Wide Receiver Devon Williams Enters NCAA Transfer Portal

Wide receiver Devon Williams, who has been considered a bright prospect the past two seasons, has entered the NCAA transfer portal.

I first reported this was about to happen at USC247.com this morning.

Williams caught only one pass for 11 yards in two games and was unhappy with his playing time. He fell victim to USC’s big three (Tyler Vaughns, Michael Pittman, Amon-Ra St. Brown) getting most of the receptions.

As an aside, I’m also hearing about discontent with the tight ends over their lack of use in the Air Raid offense. Will future tight ends want to commit after watching it?

36 thoughts on “Wide Receiver Devon Williams Enters NCAA Transfer Portal

  1. Champaign corks popping?

    Ok, not humorous – among the many problems besetting program, loss of talent is not a welcome addition…great to see the players prosper, but hate seeing talent wasted…

    I’m sure this isn’t entirely unique to this regime (I recall Vidal Hazelton and Emmanuel Moody near the end of Pete’s tenure), but it seems like there has been a disproportionately high amount of it…

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    1. Gomer plays favorites, remember the damn center who couldn’t snap the ball to save his life last year ? Wanna bet that if Gomer somehow makes it to next year he’ll make Chuck & Duck the starter even if Slovis kills it ?

      How long until Stepp is in the transfer portal ?

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      1. God forbid he makes it to next year, but if that were to happen…I think your predictions are probably right on the money…

        Toa was a tragedy at center – recall he and Mama were top recruits, and Toa took turns at every position along the line…the stubborn insistence on playing him at center even after it was obviously not working…but that’s what happens when you have poor position coaching…

        Last week was definitely progress, and hopefully that will start an upwards trajectory for Drevno and his charge…but we’ll see, as the greatest challenges await…and soon…

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      2. Reminding me of other big backs that didn’t get enough carries (like Bradford, Washington, Tyler, Johnson, even Lendale at times)…it should be a good problem to have, but as always it’s in the way that the hand is played…like you, hoping they find a way to get him meaningfully involved at the soonest…they seem to have figured out how to use Carr, which is great…but the rest of the load needs to one be expanded as much as possible and two divided between Mal and Stepp…

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    2. James — I can understand Devon being disappointed —he has a ton of talent (but Pittman is slightly the better person to have in the game). As for the tight ends —I love Scott’s approach. They PROBABLY are disappointed, too. It’s very unlikely they’ve said so —but it doesn’t matter—as long as they probably are thinking it, Scott will report it. And they can’t very well deny it —since it’s probably exactly the way they feel…….

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      1. Yeah, disappointment among the wide receivers always makes me think of Patrick Turner and his long wait to get on the field…

        As for the tight ends…that’s been the case for a decade (Harvey Hyde has chewed on that for years)…remember the glorious days of Fred Davis and Dominique Byrd?

        And since we’ve (the larger group included) debated the relative merits and true nature of this offense, and modern offensive football in general…

        Look at how the Pats (Gronk) and Chiefs (Kelce) run these offenses and feature the big 6’6 athletic power forward tight end (Rivers used Gates in much the same way by necessity)…and in fact that goes back to at least Kellen Winslow and Ozzie Newsome (some might say even further to Dave Casper or John Mackey).

        If throwing to the wideouts is sufficient to keep the ball moving, even against the more formidable foes yet to come, that will blunt any murmurs of discontent one would suppose…

        But the criticism is a valid one because not using all of your assets is an unnecessary violation of the fundamental principles of offensive football – attack at all levels (I think in all dimensions – depth, width, height, over time, with motion) to place maximum pressure/to stretch the defense…

        But your point as always is well made – even if speculation, it’s intelligent speculation if only based on observation…

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      2. If Wolf was at all interested in being even-handed or giving people context, he would be reporting that Kyle Ford returned to practice this week. Have you guys seen Kyle Ford? Devin has…

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      3. My dear friend Owns,
        You are too loyal and brave to renounce your commitment to the bruins this weekend, so please allow your buddy (me) to do it for you: I am hereby releasing you from your pick (and score projection) in the UCLA/Oklahoma game. [IF UCLA pulls off the miracle you can still say you called it —-But WHEN they don’t, you can simply join us all online & acknowledge that your pal Michael let you off the hook on the Tuesday prior to the game and you silently acquiesced ]…..


  2. Look for more of this if Gomer doesn’t get his ass booted to the curb, guy has ZERO eye for talent. Hell, if Pittman’s old man hadn’t called Gomer out his kid would have left.

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      1. You shouldn’t let Wolf and these sourpusses ruin the season for you. What these guys are doing is going to be tough to beat and you can either go for the ride or be taken for one. It’s always a choice.

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  3. Can we puhleez stop calling it the “Transfer Portal” and start calling it what it really is: The “I’m not getting enough attention so I am throwing a tantrum room”
    I would say “Who?” but I’ve heard of this kid at least once. too bad for him the team was starting to look up.

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  4. These high school players are committing to USC without realizing that Clay Helton is a bigger Bozo then they thought. But based on recent recruiting, I think the word it out. Oregon Head Coach, Mario Cristobal is taking full advantage of the Trojans recruiting territory, and will continue to do so as long as Bozo is the coach. Arizona State’s Herm Edwards, and a few other PAC 12 coaches should follow Cristobal’s lead, before SC names a new coach.

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  5. The only problem is, Devon Williams is just as good as the starting receivers. I saw him at Spring practice, he is tall and runs like the wind. he catches everything in sight. It will be a loss in the future because Pittman and Vaughns are gone. #8 has one more year and then he will be gone. But in the old days, you had to wait your turn. Kids now a days want instant satisfaction and gratification.

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  6. The fighting Illini have rebuilt their program with the talent Gomer has leaked. The dude misses on talent right in front of his eyes. As Caleb Wilson who was drafted into the NFL. Gomer wouldn’t even offer him a scholarship.

    Faith Family and Favortism… Markese Stepp Lovie Smith needs a RB.

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  7. Bru and Ford loom large. Drake and Munir are no slouches either. Although they have many, many, admirable qualities, patience is non-existent for millennials. I think there needs to be a different outlook for recruits: do your 3 or 4 years, get bigger and faster, avoid as much wear and tear on your body as possible, and, finally, kick tail at the combine or pro day. If you’re at SC, you have talent and you will get a look as long as you peak at the right moment.


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    1. MG- Both College and Pro football have always been a business for either the schools, or the owners. The athlete gets a minuscule piece of the pie. If I were a great RB, WR, DB, heck just about any position on the field, I would prefer there be rotations and injury management. While I break my neck out on the field, compensate me.



  8. MG, I appreciate your magnanimous proposal; I’m truly touched.

    However, as hasty as I may have been to prognosticate the “Shock the World” UCLA 24 – 17 victory vs Oklahoma, I shan’t retract it.

    Since I can still swim (after a fashion), I prefer to sink or swim with Bruin FB team. Besides, the rah-rah/sunshine pimp rat-ta-tit-tat spitballs are always just a “bit high and outside.”

    MG, rest assured, should UCLA prevail I will smile because you really “hate it when I’m right,” – it won’t get any better than that.

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  9. The transfer portal is a legitimate option for talented players to find alternative opportunities to exploit their talents. For example, Ohio State QB Justin Fields (formerly of UGA) , and LSU QB Joe Burrow (formerly of Ohio State), are both being mentioned as Davey O’Brien Award candidates. Burrow has been mentioned as a possible Heisman Trophy candidate. Without the portal, both would be languishing on on the bench of their former Us. Hooray for the TP.!


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