USC Athletics Conducting Internal Review

USC interim athletic director Dave Roberts sent out a message today that had one interesting passage.

Roberts talked about the return of new deputy athletic director Paul Perrier, who came back to USC after several years at Rutgers.

“Paul’s first order of business will be an internal review of our sport programs, sport administrators and department policies.”

An internal review of sports administrators?

That could be a spicy report. And might have a few people nervous inside Heritage Hall, if it is honest. That is always the question at USC because there is so little transparency. So we never really know how honest these reviews or reports are.

Remember, USC has not released internal reports into the medical school dean or George Tyndall scandals so maybe it’s best to not get one’s hopes up.

But a few people might be nervious in the athletic dept. about this development.

Below is Roberts’ full statement:


I truly appreciate the great response to my initial outreach, and I look forward to a continuing dialogue with all of you. In furtherance of that objective, I wanted to let you know of a few updates I’m pleased to share. First, I’ve had the opportunity to meet with our student-athletes on a team by team basis to introduce myself and ensure that our department is making every effort to listen to and meet their needs. The reaction I received was most gratifying as they asked probing and insightful questions about our department and its future. Second, it is my pleasure to welcome back Paul Perrier as a Deputy Athletic Director. Many of you may know Paul from his previous years at USC. Paul’s first order of business will be an internal review of our sport programs, sport administrators and department policies. Third, as many of you have seen in the news, California recently passed SB 206, a bill addressing name, image and likeness issues pertaining to student-athletes. The bill does not become effective until 2023. USC has always been committed to student-athlete reforms; and, we look forward to working with state officials, the Pac-12 and the NCAA to ensure that NLI reforms develop into a national framework that will positively impact and benefit all student-athletes, while ensuring that they can compete and excel in national collegiate athletics.

Lastly, I speak on behalf of all of the hardworking staff in Athletics, it has been heartwarming to feel the support of the Trojan Family and hear the wonderful reviews this season of the renovated Coliseum. We are immensely grateful to you, and to our new president Dr. Carol Folt who is already a champion of our program in the short time she’s been here. We all look forward to seeing you at the Coliseum later this month to celebrate homecoming. Fight On!

13 thoughts on “USC Athletics Conducting Internal Review

      1. Carol Folt is already the Champion of the Program? That’s laying it on a little thick, Chet….

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  1. This Dave Roberts appointment as interim AD is tantamount to the Fox guarding the hen house. This guy was Max Nikias’ right hand man for 6 years and these athletic department “transgressions” happened under his watch. As Nikias’ private attorney in Bovard, Roberts was also witness to scandal after scandal, and protected Nikias. Now, Folt appoints him to clean house. Hmmm. Question may be, is Roberts there to protect the university, or cover up his own actions ? Easier to have someone you’ve worked with come back and help you out. With the ongoing FBI investigations, is Roberts there to thwart the investigations by talking with athletic department employees and then asserting attorney communications to stop the FBI from speaking with these same witnesses ? Has Roberts also reached out to former Athletic Department employees who left while Roberts was special assistant to Nikias ? How thorough will this house cleaning be ?

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  2. Any Clown U Athletics internal review must start with “I dinna know squat” Andyainwinning’s BB program, but he should have.

    Andyain’twinning has employed the father of two prized bozo BB recruits as a bozo assistant BB coach or as refer to him: the Clown U ATM.

    Simply put, the recruits asst. coach Ta-Ta gets a check from Clown U and his recruit sons get to tap their “ATM” Ta-Ta for cash as necessary. That sounds like a Biggy T scam.

    Sometime in Nov. Andyain’twinning should be receiving an NCAA Letter of Allegation(s). Will Andyainwinning excuse “I dinna know squat” hold water with the NCAA wallahs? – hard to imagine!

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    1. My Dear Friend Owns,
      A little $$ paid to the right people and there won’t be any NCAA letters received by anybody at USC… In November or any other time….

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    2. Owns, what a jerk. Go suck Sam Gilbert’s dick and the hypocrite Wooden.
      You are a worthless human being. ucla is lower than a clown!


  3. Word on the street is that there is a former Athletic Department employee, running marathons around Portland, Oregon, who knows more about the inner workings of the department, and the people who had knowledge of the transgressions, who has already lawyered up and is keeping a low profile. That employee was not one of Pat Haden’s favorites and was even threatened with termination by Haden when Sarkisian was making a fool of himself as head coach. Let’s see if Dave Roberts interviews him out of State.

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    1. Such an “employee” might not live long enough to get interviewed ….by anybody…


  4. Rumor has it that Clay intervened in an alleged plagiarism scandal in order to keep a player eligible. If found to be true, the university would be able to fire him with cause.


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