JT Daniels Just Had Knee Surgery?

Clay Helton said tonight JT Daniels underwent knee surgery yesterday.

He got hurt on August 31 so that is more than a month before surgery. Was the swelling that bad?

Usually, USC players have knee surgery 1-2 weeks after an injury.

“I talked to him literally right after the surgery and he was already in the machine that bends your knee back and forth, going 100 miles per hour,” Helton said. “He said, ‘Coach, I’m already 15 degrees ahead of schedule right now.’ So knowing him, he’ll be working daylight ’til dark to get it done.”

So he needed a month before surgery but was in a machine that bends his knee right after the surgery? Helton has a way of gumming up everything.

20 thoughts on “JT Daniels Just Had Knee Surgery?

  1. Unfortunately for JT……..IMO he will never take another snap for USC……assuming the dunce leaves. Hope his knee recovers 100% and he gets a chance to play some football at another school. Best wishes to him.

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  2. That is standard timing for an ACL. Wait 4 weeks for swelling to subside and then in a continuous passive motion machine immediately after surgery to prevent stiffness. No one has ACL reconstruction 1-2 weeks after surgery.

    But the CPM machine doesn’t move “100 miles per hour”. It is slow and painful.

    Slow night, eh Scottie?

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  3. Ridiculous, JT’s knee has suffered serious surgical trauma. And unless JT’s “O” Surgeon is related to Mr. De Sade, I’m thinking JT would still be on steady, antibiotic/nirvana drips and SUCCing on ice chips.


  4. I tore my Achilles tendon and that is the surgery that needs to happen asap. I was on a stationary bike within a couple days of my surgery and never had to rehab.

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    1. Had lateral release surgical procedure and was in physical therapy the next day being forced to do leg lifts and riding an exercise bike to force range of motion, aid in fluid reduction, and most importantly (according to the specialist) to force the quadriceps muscles to contract. The days of putting the patient in a cast and having them avoid any activity for lengthy periods were over a long time ago.

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      1. You answered my question with your comment. I didn’t think Helton was a Dr. so I assumed he was reporting what he was told or saw. This makes Scott’s assertions about mucking up JTs rehab sound silly.
        I’m sure they had the best surgeons doing the repair.


      2. RT
        I can’t imagine that they don’t have among the very best performing procedures for players (especially for top programs/visible sports)? This would be a rare instance where I’d suppose Helton is speaking accurately (as you put it, repeating what he was told)…although I’m sure being able to speak about JT to him is like a drowning man clinging to a life preserver at this point?

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      3. “The days of putting a player in a cast for lengthy period were over a LONG time ago.” Yep, James. That’s why, when I broke my leg playing left half back at Saint Monica’s High School back in the day, they put me in a hard cast for 5 weeks….

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  5. JT Daniels should be visiting some community colleges over the next couple of months, if he truly wants to restart his career. Because he needs an opportunity where the competition, and talent is at a lower level. And he can also walk on at Chapman, Occidental, or Whittier College.

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  6. Helton has a commitment to Daniels that he will start when he recruited him. If he doesnt start him he will never get another QB from MD and Bruce Rollinson. We lost Young becaus we are going to have a heavy backup at the QB position

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  7. Say what you want about Helton, and you will, but he goes to a hospital to wish one of his players well right after surgery. If you posters were ever in a hospital, how many of your friends visited you? Helton sounds like a ‘best friend candidate,’

    But unfortunately coaching apparently requires a more cold, steely approach. John McKay wouldn’t even say hello to me when hailing him on campus. But he would give you a little wink.

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      1. Right, mg. But Fertig was my coach, coached the wide-outs, and he would chew me out. However, off the field he could be very witty. Of course, so was McKay– when on t.v.

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      2. Funny Fertig story for ya, JW: I was asked to leave and not come back to my Comparative Literature class until I could “stop laughing” (for some reason our Professor started reading his own love poems —“I will always recall the warmth of her, the soft of her” —- and I couldn’t believe how bad they were) and, while I was standing in the empty hall, Fertig walked by and asked what I was doing standing outside class. I told him I got kicked out and he thought for a moment and then said, “Gee, I don’t think I’ve heard of that happening here before.”

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      3. I used to really enjoy Craig Fertig’s commentary on the SC football broadcasts. He always seemed so upbeat and projected a great image of SC.

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  8. This is a perfect example of what an idiot Wolf is. There are so many things you can legitimately criticize Helton for, but the timing of a player’s surgery isn’t one of them. He’s so desperate to find negative things to talk about he’ll jump on anything.


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