The Notre Dame Dilemma For USC Fans

It’s Notre Dame-USC week and I recommend any fan who has the time/money attend a game in South Bend if possible.

But here we go again with the usual dilemma for USC fans: Of course you want to beat your traditional rival, especially in Notre Dame Stadium. The first time I saw USC beat Notre Dame there in 1997, it was such a big deal that Hue Jackson jumped on the back of a reporter (not me, thankfully) in his post-game celebration.

However, if USC beats Notre Dame on Saturday, what does that do for Clay Helton? Some insiders tell me nothing. But beating the No. 9 team in the nation on their home field on national TV has to mean something.

So do you want to win?

Or do you want to get rid of Helton?

Personally, this is no dilemma at all. Just watch the lame Pac-12 to see how quickly a good coach could dominate the conference with USC’s talent. And that talent is declining if Helton stays.

  • Notre Dame is a 10.5-point favorite over USC.
  • Do you think Florida regrets not hiring Chip Kelly? The Gators are 6-0 this season and 16-3 under Dan Mullen, who got hired after Kelly turned down Florida for UCLA. Kelly is 4-14.

36 thoughts on “The Notre Dame Dilemma For USC Fans

    1. Root for the Trojans of course which will not matter with that lousy
      coach Helton. Many rooted for Paul Hackett to lose in 1999 or 2000
      to get him fired. What happened 2 yrs. ago back there? Fire Helton on
      the tarmac at LAX early Sunday morning.


    2. Honestly Im a Irish fan through and through, and I agree. I dont care how bad it is, I could NEVER rout for my Irish to lose intentionally in theit most hated rivalry match-up of the season! I mean USC’s coach is getting 🔥ed no matter what the outcome! Although, as a dedicated fan, you ALWAYS will be happy if my team beats our most hated and fiered rival! Bottom Line!!!! GO IRISH!
      NOTRE DAME-45


  1. I want USC to win, I don’t think they will and if they do lose you almost want it to be a massive beat down on national TV to hasten the departure of the worst coach USC has ever had.

    But hey, USC’s best days are behind them, they’ll never dominate like they did under PC, just enjoy the wins as they come these days, so said John Wolcott

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    1. Guess you didn’t catch my late retort yesterday, BK:

      Stop the press! Bad-Boy buddakarma (BK) has flipped and decided to go civil. So see, I am now engaging you, but don’t look for ‘no ring.’ And by the way, subtle humor better suits you, BK. Keep it up.

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      1. Theory: The Pac 12 has had a bad impact on karma —- he’ll be nothing but smarts and class for three weeks ….and then….


    2. To say USC will neve dominate ever again the way Pete did is foolish/stupid.
      If Urban Meyer is hired he may set the record for most consecutive wins in pac12 conference play. Who stands in front of Urban Meyer in the Pac 12?
      Stanford? Ummm…….Helton’s spanked those nerds a few times. Washington? Ummmm…….We don’t face them enough to worry about them but I’m sure “3 Ring Meyer” would welcome the challenge.
      3 Ring?
      Since you need a quick schooling 1,2,3. The number of National Championship Rings that the next USC Coach will bring with him before he DOMINATES THE PAC 12 FOR 6 YEARS OR SO.

      Love Pete.
      But the times are different day (Playoffs).
      Different time but same weak Pac 12 to dominate.


  2. Of course, I want USC to win, but nature will take its inevitable course and USC will lose. ND can play a good (not great) game, and USC’s mistakes, porous defense, and lackluster offense will be enough to ensure their victory. That being said, I seriously doubt a win in South Bend will save CH’s job. I’m certain the university is already looking with the early recruiting signing date approaching.

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    1. If you promise that, whatever the result, USC is already looking for it’s next coach then I definitely want USC to upset Notre Dame big time…

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      1. I hear ya. I think Helton is gone no matter what after the season. I think it’s just time, and time for USC to hit a home run hire to turn this thing around. If we put together a strong performance like last year against ND, I think there’s a fighting chance for a big road upset. Of course that’s me just hoping. If we do upset, no way does that bolster Helton’s status. He’s a goner.

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      2. Agreed. The only thing a victory over Notre Dame would bolster is attendance at Helton’s going away party…..

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      1. gt — The only thing missing from your and 67’s “Perfect Season”? UCLA gives Chip a 5 year extension…

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      2. 67 —I don’t know about the buyout, my bud —but I do surely hope we aren’t the team that helps them get to 2-10….


  3. It’s not just a nd dilemma, it’s an every game dilemma this season. Hopefully USC will hire a qualified AD for a change and then we won’t have to worry about this. Any Experienced and competent AD will hire a new football head coach

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  4. As Rick Neuheisel said on thet CBS college football mid-week show 3 weeks ago when the guests, including him, were asked what are the 5 words to be conscious of Neuheisel said, without missing a beat: “Don’t take the ucla job.”

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  5. Me thinks Helturd’s fate is already sealed.

    That being said, can never root for our players to lose.

    Not in my DNA, nor should it be.

    Hope the Trojans kick the living crap out of Book and the Iwish.

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  6. Clay Helton has to go. I’m don’t like seeing him fired but I don’t think that he is the one to ever bring this team back to glory and I’m trying to look at what could happen if he stays. Imagine this scenario: SC wins 9 or 10 games this year. They decide to keep Clay Helton. UCLA wins only 2 or 3 games this year and Kelly gets fired. Meyer wants to get back into coaching and he says to himself…..”I’ve got as much access to the SoCal recruiting goldmine at UCLA as I do at USC. Both schools are sitting on top of that goldmine”. As a result, he decides to become the next UCLA   HC. Now we have a local rivalry between Clay Helton and Urban Meyer. How often do you think SC is going to win that rivalry?


  7. How is that even a valid question?

    Fight on! Beat the Irish!

    (Regarding ucla: it’s title IX – they cannot do the work on the ground cost-wise required to stay competitive. That’s why their recruiting classes are low, and why Chip is having such a tough time with no QB this season especially. Unfortunately this is likely to be the norm from here on out for Westwood high).


  8. First Helton would need to drop 55 on Notre Dame with no score from the leper cons. That ain’t gonna happen. Anyone who thinks it will happen is a bigger rah rah than I am. Second I don’t think even Urban can repair UCLA, so they can take a shot but he likes winning.




  10. Well we will see what happens. I wish you Guys the Best. But as I always say. Put God First and he will do the rest for you. Go Irish


  11. Here is my take, SC beats ND and Thug U aka ruinville. That satisfies the SC crowd. Then let Helton coach the rest of the games and let the chips lie where they fall. If he wins, fine, if he loses, fine, he is gone.


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