Lynn Swann Poll

18 thoughts on “Lynn Swann Poll

    1. 67 —Yeah, it’s just gotta be the 5 year deal (I’m sure Folt looked at that and had the same thoughts about it as Trump had when he looked at Obama’s deal with Iran: “What did WE get outta this?”

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      1. Alv — Remember the photos of Kerry wind-surfing that he leaked to the press during his campaign —to prove he was manly? He made Putin so sick to his stomach that Putin’s aides had to plead with him for 5 hours to meet with the guy —“mister President —he IS the American Secretary of State.” All the while Kerry sat in a chair staring at the ceiling. What a complete pussy.

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      2. MG- this is the upteenth time that you and a lot of respectable bloggers here have made political references and I usually don’t say anything. I get that we’ll disagree on politics and I know that I won’t change anyone’s mind, but it would be nice to come here, brush aside politics, and celebrate common interest- like SC FOOTBALL! When he won the presidency, I told gt that I would try and steer clear of politics. I would like that to be the standard for me at least.


  1. Please Carol Folt no more USC insiders. The last person to be considered is Steve Lopes (current assistant AD under Haden and Swann). He is the face of EVIL in that athletic department, completely responsible for screwing season ticket holders out of their seats and allowing his people to take money and admit unqualified kids in the school. That entire department needs to go, starting with Lopes and Cheryl.

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  2. There was a time when I actually worried about Swann’s legacy at USC. Now I don’t want to ever see or hear of him again. The sooner he’s gone from the headlines the better. He’s right up on the list ahead of OJ and behind Haden. The 60s and 70s sure produced some great football players who turned out to be crappy human beings. I’ll forgive Reggie before I forgive Swann.

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    1. Agreed, Steve —Reggie was still a kid, Swann was old enough to know better….


    2. Reggie was influenced by his parents, and really not a true adult and made those decisions he knew about thinking of them…you don’t really know what went on between that agent and his parents, but if you looked into it and how his parents influenced all the behind the scenes, they are the power at that time in his life…he loved them and wanted for them,what they wanted…SC knew nothing of their finances and they should not…the SC hating ncaa moved on lies and are themselves corrupt.


  3. Swann’s biggest goof of which there were many.

    Giving Gomer a 5 year deal when he probably would have paid him to work there. I heard he was so excited to have the job he didn’t even read the contract. There was no bidding war for him at the time. Only a moron would lose a negotiation with these advantages.

    Check that there was no negotiation Clay Helton was at YES from day one. Swann just wanted to do a quick deal so he can get back to the golf coarse.


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