What Game Plan Adjustments Are Being Made?

I already mentioned USC is 127th nationally with 13 turnovers.

“We just got to take care of the football and I think that solves most of your issues,” Graham Harrell said.

Again, what is Harrell doing differently to make sure the QB doesn’t throw 3 interceptions at a road game? Is he modifying or adjusting the game plan? Or is he just stubbornly following the Air Raid?

And what is he doing differently if Notre Dame drops 8 defenders like BYU and Washington?

  • Former USC wide receiver Devon Williams has officially enrolled at Oregon and started attending classes.

9 thoughts on “What Game Plan Adjustments Are Being Made?

  1. During Halftime of the Washington game, Urban Meyer addressed the problems associated with young qb’s throwing up the middle in a road environment: “I’d have them throwing more stuff to the outside until the 2nd half when they’re warmed up.”

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      1. Ha! You’re right, gt. [Guess there just aren’t enough quarters for some of the guys Helton recruited to warm up]….

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  2. Graham Harrell was a second thought hire for a reason, nobody acknowledged him during the big post season hiring frenzy, when top coordinators, and assistants are hired. He’s just a guy, who played in Mike Leach’s system. And btw, has anybody noticed the job Tee Martin is doing at Tennessee? That whole staff will be fired at the end of the season, and their head coach may go before them. Just another example of Clay Helton not knowing what the hell he’s doing, and his inability to select effective coaches .

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    1. Adjustments to the earphone part of the headset. This allows Helton to change the call from booth. And then allows Harrell to claim he’s calling the shots even if nobody’s hearing them.

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  3. The only thing that gets adjusted is Helton’s facial expression. For the entire season, the first play is a pass. No power football. I am sick of seeing just one back in the backfield being tackled for a 5 yard loss, while the opposing team’s running back and qb are running for 10 yards every time they run the ball.

    the only adjustment that needs to be made is firing Helton and his band of assistants, especially Pendergast.

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