A Passionate Defense Of Clay Helton

If the USC athletic dept. wanted to craft a defense of Clay Helton, it would sound exactly like this:


19 thoughts on “A Passionate Defense Of Clay Helton

  1. Tell ’em, Yogi. I have been preaching this all year and I get nothing but bitter anti-Helton responses from posters and the blogger.

    The John McKay and Pete Carroll eras were mind-blowing and I lived it up because I knew they would not last. SC will never see that kind of domination again, times have changed, and good footballers are going to schools all over the country, which means many schools are loaded with talent.

    So I take the wins when they come, and take the losses not so terribly hard. There is always a game next week that I look forward to.

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    1. You sir are exactly why USC is in the place that they are now, brain dead rah rah’s willing to accept a shit product because the ” McKay and PC years won’t last ”

      Fuck you you rah rah piece of shit and fuck that poofer Yogi ” Rub some dirt on it ” Roth as well

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      1. You are a poser fan and a troll. The fact Scottie doesn’t kick you off here speaks volumes.

        Puff up, you Internet tough guy.


  2. Then why can ‘bama and Clemson still do it. Why are we losing recruits from SoCal to other programs around the country. Only those who wish to be mediocre accept the parity argument. I agree with what budda says, just not how he said it.

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      1. Exactly right, we’re a blue blood but blue bloods will go through hard times, you can ask Mama, OU & Clemson especially. It all comes down to who’s caring for the program, & the Self Storage guy did us no favors.

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    1. If Helton was in a DeNiro movie, Helton would have been one of those guys DeNiro whacked after whining to him not to whack him.

      DeNiro is awesome.



  3. i will not support this cult any longer. usc is a blueblood that can recruit any player it wants west of texas, while still being able to lure some of the best players in texas, florida and georgia. and, the football program still sucks. what a waste of time and talent the past 10 years have been.


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