on.
    12 years Head Coach, ‘if he gets good Coordinators’ ‘he’ll tighten things up’
    He’s a defensive wizard, If he does this, if he does that….Yada Yada Yada.

    The guy is washed up, where in the Football media do you hear teams, NFL or College burning up his agents phone line…where? who?

    In 12 years his Win% is .497, it’s worse than Helton’s and you want this guy as a Head Coach…unbelievable!!! Who are you going to push next, Jeff Fisher?

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    1. Sure maybe Jeff and Jack could be a new duo for SC…AND THANKS FOR CALLING us SCycophants…we weren’t sure where we stood with you…which is real critical at this time


    2. Washed up? You believe that? As noted already by ‘marvienna’ Pete Carroll was sacked by the NYJ and NE Pats.

      No one bats 1.000 Ed Orgeron had an awful record as head coach for MS – overall 10-25 and in conf. 3 – 21. He learned to hire solid assistants just like Brian Kelly has at Notre Dame and how the other Kelly keeps hiring his old friends and continues to lose. Orgeron has turned LSU around in his 3rd year and is heading for the top tier in year # 4.

      Love to see Jack get a shot just as Pete Carroll got one

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  9. Blowhard Jack Del Rio is the VERY LAST person USC should consider for AD. We need new blood and not another insider who will cater to the athletic department insiders. Time to rid USC of people like Del Rio, Haden, Helton, Swann, Fisher, Nikias, Steve Lopes, Cheryl Tauplin (sp), Matt Lopes and all the other hanger ons who look out for their jobs more than they do the team.


  10. Classless….I’d rather Helton keeps the job than Del Rio—limited success in the NFL—gets the job….every failed NFL coach is the next Pete Carroll….ask sucla how jimmy mora jr. worked out….
    No Del Rio…No Fisher…Meyer is available


  11. When we wanted him he didn’t want us. Irony is a bitch, why would he want us now? Because he’s washed up in the NFL. I would hire a high school coach before I hired Jack. I’ve been wrong but watching tendencies of coaching decisions has been easy and Jack isn’t a good fit.


  12. well,I am in the minority on this article…both Jack and Jeff were excellent all americans at SC …ON DEFENSE one a linebacker one a DB…both are/were excellent in that area and were made head coaches where they were only sorta’ successful,but had moments of success.
    What area needs the most attention? DEFENSE…offense has good coaches…a GOOD HEAD COACH lets his coaches coach…hellton does not…a good head coach, like a good manager gets the most out of who is doing the actual work, and hires the very best he can …not just friends and relatives, that is subjective nepotism…hellton ball.
    Meyer may be a good head coach…something happened at florida and ohio state and maybe he learned…nothing like those things happened with Jack or Jeff…they are great SC all Americans and true trojans….guess I am old and old fashioned…I believe they would do their very best,know the very best and would hire the very best and be tirelessly diligent in going about it.

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    1. Tim:

      I’m with you, particularly with regard to Jack Del Rio…a lot of similarities to Pete…plus those stating he was a failure as a head coach in the NFL – nonsense – he coached two different franchises to 12 win seasons (as said above, the list of coaches who have that on their resume is extremely short…we’re talking Holmgren, Reid, Knox, Parcells, Shula, Schottenheimer, Reeves, Coughlin)…and he’s defensive/physical-minded…

      Like BK, I would probably be inclined to go the Meyer route first if possible, but Jack would be an excellent second choice.

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      1. I HAVE NEVER CARED FOR COACH MEYER…I don’t know why really , but if winning by hook or by crook is the answer he surely gets it done…there is just something I sense that is missing in him, but that is subjective and probably wrong…SO lets hire him and get on the road to real football again!

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  13. @gotroy22
    It’s a Friday night game. We all know how USC performs in weekday games. Not so efficient the last few years. Something to think about.


  14. I would fire Helton and bring in Jack del Rio as ntern head football coach not as an AD then go from there. Im not completely sold on Urban Meyer because of the past baggage and looking the other way at Florida and Ohio State. We dont need that at USC right now. They have enough problems going on right now with lawsuits and FBI investigations. Fisher no way I seen his act with the Rams. Boring no offense at all !


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