The CEO Of Penalties And Turnovers

Clay Helton was going to be a CEO this season, no longer burdened with calling plays or focusing on the offense.

His job would be things like penalties and turnovers.

  • USC ranks 116th in penalties after five games.
  • USC ranks 127th in turnovers with 13. There are only 130 FBS teams in the nation.

It’s amazing how Helton can ruin any area he touches.

10 thoughts on “The CEO Of Penalties And Turnovers

  1. Every day that Helton remains head coach of USC football is the fault of Carol Folt and Max Nikias’ old special assistant, Dave Roberts.


  2. Here’s a few more stats

    USC is 74th in the nation in scoring, averaging fewer points per game than Army

    USC is 90th in rushing offense, 26th in passing offense. The Passing offense sounds good except when you consider that we are 7th in the nation in passing in the 1st half, and 54th in the nation in passing in the 2nd half. Sounds like someone is adjusting and it’s not us.

    USC is 46th in the nation on 3rd and short, worse than Arizona. 71st on 3rd and medium, and 79th overall in 3rd down conversions.

    USC is 107th on red zone conversions.

    USC is dead last, 123rd in red zone attempts by opponents and 50th in red zone attempts defended. Meaning we give up a TON of scoring opportunities and are only mediocre at stopping them. It FEELS like we’re better at stopping them simply because there are so damn many.

    USC is 93rd in rushing defense 78th in passing defense for 84th on defense overall.

    Once again USC is one of the most penalized teams in football at 116th in the nation. Before you blame P12 refs, Oregon is 7th in the nation.

    What’s also interesting is we are terrible against explosive plays. USC is 106th in the nation at preventing plays of 10 or more yards, 75th at preventing plays of 20 or more yards, and 92nd at preventing plays of 30 or more yards.

    The only stat where we are performing fairly well is offensive plays over 30 yards, where we are 17th.

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    1. karma — Coach Helton has just issued a very frank and thoughtful rebuttal to your post. “A lot of teams came in 90th in rushing. Please don’t act like we’re the only one. Same goes for Red Zone conversions — at least 35 other teams came in 107th. To all who say that my reply is mathematically impossible, I say what difference does it make?”

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  3. Scott, please stop providing this insight. An NFL source told me that Clay reads your blog everyday, so we do not want him to be aware of these failures. We need him to continue failing.

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  4. You can look at the behavior on the sidelines and realize this team lacks focus and discipline. Jack Jones was ridiculous at it , and now kids celebrating when they are down by 14 pts when they make one good play? Come on man!

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    1. Pac12,
      I think you’re making much too much out of a little thing like the scoreboard. Our players know there is a deeper meaning to football —like demonstrating individual freedom in the way they wear their uniforms or yelling at the QB when they jump offsides or celebrating a meaningless play as though it were on par with beating Notre Dame in the final second…..

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  5. I would blame the penalties on the NCAA’s hatred of USC, but even the NCAA can’t rig stupid penalties. Every team has a false start now and then and an overzealous hit makes good replay juice.
    A double number on a kickoff calls back a touchdown? Stupid! Excessive celebrations after a touchdown? Stupid! Illegal wedge on a kickoff? Baxter stupid. The NCAA couldn’t make this stuff up.
    The body slam penalty maybe NCAA, Roughing the passer questionable call that’s more likely the NCAA, but that’s my point USC doesn’t need help with penalties the refs got it covered.
    In South Bend our linemen could get flagged for passing wind on cold day and don’t expect the refs to cover their contempt up. I can hear it now, “Salse Fart number 74 offense.” As we march 5 yards back through a cloud of steam and cheek wiggle.


  6. As an impartial observer…….well…mostly…

    Sounds like a BIGGER problem with the D. Looks like the DC is just mailing it in. Sort of like Callaway. Just drawing a paycheck. Hates to recruit. Doesn’t feel that he should have to recruit-it’s for lessers. Arrogant sob if you ax me. Has had years to develop Willie Mike and
    Sam( with 5*!) and it ain’t happening. Not this year anyway.


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