USC-Notre Dame Picture Of The Night

USC players celebrate after Frank Jordan (3) hits field goal with 2 seconds left to give the Trojans a 27-25 victory over Joe Montana-led Notre Dame at the Coliseum in 1978.

41 thoughts on “USC-Notre Dame Picture Of The Night

  1. A year after the green shirt debacle.

    1978 , certainly among the most talented Trojan teams. Charles White, Marcus Allen, Ronnie Lott, Anthony Munoz. I believe that almost all of the starters were drafted and played in the NFL.

    Not sure how they lost to ASU that year…but still a share of the national championship.

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    1. 67 —When Scott runs these old photos it reminds of the days when, during UCLA week or Notre Dame week, The Herald Examiner and the Los Angeles Mirror Sports sections would run photos of past rivalry game highlights throughout the entire week —to bring everybody to a crescendo on Saturday. It’s real nice that Scott keeps that tradition going.

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      1. Me too, Dude. Karl was a fricking genius at what he did.
        [I know a guy who has some of that original artwork by Karl —brilliant stuff]….

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      2. MG, what’s the deal with that chump lightweight JuJu?

        ***”There was a scary, scary moment in the Pittsburgh Steelers-Baltimore Ravens game on Sunday afternoon when Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph was drilled on the chin by Ravens safety Earl Thomas and was immediately knocked out.” Out on his feet as it were!

        “Rudolph fell to the ground and his head took another massive hit as it hit the turf.”

        “It was so upsetting that teammate JuJu Smith-Schuster was in tears on the field.” WTF

        #The Jets are 0 – 4, soon to be 0 – 6 and the Piglet is collecting his paychecks in his bedroom.

        Has JuJu publically shed tears for the Piglets ill-fortune; if not, why not?


      1. Here’s how the 2005 team lost the Texas game: Suckiffian left Heisman Trophy winner Reggie Bush on the sidelines on 4th and one.


      1. Rusoviet, Yes, ’67 was a great year in the draft as well. ’67 was the year of the first game that I saw as a kid (Trojans-ND). Graduation date was ’80.

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    2. Arizona State had a a tough team and an even tougher head coach, Frank Kush. The Trojans would be undefeated this year with a coach like Kush.


    3. Marcus was a frosh and was only on special teams. But yes, team was full of NFLers, even Ronnie Lott as a soph didn’t start until game 4.

      Lost to ASU due to losing all the centers … 7 fumbled snaps 5 lost. A back up nose guard was the center. That and ASU was pretty good and beyond jacked that night.

      ND game was classic … SC dominated until final 7 minutes and then Montana went crazy ( Robo started subbing on D too early as it turned out, giving up two quick TD’s to get ND in game). Amazing FG to win it and big completion from McDonald to Sweeney ( McDonald hurt an ankle very early in game, and reason SC stopped throwing, and would miss next game at Hawaii). What a game it was


  2. A funny thing about Little Petey Pom-Pom is his ugly defeats seem to overwhelm his major victories.

    I’m Just wondering what the Rah – Rah’s and Pimps think was Little Petey’s worst coaching choke job?

    1) The UCLA 13 to 9 choke defeat!

    2) The up 12 points with 10 minutes to go vs Tixas, Little Petey snatches ignominious defeat from the jaws of a NC victory.

    3) The Seahawks are approximately 15″ from Patriot endzone and a 2nd Super Bowl victory, and Little Petey calls a sassy, fatuous pass play that NE intercepts and ices the Patriots 5th or 6th SB victory.

    #Cast a vote Clownsters.


    1. I’m not sure anybody sees those games quite the way do, old buddy.
      UCLA played their hearts out in that 13 to 9 win. Hats off to them —they beat a great team fair and square. As for the other two games, in one Pete played it too safe and, in the other, gambled unnecessarily….
      It happens….

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      1. MG you’re (I hope this is correct ’86) playing the mitigation card damn hard.

        All Little Petey and the bozos had to do to receive a lock invitation to the BCS Championship bowl game was defeat the 6 – 5 Bruins at the RB.

        That’s the game Little Petey should’ve won 50 – 0.

        #littlepeteytripsstumpesandfalls- big time!

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      2. It’s not like a bruin to bring up a score featuring the numbers 50 and 0.
        As much as I hate saying this (forgive me Cal75) you were right on that one, Owns. [In his defense, I think Cal75 was reading the sentence the wrong way]…..

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    2. What I like is that 1969 basketball game when the peckerwood went nuts….that was so sweet to watch especially watching Nellie screaming at the USC players….what other Divison 1 head coach has his wife ‘playing the man’ instead of him?

      It was so sweet….first loss at the Pauley Pavilion aka ‘sunken water treatment plant’ and there’s Nellie going nuts….

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      1. Gosh “Pinkywood” what a memory. It’s such a bozo BB exploit to defeat UCLA BB that the bozos hang “We beat UCLA” flags with the winning score and date of each game win from the Galen Barn rafters.

        Now “Pickywood” remind the blog which of those teams sat in front of a TV and watched the other team win the ’69 NCAA BB NC?


      2. Actually, I just caught myself off base, Owns. The way I answered your question makes USC into the team paid in cocaine, etc. [I feel a little like the character in American Graffiti who screams out the car window “you’re even uglier than me!”]…

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    3. Just Puke,

      I remember Carson Palmer bombing ugly like 52-0 and then ugly surrendering the game before it started and the final score was 50-0. U Clowns Lose Again and Again and Again and Again…………..


  3. Thanks, MG, you’re too kind because ’86 should know it’s boorish to butt halfway into a conversation and offer Basil Fawlty pedantic advice.


    1. It’s worse than that, Owns — The way I interpret my answer to your interrogatory, I trashed my own school without knowing it….

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    2. Hey white bread ever been anywhere outside of the ‘DNC’ hqrs in WEHO? Come on you can try to be a ‘man’ but hey there’s always ‘Nellie’ manning up for the ‘peckerwood’…man did that skank do that or what? Good night she was butt ugly


      1. Oh noooooooooo, “Pinkywood” is pissed both ways.

        Too much fury from a 5th bottle of Nightrain!

        “Pinkywood,” one thing Wooden never did or had to do was employ a coveted recruits Ta – Ta to land that specific recruit.


  4. Just Puke,

    That is why Sam gilbert paid for the girls abortions that were associated with the most cheetin’ team in the world, the ugly ruins of ugly.


      1. As soon as that pole cat Johnny Cheetin’ Wooden left with no time to spare, the NCAA placed Thug U aka ruinville on probation. I am sure Gene Bartow did not sign up for carrying the bags of that no good bum, Wooden.


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