Brian Kelly Loves USC’s Defense

USC received 5 votes in the AP Top 25 poll. Who is voting for USC? Yogi Roth?

  • Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly said this morning that USC has “probably the best defense we’ve faced from the USC Trojans since maybe I’ve been here.”

I can’t say I agree.

28 thoughts on “Brian Kelly Loves USC’s Defense

      1. Michael, I just wonder how the offense would have been if JT did not gone down. I know CH has said his quarterbacks could all play anywhere, but I think JT could have done better in this system than Slovis and Fink.

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      2. Dude —We’re probably the only two people who think that….. but, yeah. Helton’s dream was to insert J. T. into a Graham Harrell offense (well, actually it was more than a plan —- he DID insert J.T. into a Harrell offense—one without an 0-line]……

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  1. Hey Blogger,

    How about some awesome USC – Notre Dame memories and stories this week? Do some digging and find some good ones for the week of the Greatest Intersectional Rivalry game in the history of college football!

    Fight On!
    Beat the Irish!


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    1. In 1970 & 71, USC wasn’t very good, but they beat ND twice in convincing fashion. Why ? Because McKay had the brains to see that he had to make adjustments against ND to beat them. In 1970 he dropped 8 and dared Theisman to beat him in a downpour, he didn’t. In 1971 he went deep to Edesel Garrison twice and won 28-14 in South Bend. SC beat some other ranked teams in those two years but in general they just were just an average team. Mckay saw that his recruiting wasn’t up to par and demanded his staff recruit bigger & faster players, and in 1972 they blew everyone away, imagine ANY of this happening with the current head coach and staff.

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      1. That was a great game. Garrison is one of the most underrated Trojans. Great speed – I think he was also a hurdler? Thx for this post.

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    2. 1970 – truly the best – I know all will go on about AD Davis and the 2nd half comeback but for me it was 1970….Theismann telling the nationals TV announcers is name was now to rhyme with ‘Heisman; instead of ‘Haysman’….

      Got tied by NE and lost to: Stanford, OR, Cal and truly routed by bel-air tech but man oh man in came the alcoholics ranked # 2 with all their subway alumni in tow (bel-air tech clowns)….

      Remember looking through El Rodeo and the season with page after page of loss and misery and then that page on the right that read “…..and then there was Notre Dame.” and on the left was that photo of John Vella with that huge grin on his face.

      Doesn’t matter to me as long as we win – Helton has no support aside from his coaching staff and his family….if we win Harrell will get the credit and rightly should.


    1. Kelly: “To score 9 touchdowns against this defense is amazing! Nothing on film indicated we could run outside on them!”

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  2. When Kelly said, “probably the best defense we’ve faced from the USC Trojans since maybe I’ve been here” I think he meant it’s the best defense to score on since he’s been here. He’s ready to impress the pollsters.

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  3. Yeah ok Brian…

    Coach speak: Your defense sucks, we gonna run, we gonna pass, we gonna have the refs make at least 8 bad calls against you, and penalize you at least 15 times, and you can expect several questionable spots for easy 1st downs.

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    1. Sounds like the right game plan.


  4. I have read several comments in this section and one other and it’s been nothing but living in the 70’s to make yourself feel good, whining about Trojan footballs poor performance or hating on Notre dame. Sad! Some of you guys/gals need to get out of your mom’s basement and get some sunshine and then a life.


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