Another Lynn Swann Story

A USC administrator told me they were surprised in late July when Lynn Swann skipped Pac-12 media day.

“There was national media there, Larry Scott was there and it was an opportunity to deliver a positive preseason message,” the administrator said. “But he was on a planned vacation or something.”

I doubt this had anything to do with Swann getting fired. But it just showed he had an habit of being an absent athletic director.

26 thoughts on “Another Lynn Swann Story

      1. Kiff, Sark, Clay, Haden, Swann…they have enabled USC to to destroy the axiom that “there’s no such thing as bad publicity” – or, to echo those immortal words (no, not “I can’t wait until November” – although that is very much true this year!): …be in the national discussion…

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      2. James, that is quite a timeline…it has been a rough ride for the last decade.

        Fingers crossed Folt is putting the university, including athletics, on a better path.

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  1. Of course Lynn Swann missed PAC 12 media day, because he couldn’t answer the swarm of questions that would’ve been presented to him. A seasoned Athletic Director would have handled the media as if it were another day at the office. Swann comes out of this looking like the idiot buffoon, that he really is, he’s a transparent fool, who was trying to stay relevant .

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    1. Wolffy is entitled to a victory lap however he needs to get back to work.
      Cheerleading needs attention, stat.


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  2. I’m at the L. A. County Fair. They just had a milking demonstration. It was interesting to see it live unlike reading it here where Scott is milking the Swann termination.
    A side note a young lady had chosen the secluded alcove near the milking auditorium to breastfeed her baby. She had just begun when the demonstration ended. About 150 people came around the corner to witness the miracle of breastfeeding, and I heard an older letch ask if she was part of the demonstration?

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  3. Results should not be the determining factor in firing Clay Helton. If Folt is an astute football strategist, she will see that Helton’s in game IQ is subpar( to say the least). She will also see that Baxter and Pendergast – who does not recruit- are, in the End liabilities and will hamper any progress gained by the younger staff members.

    If Folt does these things, I might get a tattoo of her on my chest.


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      1. Papadakis was pointed in Pete Carroll wanting Jackson as AD to, once again, move back and forth per USC with ‘favors’ or ‘moves’ as well as being seen as the ‘puppet master’ the same ‘puppet master’ that booked in January 2010, just as John Robinson did in 1982, to run to the NFL and avoid having to do the hard work of getting ‘deposed’ and ‘cleaning up’ the mess…..that was left to those ‘left behind’.

        Hope Folt looks long and hard before it’s ‘handed over’ to a ‘friend of Pete’s’

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  4. Lynn Swann was the boss who always told his secretary “I gotta take a leak, be back in a minute”………An hour goes by and Lynn Swann is in Indian Wells playing golf already.



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