Monday Night With Clay Helton

USC ran a light practice today and as expected, Kedon Slovis is on course to start.

” It’s looking good right now with Kedon,” Clay Helton said on the “Trojans Live” radio show tonight. “Hopefully, no setbacks. Kedon looks good.”

Asked how he would beat Notre Dame, Helton said, “you always want to pack your run game” with you.

“Obviously, maybe, create some great special team momentum,” Helton added.

With John Baxter coaching special teams?

Helton said turnovers are key.

“This is as good a turnover margin team as we’ll face all year,” Helton said. “If we can come out and have a zero-turnover day we’ll not only be in the game but watch out.”

13 thoughts on “Monday Night With Clay Helton

  1. With all the talent, if USC had a zero turnover day, it should mean a 2 TD win margin for USC……..but we have him………..but dream on………their CB’s will be sitting on our short routes and pic 6 at least once. We might break a long pass once or twice for scores. The real problem is that the ND offensive line is going to do whatever they want to do and do it often. If our conditioning was really up to par the game could be close……but assuming that OL has our defense huffing and puffing by late 3rd quarter it could get hard to watch.

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      1. You have been monitoring the reports of what Cla(nc)y has been up to during this bye (week off)? This is set up for another beatdown…but hopefully that leads to the bye (see ya!) … Clay say goodbye, Urban say hello…hello, hello!…

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      2. James —Has Clancy been up to something we should all know about?
        (Can a candid description get by Scott’s censors)?


      3. MG
        I never have inside knowledge!
        But from all accounts, that’s just it…they’ve been up to what they’ve mostly done heretofore…a lot of nothing…the big plan appears to be two additional weeks of pillow fighting…
        As always, could be wrong, but me thinks Kelly and the Irish, much as we might despise them, are going to walk right across the ring and start thumping…

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  2. Bozo Helton thinks he can turn the run game on and off whenever he feels like it, and be successful. Well, let’s see how that works out for him, because it also takes attitude .

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  3. Helton could have said this about any team we’ve faced this season. Stupid penalties and turnovers have been the bane of the Trojans in every game this season.
    How does Helton explain these mistakes? So does the team sit in the lotus position and chant, “no turnovers” ? “Think no turnovers and there’ll be no turnovers.” I wonder if Helton used Traveler’s leavings in the aromatic incense?
    What are the overs and unders on turnovers? One of these days Helton will get a platitude correct, we all will be in awe for seven minutes, before we collectively say, ” Yeah, nice, now tarmac his ass please. “

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  4. if one wants a good laugh…read anything hellton states…
    this game is gonna’ be brutal…
    his lightly practiced boys are going against heavily practiced men…
    they need to post a warning before the game about graphic cruelty…watch at your own risk.

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  5. How long have you been USC fan??? USC for ever have always made dumb mistakes but cuz of talent always overcome those minutes. So don’t blame Helton these kids at USC are not kids from Stanford or northwestern.
    Nonetheless go USC


    1. They would be like men of Troy as I have seen them since 1951 through the PC yrs; all prior to hellton , who has no idea how to prepare them, coach them or practice them for teams like in the top 10 …BYU is a below avg team this year and Wash maybe slightly above avg…ND is a top 10 team…like Ohio St was in Cotton Bowl a couple years ago and still is and dominated SC. Pac 12 is a below avg Conf…check out their bowl record last few yrs…I do not blame the athletes, I blame SC for not hiring a decent coaching staff,that will develop these athletes to be a real SC football team.
      SC has had more 4-5 star athletes than all of Pac12 put together for last 15 years…even more than the current Clemson team…but the worst development of those athletes.


  6. Its time to cut bait and think about the future of the program, of recruiting, of the financial losses this inept head coach is costing the University. I dont want a nice guy, Faith, Family, Football. I want a hard nose Pric_ that eats and breathes Football, Football, Football and wins NATIONAL TITLES, Conference Championships and Rose Bowls. As an Alum, Clay we dont want you any longer.


  7. Pudly –
    We need you to “teach us all about football”, again. So, when you finish watching the movie, American Me, get back here and take your beating.


  8. Helton has this team ready again! Haha! Soft practices and drinking Kool-aid and USC is ready to come back from South Bend with their tail between their legs. Again!

    Fire-On Tarmack Helton.


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