USC Morning Buzz: Those Two Losses Are Not Holding Up

This item is a tribute to Yogi Roth‘s homage to USC last week.

What if I told you the team USC lost to last week would lose to Stanford on Saturday night with its No. 3 quarterback playing the last quarter-and-a-half?

What if I told you the team that beat USC last week was “a national contender every year” according to Roth, would muster 13 points against Stanford?

How about if I added in Washington was a 17-point favorite over the Cardinal and produced 294 yards in total offense?

How about if I added in the other team that beat USC, BYU, is 2-3 and lost to Toledo. Would you believe that?

Remember, Roth said USC is “a team that rebuilt its culture and schemes under Clay Helton.”

But its losses are not holding up too well are they? Maybe Washington had a USC hangover? That can be Roth’s speech next week.

22 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Those Two Losses Are Not Holding Up

  1. Scott’s right —the 2 teams USC lost to are hardly world beaters. On the other hand, USC has already beaten 2 of the teams that beat the teams we lost to (Stanford which beat Washington and Utah which beat BYU).

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  2. Actually, Scottie accidentally unearthed a gold nugget. Teams often lose their next game after playing SC because they went balls-out against the Trojans and didn’t have much left for the following week.

    Also, the home team seems to have a substantial advantage these days. In basketball I understand why, but not sure why in a football game.

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    1. John — I’m sure you’ve heard the theory that refs, consciously or unconsciously, try to keep the home crowd happy. A well timed illegal block or holding call can make all the difference at the end of close game.
      [This theory doesn’t hold up at the Rose Bowl cuz, well, there’s only so much the refs can do].

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      1. Alv —How much class did Notre Dame show by kicking a 25 yard field goal against hapless Bowling Green when they were already up 35 -0 at home…?

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    1. No, PJM. Roth is a wise prophet-person who knows more about everything than you or I can ever hope to.

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  3. This is so PAC-12 football. No one is hungry enough to push it week in and week out. There’s a lack of ….drive in the mundane week in week out games. Stanford shouldn’t even of been close to winning this game. Cal and Oregon looked like shit. AZ and ASU look like shit but have only one loss. USC will likely win the PAC-12 because ….Clay Helton’s luck will kick in.

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    1. I was totally with you up til the “Helton Luck” part, Omarstringer. When the Athletic Director who protected you, the QB you are in man-love with and your top new prospect for QB all desert you (along with umpteen 4 & 5 star receivers), your name and the word luck shouldn’t appear in the same sentence. But, as for the bit about no Pac 12 team wanting to push it week after week (the way USC used to and Alabama, LSU and Clemson still do), you couldn’t be more right…

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  4. Hey! That means Stanford’s getting better, and USC is getting worse. That means Stanford has a better coach than USC. That means Dave Shaw (3-0 in his last three games) coached up 2nd and 3rd string QBs and an offensive line that consists of 5 ( yes 5) freshmen due to injuries enough to knock off UW a ranked team. Go figure. Maybe SC needs a better coach.

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    1. As a general rule, Stanford’s teams always get better as the season progresses. [As opposed to what we saw USC do last season without Sam]….

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  5. Still never understood all the love Washington annually gets. They have proved yet again that they are nothing special. Washington was a beatable team last weekend. The PAC12 continues to feast on itself.

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    1. Omarstringer called it. There was no way USC was going to push it to the limits 2 weeks in a row. Utah was a nice win. We didn’t expect to beat Washington too.

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