Another Son Of USC Player Commits Elsewhere

Ayden Hector, a four-star cornerback from Sammamish, Wash., committed to Stanford tonight.

Hector is the son of former USC defensive back Zuri Hector, who played from 1989-92 and is No. 15 in the above photo.

Stanford already has freshman cornerback Kyu Kelly, the son of former USC star cornerback Brian Kelly.

8 thoughts on “Another Son Of USC Player Commits Elsewhere

  1. Not too many alum think highly of Clay Helton, or his underachieving program. Former Trojan players stop short of calling Helton a dumb ass on social media, it’s hilarious. That’s why I laugh at that jerk off, Pudly 76, because he searches high and low for a positive quote about Helton, then posts it as if it’s the masses opinion 😂😂 After the administration fires the coaching staff at the end of the season, these verbal commits won’t mean a thing, anyway

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    1. IF (and it’s a big IF, I’m afraid) USC hires Urban Meyer, USC will wind up with the #2 or #3 recruiting class in the country. If we hire Del Rio we will have a top 35 class (he’s not exactly a charmer)…..

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      1. MG, I am shocked by your pessimistic bozo FB recruiting vision. I thought that for SUCCX grads everything is always, you know, “Awesome.”

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      2. Owns,
        The phrase used most in recent times (since Haden) is “on the right side of history”….


    2. He must have committed to Stanford for the education, it certainly wasn’t because he wanted a better football team… Stanford is arguably the better scholastic choice and perhaps looks better on a C.V… But nobody smart enough to get into Stanford or SC, Is silly enough to imagine it’s a better choice for the football program. So before you get all up in arms about recruiting give the kid a break and know that he went North for the education

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    1. You know maybe the ‘hunch’ is there’s going to be a change at head coach by this time next year soooooo why not get in before all the others come running…..this mess can’t go on much longer.


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