USC Morning Buzz: Conditions For Change Could Not Be Better

Is there ever a better time to make a coaching change based on the state of the Pac-12?

If USC hired the right coach for next season would there even need to be a grace period?

Who scares you in the Pac-12? Who will be markedly better next season?

Every season is different but if USC hires a good coach and is able to rebuild the current recruiting class there is no reason USC cannot be one of the favorites next season. On top of everything, a new coach might even have an open QB competition. Imagine that.

By the way, Urban Meyer went 8-3 in his first season at Bowling Green, 10-2 his first season at Utah, 9-3 his first season at Florida and 12-0 his first season at Ohio State.

He was 46-6 in his second season at those schools.

  • USC and UCLA were tied for last in the Pac-12 in red-zone offense entering last weekend. The Trojans scored 14 times in 19 opportunies (73.7 percent).

Is it possible one reason is the offense relies so much on deep passes to score that it runs into problems near the goal line? With three tall receivers (Michael Pittman, Tyler Vaughns, Drake London) you would think a jump-ball play would work in the corner of the end zone. Someone inform Graham Harrell.

25 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Conditions For Change Could Not Be Better

  1. Happy Monday, sources around are saying ND has a soft schedule and Saturday against a badly overmatched opponent the TV announcers of the ND game apologized for having to play teams like Stanford and USC. Helton is 1 & 3 against the Irish and partially responsible for their coach keeping his job. I know many posting want Helton Tarmaced Saturday night. I’d rather see that happen today and a replacement given a week to prepare.
    Unfortunately if flying a plane towing a banner saying Fire Helton, wasn’t enough writing his demise won’t help either.

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  2. The flames lapping at Gomer’s ass will be even higher if he gets blown out on Saturday.

    Meyer is the obvious choice to replace the current boob, hopefully USC can see it and make the hire

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    1. Karma–
      “Meyer is the obvious choice.” Yes, he’d be perfect. He’s won on every level as Scott points out [Wow –SCOTT HELPING TO PUMP UP FANS for their next potential coach — good things might come from that]. What you’re not factoring in, unfortunately, is the way USC’s “brain trust” does business these days [e.g., “We don’t want to end up dealing with a guy who thinks he knows everything —we want a guy who knows his place in the fricking pecking order”].
      At BEST, expect USC to offer the job to someone like James Franklin or Kyle Wittingham — guys Helton has beat, guys that will produce records pretty much the same or just a notch above Helton’s…..

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    2. So succinctly put, USC needs a boob reduction. I’m sorry I just can’t stop thinking about how else to put it. After the first few games, is there any coach that you would retain, or do we make a hog outa our sow and cut off all the boobs?


  3. I’m sure Myers would do well at SC, however, I have two concerns in his hiring:

    His health and his checkered past history. That sends caution.


    1. He’s had the brain issue forever and if Nikias can still be at USC with all his baggage why not Meyer ? SC has Mr Clean Bible Thumper now, how is that working out ?

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    2. pt –I always respect your opinion but I don’t think it’s exactly fair to say Meyer’s history is checkered. It really shouldn’t be up to a coach to report domestic problems based on hearsay. It’s probably better to leave that reporting responsibility to percipient witnesses. Helton, on the other hand, has never been asked how people assigned to him as walk-ons never saw the practice field. Urban was never involved in admissions crap like that as far as I know.


    3. I doubt this is a lead pipe cinch – Myers – like to see it happen but I doubt it what with all the bad publicity per the scandals. Thankfully sanctimonious Haden has no say in this hire – could see him and his ‘umbrage’ of even considering Myer then again Myer isn’t the type of personality Haden could ever have controlled.

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      1. Alv — Ya gotta admit that it’s funny that USC thinks they can win with a coach that “can be controlled”……

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  4. The change has to happen well before the December signing date. At the very least, right after the last game of the year. Give those 5 stars committed elsewhere something to think about before they sign elsewhere. Recruiting can’t get any worse, only better with a new coach.

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  5. Technically, USC has enough talent to go undefeated in the PAC 12 right now, but only because the conference is weak. Either Clay Helton didn’t really want the job, or he’s too hard headed to surround himself with the right people. Because if he would’ve hired experienced top coordinators , then it might’ve worked out for him .

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  6. There’s no reason to speculate if CH will do enough to keep his job, or to justify hiring UM. Under CH, USC Football has grossly underachieved. The team is an also-ran in a weak conference, and light years from being competitive in CFB’s top two tiers. If that is not enough, athletic department revenues/profits, to which football is overwhelmingly the largest contributor, continues to slide. Furthermore, there’s no end in sight to these trends.

    Why UM? He’s one of the top 3 coaches in the the nation, and HE’S AVAILABLE! Moreover, because of his very public mishap at OSU, NOW IS THE BEST TIME TO HIRE HIM! He is no marginal for error at his next coaching gig. He has to be on his best behavior or risk becoming the next CFB coaching pariah like Hugh Freeze and Art Briles. He will be on his best behavior, or else.

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  7. Oh yeah. There’s is one other thing re: why USC has to hire UM. If they don’t, ND might. UM gravitates toward blue blood football programs (e.g., Florida and OSU) with rich traditions, national reputations, a strong fan base, and great institutional support. With that in mind, it’s no secret ND supporters have expressed frustration with BK over not being able consistently and successfully compete at a national championship level, with Alabama, Clemson, OU, and UGA. UM, who was an assistant at ND, could (no, he would) be the answer. . .

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    1. It wouldn’t be fun to see Helton go up against Saban AND Meyer next year….

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    2. No he isn’t going to ‘the princess’ he leveraged their interest in him 15 years ago for the FL job….he played them smooth. In 2004 ‘the princess’ non-athletic admin had control over the players then – something Myer didn’t like that and the ‘academic standards’ – since the con man Kelly arrived he’s wrestled it with Swarbrick’s blessings and the dean of the school and as to the ‘academic standards’ funny when they win it’s never brought up – only when they lose.

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