USC Dream A.D. Candidates

I hear USC is seriously considering Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith.

He is the one of the best-known athletic directors in the country. Did I mention USC president Carol Folt is from Akron, Ohio.

But would Smith want it?

He certainly would be ideal if USC wants Urban Meyer, which remains to be seen.

There are a big three, I believe, out there: Smith, Alabama athletic director Greg Bryne and Texas athletic director Chris Del Conte.

Byrne and Del Conte wanted the USC job in 2016. But they were at Arizona and Texas Christian, respectively. They since have moved on to bigger jobs.

So they not want to come and fix all of USC’s problems.

Imagine the problems USC could avoid if it hired one of them three years ago. But noooooo . . . Max Nikias wanted Lynn Swann.

16 thoughts on “USC Dream A.D. Candidates

  1. Just like this last win…let’s not get head of ourselves. Great win, but let’s see how we do the next couple weeks. Great “resignation,” but let’s see if this committee can smoke a home run.

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  2. As Proud Trojan pointed out per that ‘I love yer backend’ column by Mark Whicker per Steve Lopes…Proud Trojan made note that Lopes sonny boy ‘Matt’ got a ‘football scholarship’ and played in one game for 1 down and was pulled immediately (his words) for being out of position.

    Why isn’t Lopes being hauled in for getting his son (Mattie) that admit and Proud Trojan also noted the kid a job at USC working with daddy in the athletic depts?

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    1. Rusoviet,

      The kid might have had the grades to get into SC. Nothing is done illegally if the kid works in the office. He is considered an intern. Now, if the kid did not meet the minimum standard to get into SC, then that could be a different story. There are some benefits while working at SC.


      1. Got it Pasadena – you’re right per children of employees. Proud Trojan’s post stated the kid had gotten a football scholarship – that’s what drew my attention.


  3. I bet Greg Bryne would leave Alabama for USC, because other the football, what’s the allure of living in that state ? But then again, Byrne walked into a great situation, what exactly makes him special?


      1. Asie from Columbia-SC I know of no other place harder to recruit to than Tucson-AZ for football. Their basketball teams have held their own as have the baseball. Football? They’ve never played in the Rose Bowl game….it is a dumpster fire for head coaches – Larry Smith probably the best they’ve ever had.


    1. On the upside, SC has more to offer than bama. Other than football, bama falls back into oblivion. With SC, they win more championships in different sports and an AD wants that on his belt as well. This is my opinion. Thank you.

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    1. Disagree. I’m sure she understands the significance of football at USC, just as she understands the significance of basketball at North Carolina .


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