USC Morning Buzz: A Stress-Free Saturday

USC does not play today and if you are like me, it brings a sense of relief.

I won’t be frustrated watching a game with the familiar penalties (unsportsmanlike conduct, personal foul, false start), debatable play calls or defensive breakdowns. And don’t forget the calamaties that are always a possibility on special teams.

Saturdays tend to be stressful affairs with USC’s tendency for sloppy performances.

But mostly, there is relief from not having to see Clay Helton‘s befuddled look on the sideline. With that in mind, the fans probably are just as happy for a day off as the players.

15 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: A Stress-Free Saturday

    1. THAT’S the problem, Fan Boy. Notre Dame practiced for USC all last week and have a nice practice game at home today to sharpen their skills for next Saturday. Helton gave the Trojans the week off……

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      1. Why does Gomer giving his players a week of light practice surprise you ? It’ not like ND will be physical next Saturday.

        Look, SC’s best days are behind them, they’ll never be dominate again, take the wins that you get and enjoy them, so says John Wolcott


      2. karma —As we both know, we’d be physical again next September if Folt would hurry up & put the word out to the appropriate people to get Meyer while the gettin’s good…..


  1. Wolfie claims he won’t be stressed or frustrated because he won’t have to watch SC suck again on the field.

    Wow, you had me fooled– I thought you lived for SC fouling up.

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    1. JW,
      If that’s truly what Scott lives for, ya gotta admit Helton has seldom let him down…..

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  2. You’re right JW. I imagined Wolf curled up in a ball whimpering,like a dog having a nightmare, some time around noon today. Then he’ll head to campus to see if there is anything new to bitch about- maybe a tee shirt at the student store will catch his eye.
    He’ll head over expo park to buy a bacon wrapped hot dog cooked on a stolen shopping cart with a cookie sheet attached, from mamacita and a dollar bottle of water. After dinner he’ll probably walk around the Coliseum without much hope until he stumbles upon a man with a card table, wearing a bucket hat and posting a hand lettered sign that says, “autographs $10.00 .”
    He recognizes Lynn Swann immediately, but in a rare show of compassion decides not to approach. Then in true Wolf fashion thinks, “fucggit” as he whips out his phone for a quick photo to be on display here tomorrow and many future unrelated dates. Finally he finds a blank piece of white paper in his pocket, where most men carry their wallet. Taking the paper over to the table he negotiates for an eight dollar autograph because it’s his paper.
    Wolf smiles wryly as he realizes he has gold on that paper he’s had in his back pocket for taking notes ever since he realized he could make stuff up easier. Tonight he’ll make four or five high quality copies of the signature upon which he will affix a letter of resignation and a few departmental documents firing coaches of various sports. These gems will show up in future posts….oops sorry my imagination ran away with me. No stress Saturday – BS I gotta go grocery shopping instead of stopping life in Rialto for four hours to watch a football game.


  3. In other sad sports new for the week:

    Sparks’ General Manager is fired for reportedly using the “N” word in a derogative manner against her players. At the playgrounds I still hear some blacks using the word, but it is used to poke fun. Guess it is all about the tone of voice.

    Clayton Kershaw is great during the meaningless season, but can’t get out of the first inning unscathed in the playoffs. Guess he still hears last year’s Mets’ fans’ belittling chant of “Ker–shaw…Ker–shaw…Ker–shaw.”

    Star running back Gordon of the Chargers says he was surprised at how little support he got regarding his hold-out for more money. He claims he has to support his family, so apparently his $5+ million per year isn’t dong the job.

    And last but not least, Clay Helton’s popularity grew to 1% of the Trojan faithful after his victory over Utah. However, after the Washington loss, if you round it off, it is back to 0% backing.

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  4. Wolf is right. The worst part is having to look at the dumbfounded and overwhelmed look on Gomer’s face … and then trying to listen to the same postgame “I’m trying to save my job” B.S.

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  5. Stop the presses! Bad-Boy Buddakarma (BK) has flipped and decided to go civil. So see, I am now engaging you, but don’t look for ‘no ring.’ And by the way, subtle humor better suits you, BK. Keep it up.

    SC football losses take a heavy toll on me. I don’t care much for the Rams, Lakers or Dodgers, their losses don’t crucify me like a Trojan loss. SC is the only sports team I follow. But my writing about the team, whether positive or negative, is not going to change a damn thing, so I accept the present reality for what it is, and hope for a better tomorrow.

    Besides, in a peculiar way Trojan football is more interesting than when they were dominating during Carroll’s first years. Many of Pete’s games were wipe-outs, yawners,(have you watched Alabama’s crowds growing cooler with all that winning) whereas every game SC plays this year is dramatic because they can lose it.


  6. I used to hate bye weeks until the hellton humiliations…fresh legs, just wait ’til Nov, I need to review tapes,we are definitely changing the culture for the better and I love this team.


  7. Please USC – give Urban Meyers anything he wants, I beg of you, please save this USC Football Program. It’s time you let Helton go, and
    bring in Urban Meyers to revitalize our cherish Trojans.

    This will do a lot to rejuvenate a fan base that has become angry, apathetic, or indifferent to USC football,

    That would rather do something else than go to a USC football game,

    Why are you waiting so long to get rid of this inept coach, that Helton is, Give Meyers a lifetime contract, we desperately need a coach of his stature to bring this football program back to prominence as a blue blood in college football,

    This story reminds me of the history lesson I study while in school. “While Rome burned Nero played is Fiddle.”

    Well we are burning under inept coaching, why the USC ADMINISTRATION sits back and watch the destruction of a proud football program..

    As a loyal USC fan since I was old enough to walk, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Please Helton -.NO MORE EXCUSES,


  8. You and many other Trojan fans were thinking the same thing at least we got a bye this week so we don’t have to hear clueless Clays excuses after they lose because no one to play! As far as the Dodgers, Kerchoke turns into Greg Maddox every year. Has it during the regular season, cant handle the pressure of the playoffs on top of shity suspect bullpen help through the years!


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