Meanwhile On USC Recruiting Front

Four-star linebacker Jordan Banks of Narbonne committed to Arizona State today, the latest example of a player USC recruited choosing an out of state school. At least Banks didn’t pick an SEC school.

20 thoughts on “Meanwhile On USC Recruiting Front

  1. Banks going to ASU is no surprise, Antonio Pierce is the Linebackers Coach, he is a dynamic up and coming recruiter, another Tosh Lupoi in the making.
    He was the head coach at LB Poly for four years and discouraged his players from going to SC. He placed 32 players in Div I schools and has an intense dislike for SC.

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    1. He sounds like a legit POS who wishes he could have played at USC. He never did and now he hates them.
      Ha. Just kidding but seriously he didn’t take anyone from USC. Right now USC is giving players away. Nobody’s out recruiting the Trojans. Helton and Pendergast are toxic to high school players and their parents want no part of them.

      Juju Smith Schuster (5-Star Athlete) and Jack Jones (5-Star Cornerback) were the best players he had during his career at Long Beach Poly.

      Pierce is ok. If he was Tosh Lupoi he would have been able to yank Justin Flowe.


  2. I continue to think USC will upset Notre Dame next week. But my confidence is a bit shaken by what Scott and others have alluded to: USC basically TOOK THIS WEEK OFF. Notre Dame, given the gimme game they have scheduled for tomorrow, practiced FOR USC ALL THIS WEEK. Notre Dame might actually be more ready to play US next week than we are to PLAY THEM …..even though WE had a bye week to get ready —and they didn’t.
    The thing that will always astound me is Helton’s remark about how “practicing too physically might hurt a team.” I suppose that’s theoretically possible (even though no SEC school subscribes to that philosophy). But surely Helton’s noticed that practicing too lightly, rather than too physically, HAS killed his teams several times in the last 3 years…..

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    1. ND has to win. If SUCCX wins ND is out of any NC tournament consideration. SUCCX is the closest thing to a FCS cupcake ND schedules.

      Clown U merely needs to show up with a pre-determined loser excuse and stick their fake sword in the grass.


      1. It’s not a fake sword.
        [Owns –Did you know that Clancy Pendergast reads Scott’s blog? In fact, he hasn’t missed one in years —but when he saw the title of this one, he just skipped it]…..

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  3. It doesn’t take much to out recruit Clay Helton and his staff, because everyone knows the USC program has underperformed since he’s been the head coach.

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    1. It is strange that he contributes so much here every day during the year and then exiles himself for a whole week after a loss. I think he takes the losses harder than the players do who yuck it up with the opposing players after the final whistle.

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