Around The Pac-12 (Updated)

  • The Arizona schools are 4-1? After everyone trashed Arizona for losing to Hawaii?
  • Oregon State is beating UCLA, 21-0, in the first quarter. Check the attendance. UCLA’s two smallest crowds at the Rose Bowl were vs. Oregon State.
  • Fire Chip Kelly? He won’t get a passionate defense from Yogi Roth because Kelly coaches at UCLA instead of USC.
  • Oregon couldn’t score a point in the first half vs. Cal and trailed 7-0. Oregon has a Heisman Trophy candidate at QB (Justin Herbert) while Cal has its backup (Devon Modster).
  • Did you see tailback Nathan Tilford scored the winning TD for Arizona? USC offered him when he was an eighth grader.
  • UPDATED: The official UCLA-Oregon State attendance tonight was 48,532. That sounds as dishonest as USC. The smallest crowd for UCLA at the Rose Bowl was 32,513 in 1992 vs. Oregon State.
  • Look at the stadium 10 minutes before kickoff.
  • Oregon State wins easily, 48-31.
  • Meanwhile, Stanford is actually giving Washington a tough time and leads 13-10 at halftime.

27 thoughts on “Around The Pac-12 (Updated)

    1. You dumb shit w/that inane grin. Ruins lose at home by 17 to OSU not
      Ohio St. Get the hell out of here and cry with the other dumb f*ck 8


      1. You called this one, 67. This go around has been such a disaster that Chip has actually reduced his chances of even going back to the booth to parade his slender learning……

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  1. If Swann were still around I’d be worried that he was thinking of a masterstroke…….hire Chip……at a substantial raise of course…….ten year contract.

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  2. bruins D gives up 14 passing TDs in the last 2 games, and one of the opponents is Oregon State.


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    1. My brother in law tells me there couldn’t have been more than 25,000 at the Rose Bowl. Somebody needs to do a head count by photograph —I’m pretty sure UCLA set a record today…

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      1. 67 —UCLA isn’t using NEW math in calculating attendance —they’re using NO math. No one believes they came anywhere near 49,000 today. It was a “toy” attendance figure……

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  3. UCLA will be getting a new Athletic Director next year, so hopefully they’ve learned their lesson about hiring one with zero football experience.


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