Kedon Slovis Back With First Team

I hear Kedon Slovis took most of the first-team snaps at Monday’s practice, which only confirms the coaches really, really want Slovis to start vs. Notre Dame.

“I think Kedon’s a special player . . . when he does get healthy I plan on playing him,” Graham Harrell said Monday.

5 thoughts on “Kedon Slovis Back With First Team

    1. The lines going to breakdown no matter who plays quarterback, so who cares? I’m pretty sure Notre Dame has some players who will get to the quarterback, and that’s USC’s weak spot


  1. Slovis 5 Td’s 4 Int’s.. A special Player who throw picks like a landscaper tearing out grass.

    FYI: A special Player is one that doesn’t choke against a 2-3 team on the road.


  2. Slovis is a good frosh QB, not the Messiah. So far, Harrell is a mediocre OC, and quite a bit less than that against better than average defenses. Unless, Slovis plays out of his mind, Harrell has a breakout game calling plays and making O adjustments and Helton shows up without his head in his ass, ND will walk all over the Trojans.


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